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139 Dreams ☁ 15th Dream {Unexpected – Sakuraba}


☁Haruto Sakuraba☁

Haruto Sakuraba.

A pretty boy pop idol working for an advertising company and playing American football for the Ojou White Knights.

Constantly being hunted down by reporters and rabid fangirls.

Bearing the weight of being Ojou’s Ace, when he clearly was not (despite having tried to keep up with that reputation).

A teenage boy with no clue what direction he wanted to take. In his opinion, the football team would be better off without him. Seijuro Shin was the real ace of the team, after all, and Sakuraba just couldn’t compare, no matter how hard he trained.

At his current level and emotional un-stability, you would have to agree. If he felt like he wasn’t good enough to be on the team, then he really wasn’t.

Sakuraba’s main problem was the fact that he stood at a forked road with two different paths leading to two different futures.

Road #1 was his career as a poster boy, clad with fame, fortune and screaming fans.

Road #2 was his interest as an American football player, which wouldn’t gurantee fame, fortune and screaming fans, but did gurantee happiness at getting to play a sport that he genuinely enjoyed.

Since he strongly believed that the team did not need him and would be better off without him, he chose road #1. That is until he remembered the promise he had made to Torakichi Nanpa – a little boy who was in the same hospital after being in a car accident and a fellow football player. After that, he returned to the field, reborn as a new person. He gave up his job at Jari Productions and put everything he had into playing football. Just because he couldn’t catch up to a natural born player like Shin did not mean he couldn’t play to the best of his ability.

Naturally, it was unexpected for the pretty boy to cut his hair, but that just proved how serious he was and how much drive he really possessed. It was impressive to you and Takami because you both understood the meaning behind it. Otawara found it extremely amusing. While Shin… well, Shin never even noticed… At least, not until Takami pointed it out, then he just stared in disbelief…

It wasn’t unexpected that Sakuraba had lost his entire fan base because he quit his job and cut his hair. His fan girls only liked him because of his looks and the fact that he was famous. They didn’t know anything about ’em after all. They only wanted to get in his pants so they could say they slept with a pretty boy who happened to have fame and money.

You were surprised at the unexpected turn in events at the White Knights vs. Punks game. You had thought that all of his fans had been lost, but you were mistaken. The original three girls that had found him when he first stopped by Deimon to do some scouting were still his fans. Of course, they were in shock at the fact that he quit his job and buzzed his hair, but they were still die-hard fans.

You had to give them credit. Maybe, just maybe, not all fangirls were psychotic morons who only wanted to get laid by someone hot and/or famous. Maybe… fangirls weren’t as bad as you originally thought.

Once the game ended, you approached the three in the stands, a grin on your face.
“I’m actually pretty impressed with you three.”

“Eh?” The three females blinked in confusion, not understanding why you were impressed with them.

“Despite the changes Sakuraba has gone through, you three are still die hard fans.” You gave them a thumbs up, closing your right eye, “Keep it up. He loves the support.”

The three stared at each other before stars appeared in their eyes. They rushed you, grabbing onto you and shouting various things, all of which were centered around Sakuraba.

“He loves us?!”

“He knows we’re the ones cheering him on right?!”

“Does this mean he knows we exist?!”

“Introduce us!” That one was chorused by all three.

You sweatdropped, slowly attempting to move back away from the horrifying girls.

Okay. You were wrong.

Fangirls are horrifying, merciless rabid monsters that need to be locked away in cages!

“Sakuraba!! Help me, damn it!”

Sakuraba blinked in surprise, looking up to the stands where his friend was being hounded by three very obsessed fangirls. He sweatdropped in response, sending you an apologetic smile before dashing away. He finally managed to escape his fan base; you had to be crazy to think he’d go back.

“Damn you Sakuraba! Just wait ’til I get my hands on you, bastard!”

“Don’t you dare hurt, Sakuraba-sama!” The girls glared at you, ready to attack.

You gulped, chuckling nervously before taking off, the rabid dogs following close behind with a murderous intent in their eyes.

“That was unexpected…” Shin muttered, watching as you were chased throughout the arena.

