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✧ Westerns (Various) âœ˜


I. Campfire
II. Horseriding
III. Gunslingers
IV. Train Robbery
V. Saloon Brawls
VI. Outlaws
VII. Cattle
VIII. Sheriff
IX. Lasso
X. Cactus
XI. Coyotes
XII. Rattlesnakes

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✧ The Smutabet (Various) ✘ 18+

NOTE: This is the Smut Alphabet set, which is a set of prompts about sex – meaning, these are all 18+ NSFW.

24⦁ A = Aftercare
⦁ B = Body Part (favorite)
⦁ C = Cum Inside
⦁ D = Dirty Secret
⦁ E = Experience
⦁ F = Favorite Position
⦁ G = Gay
⦁ H = Hard On
⦁ I = Ice
⦁ J = Jack Off
⦁ K = Kink
⦁ L = Location
⦁ M = Motivation
⦁ N = Nipples
⦁ O = Oral
⦁ P = Pre-cum
⦁ Q = Quickie
⦁ R = Risk
⦁ S = Shaft
⦁ T = Toys
⦁ U = Unfair
⦁ V = Volume
⦁ W = Wet Dream
⦁ X = X (ten)
⦁ Y = Yield Up
⦁ Z = Zapped

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✧ the Prank War (Various) âœ˜

NOTE: This set was greatly inspired by Sam and Colby + company on YouTube! They started a prank war within their group of friends, and I decided it’d be fun to make a set out of it. 90% of the prompts come from their prank videos.


1. Burning their shoes
2. Missing dog
3. Bloody Mary
4. Cutting hair while sleeping
5. Fake tarantula
6. Murder
7. Waking up in the pool
8. Alarm clock
9. Salt and sugar
10. Petting zoo house
11. Sticky notes
12. Haunted doll
13. Deleted memory card
14. Robbery
15. Fill room with packing peanuts
16. Bedroom on fire
17. Duct tape
18. Seran wrap on toilet seat
19. Deodorant for cream cheese
20. Turning room pink
21. Dying hair
22. Super glue on cup
23. Glitter in cabinet
24. Makeup while sleeping
25. Stairs to bread

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139 Dreams ☁ 24th Dream {Torn to Pieces – Ciel}


Torn to Pieces
☁Ciel Phantomhive☁

When you first came across the blue-haired boy, he was a mere shell of himself. His matching blue eyes were dull and lifeless and his voice did not want to work for him. You found him in a dark alleyway, knees tucked tight into his small body. His clothes were torn and dirty, as if he had been wearing them for a while.

Despite how lifeless his eyes were, you can see sadness lurking deep within their depths. It was clear to you that something tragic had happened to this boy.

Of course, being the bleeding heart that you were, you decided to take him into your home – the fact that he went with you so willingly worried you.

You borrowed clothes from the neighbor’s kid and showed the boy to the bathroom. He didn’t know how to turn the water on, which puzzled you. It wasn’t the only thing, either; the most basic of tasks stumped him, yet he still remained stoic. There was a small spark of wonder and curiosity in his eyes when he found the TV. Had he never seen one before?

Everything this boy did made you wonder who is he and where he came from, what hardships he faced in life. He still wasn’t speaking, so you offered him a pen and some paper. His brow furrowed in confusion as he examined the pen – he didn’t know what it was. Did that mean he didn’t know how to write?

“Like this.” You gently took the pen from his hand and wrote your name in a messy scrawl.

His eyes widened and he mouthed something you didn’t catch. He took back the pen and wrote something beside your name: Ciel. His handwriting was neat and elegant like none you had seen before.

You stared at it for a moment, starting to feel self-conscious. Though you hadn’t put any effort into writing your name, it looked absolutely horrid next to his beautiful script. “Ciel? Is that your name?”

He nodded lightly before touching down the pen once more. ‘That’s all I can remember’, he wrote.

He must have amnesia, your brow furrowed in concern. “Don’t force yourself, it’ll only do more harm than good. Don’t worry,” you set your hand on top of his head, ruffling his hair lightly. “You can stay here as long as you need to. I’ll keep you safe while you recover your memory.”

He stared up at you for a moment before nodding softly. It only lasted a brief moment, but you were sure that you saw some warmth in his eyes. You knew at that moment that you hadn’t made a mistake. Even though years passed without him recovering any of his memories, you never once regretted taking the boy into your home.

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Nacho Cheese {Shizuo Heiwajima}


Anime: Durarara
Pairing: None
Genre: Crack

You held your hands behind your back as you walked through the streets of Ikebukuro, searching for a certain blonde haired male. A grin came to your lips as you spotted him, standing a few feet away from Izaya Orihara.

“Yo, Shizuo!”

Said male turned around, a questioning look on his face as he stared at you. “What?”

“What do you call cheese that’s not your own?”

“Eh?” He cocked his head to the side, eyebrow raised. What the hell kind of question was that?

Nacho cheese. Get it?”


Cue Vending Machine.

Thank god your reflexes were good!


“Now I want some nacho cheese~”

“…shut up, Izaya.”