Takami, who figured he was using sarcasm (as most people would in this situation), chuckled in response, pushing his glasses up. “Well, it was pretty obvious that was how it would end.”

“Really?” Shin blinked at the bespectacled male in disbelief, though his face remained stoic.

“Y-You were serious..?” Takami sweatdropped.

Shin simply nodded.

Oh lord, please help this hopeless team…

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Nacho Cheese {Shizuo Heiwajima}


Anime: Durarara
Pairing: None
Genre: Crack

You held your hands behind your back as you walked through the streets of Ikebukuro, searching for a certain blonde haired male. A grin came to your lips as you spotted him, standing a few feet away from Izaya Orihara.

“Yo, Shizuo!”

Said male turned around, a questioning look on his face as he stared at you. “What?”

“What do you call cheese that’s not your own?”

“Eh?” He cocked his head to the side, eyebrow raised. What the hell kind of question was that?

Nacho cheese. Get it?”


Cue Vending Machine.

Thank god your reflexes were good!


“Now I want some nacho cheese~”

“…shut up, Izaya.”

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Body Language 💪 {Legs – Choutarou}


.o2/20. : Legs (Choutarou Ootori)


“Hai, senpai?” The second year looked over at you curiously.

“Did you know… you have legs that would make most women jealous?” You questioned, eyeing the younger boys’ legs. They glistened with sweat from his practice.

His face flushed at the compliment. “S-Senpai!”

“What?” Your gaze moved up to meet his, a grin on your lips. “Don’t be embarrassed, Chou-chan! Embrace the goddess in you!”

“Senpai!” He cried, covering his burning face with his hands.

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A Glass of Water {Kise Ryouta}


Anime: Kuroko no Basket
Pairing: None
Genre: Crack, Friendship


Your body jerked forward when a weight was added to your back, arms wrapped tight around your neck from behind. From the corner of your eye, you could see a mess of blonde hair. If the ‘cchi’ hadn’t given it away, the hair sure did.

You patted his arm lightly and he loosened his grip.

“What’s up, Kise?”

“Nothing~” He sang after releasing his grip completely. “I just wanted to walk home with you~!”

You raised an eyebrow, questioning his motive. Actually, never mind, you don’t want to know.

You shook your head and continued on your way towards your apartment. Kise easily caught up to you with his long legs and fell in step beside you. Since his place is in the opposite direction, you were going to take a stab in the dark and say that he had every intention of going to your house.

The two of you walked in silence for several minutes before he broke it.



“Why don’t you like Midorimacchi?”


You stopped, looking at him in confusion. Where did that question come from all of a sudden? You knew he had a motive for wanting to walk with you, but you never would have expected that.

“Well,” He stopped in front of you, his hands behind his back as he looked up at the sky. “Whenever he’s around, you act really moody. And you always give him attitude when you talk to him. You give him dirty looks, too…”

You didn’t answer, turning your own gaze up to the sky.

It was crystal blue with very few clouds; the ones that did occupy the sky were so thin, they might as well have not been there at all. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as hot as the weather man had predicted.

You could feel Kise’s brown eyes on your face.

“Why do you hate him, Kurocchi?” He questioned softly, his long fingers tugging on the end of your t-shirt.

With a sigh, you ran a hand through your hair, closing your eyes to collect your scattered thoughts.

“I don’t hate him, Kise. I just…”

“Just what?”

“I don’t know…” You paused. “I’ll put it this way: I don’t exactly hate him, but if he were on fire and I had a glass of water, I’d drink it.”

He blinked, his school bag sliding off his shoulder. “E-Eh?”

You shrugged, picking his bag up and walking away. “You asked.”

“M-Matte, Kurocchi!”

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Cooking Disasters {Matsumoto}


Anime: Bleach
Pairing: None
Genre: Crack

“Are you… sure about this?”

“Of course! Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe!”

“I’m… not so sure about that, Matsumoto.”

“Relax, already! As long as the captain doesn’t come along, we’ll be fine!”

“I’m no expert or anything, but I’m pretty sure you aren’t suppose to add cotton candy to spaghetti sauce…”

“It’ll make it sweet!”