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Falls Love 🍁 Yagyuu Hiroshi


Anime: Prince of Tennis
Character: Reader x Yagyuu Hiroshi
Genre: Fluff

You sat outside under the shade of a large oak tree. The season had changed to fall, turning the leaves a bright shade of orange and brown. A smile came to your lips as the wind rustled your through your hair, causing the fallen leaves around you to stir.

The sound of someone clearing their throat brought you out of your thoughts. Seeing your long time crush, Hiroshi Yagyuu, standing in front of you in all of his glory caused a spark of pink to rush to your cheeks.

“If you sit out here too long, you’ll catch a cold.” He told you gently.

You swallowed the nervous lump that had formed in your throat and attempted to speak without stuttering, to no avail. “I-It’s not quite cold enough for that, Y-Yagyuu-san.” Your voice remained at a low pitch, barely above a whisper.

He pushed his glasses up with a slim middle finger, sitting down next to you on the leaf covered ground. This caused your blush to darken. “That’s a beautiful necklace.” He commented, holding the heart shaped pendant in between his index and thumb.

“T-Thank you.” You squeaked, trying to ignore your embarrassment.

He called your name softly.

You moved your shining eyes to meet his.

He smiled at how shy you are, leaning in closer to your face. “You’re adorable.” He murmured, his lips finding yours in a chaste kiss.

Your eyes widened in shock before you managed to gather up all the courage you could possibly muster. “Y-Yagyuu-kun I… I love you!” You squeezed your eyes shut tightly, not believing that you had just confessed your feelings to Rikkaidai’s gentleman.

His soft chuckle made you look up at the purple haired boy.

“I love you too.” He smiled, pecking your cheek before taking your hand into his own and intertwining your fingers with his.

You smiled despite your blazing cheeks.

You had just found one more reason to love fall.

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Body Language 💪 {Ears – Yuki}


.o7/20. : Ears (Yuki Sohma)

“Yuki, I – ” You were cut short when you tripped. Instead of hitting the pavement, Yuki caught you, his arms wrapping around your waist. He transformed into a rat moments later. “Sorry, Yuki.” You murmured, getting onto your knees in front of the small animal.

He shook his small head gently. “It’s not your fault. Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” You smiled brightly.

Yuki’s small rat ears turned down, a clear sign that he was upset. You were about to comfort him when he transformed back into a human. He had a frown on his face.

“Yuki.” You leaned forward, bringing your lips to the shell of his ear. “You’re much more handsome when you smile.”

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Body Language 💪 {Eyes – Gin}


.o6/20. : Eyes (Gin Ichimaru)

“Ne, Gin?” You poked his cheek. “You have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen… why don’t you show them off?”

Gin opened his eyes, that same fox like grin on his face. “They wouldn’t be as beautiful if I showed them off constantly.”

“I guess you have a point.” You murmured. “The most beautiful of gems are the rare ones that people don’t get to see often.”

True enough, Gin’s eyes were like rare blue sapphires. They were beautiful beyond belief, which may be due to the fact that they were rarely seen. If you asked most people who knew him, they wouldn’t know what color they were. You considered yourself lucky that you were able to see them so many times.


“Actually, it’s probably a good thing that people don’t see them.”

“Hmm, and why is that?”

“Well, someone might remove them and sell them on the black market!”


“Haven’t you watched Hunter x Hunter? The Kurta clan’s eyes were so beautiful that a band of bad guys killed the entire clan and took their eyes to sell them, leaving behind only one kid who then went after revenge!” You continued to ramble on about the tragic backstory of Kurapika, and Gin started to regret letting you bring anime to Hueco Mundo.

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Body Language 💪 {Toes – Near}


.o5/20. : Toes (Near)

One thing you noticed about the small boy named Near was that when he was in deep thought, he had a habit of curling his toes within his white socks. You often wondered if he did that subconsciously or if he did it on purpose.

“Near.” You called, kneeling down next to the white haired male. He looked up at you, but said nothing. “Did you notice that you curl your toes when you’re deep in thought?”

He cocked his head to the side, twirling a piece of his white hair around his finger. “No.”

You chuckled, reaching down and setting your hand gently on top of his foot. “Every time, Near. It’s adorable.”

Near blinked, watching as you stood up and left the room.

He didn’t understand how something like that could be adorable, but hearing that from you, whom he respected, made it not matter to him.

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Body Language 💪 {Forehead – Fuuta}


.o4/20. : Forehead (Fuuta)


Your eyes opened, focusing on the small boy in front of your bed with tears in his eyes. “What’s wrong, Fuuta?”

“Nee-chan… I had a bad dream.”

“Oh, Fuuta.” You scooted over, allowing the small boy to climb into the bed beside you.

“I’m scared.” He whimpered.

“It’s alright.” You told him softly, running your hand through his brown hair and pressing your lips to his forehead. That was enough to calm down the small boy. He snuggled into you, closing his eyes. The warmth and comfort of having someone he loves close to him calmed him down, and he slowly drifted off to sleep.