“Add sugar, then!”

“Oh, look! Let’s add this orange, too!”

“Wait! Matsumoto!”



“The captain is going to kill us!”

“Have faith in my cooking skills!”

“Your cooking skills? What cooking skills!? You’re adding potatoes and mushrooms to spaghetti!”

“It’s for flavor!”

“Add garlic! Not nutmeg!”

“Ooooh! Maybe we should turn the fire up!”

Matsumoto reached over and turned the fire up to high. Five minutes later, it had boiled over onto the stove.

“Hehe, whoops.”

“Whoops? You call this whoops!?”

“It’s not like you’re doing anything!”

“Only because you threatened me!”

“WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!?” Toshirou appeared in the kitchen, glaring hard at you and his orange haired lieutenant.

“We were making spaghetti….”

We nothing, I’m not part of this!”

“T-This was meant to be S-Spaghetti?” He was quite horrified.


It took you both about five hours to clean up the disaster the orange haired woman had created.

Here’s a warning: Never let Matsumoto cook anything!

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Big Boobs & One Leg {Tsubasa}


Anime: Gakuen Heaven
Pairing: None
Genre: Friendship, Humor, Crack

“Get back here!” Tsubasa called, chasing you throughout the grounds of Alice Academy. He was beginning to lose his breath and his lungs were beginning to burn from the struggle of chasing after you. You both had been running for about thirty minutes so far.

You were tired as well, but being older and more experienced, you still had the upper hand when it came to an endurance race between yourself and your kouhai.

Why were you being chased by the shadow manipulating middle schooler? Because Narumi-sensei was too caught up with (cross dressing) work to catch you.

What had you done that made Narumi want you? You may have turned Jinno-sensei’s hair pink…. Well at least you didn’t try to set it on fire, like last time…

“Get back here!” He cried out, struggling to keep you in his sight.

You grinned, ducking behind a rather large tree and watching as the younger male passed by, huffing for oxygen. Once his calls had faded, you let out a sigh of relief, leaning back against the tree and closing your eyes. Your hand rested on your chest, where your heart, beating at a fast rate. Taking a deep breath, in and out, you finally regained your normal breathing pattern.

“Hehe, sorry, Tsubasa, but you won’t catch me this time.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure of that!”

You looked up at the blue haired male standing in front of you, breathing heavily with a grin on his face. “What – !” A gasp left your lips once you realized that you could no longer move. Looking down, you noticed Tsubasa’s foot on your shadow, trapping you with no way to escape.

His grin widened as he winked at you, “Gotcha, senpai!”

“Damn it.” You scowled, narrowing your eyes at the younger male. “That’s cheating, Tsubasa!”

“Is not!” He stuck his tongue out. “Narumi-sensei said I could use any means to catch you~♥.”

Any means to catch me, huh?, You smirked, Then I’ll use any means to escape!

“Can I tell you something interesting, Tsubasa?”

“Sure.” He blinked, looking curiously at you.

“I heard this joke a while back. I wanted to share it with you, as a gift for being able to catch me.”

He nodded, a smile on his face.

“If a girl with big boobs works at Hooters, then where does a person with one leg work?”

“Huh?” He blinked, cocking his head to the side, a few strands of hair falling into his eyes; he looked thoroughly confused. “Hmmm.” He put his hand on his chin, eyes closed and face twisted in concentration as he attempted to figure out what the answer was. He was determined, too, but it was proving to be extremely difficult for the young male.

“Want me to tell you? I’m sure JinJin-sensei is getting impatient, waiting for my punishment to be dealt.”

He opened his blue orbs, blinking at you before nodding, “I can’t figure it out. Tell me, senpai.”

You nodded, a grin appearing on your lips, “If a girl with big boobs works at Hooters, then where does a person with one leg work?” You paused, watching as he leaned forward, eager to hear the answer, “IHop.”


Complete silence, other than the whistling of the wind against the leaves on the trees.

He blinked. “….”

Suddenly, without fail – just as you had predicted – the young male fell backwards onto the grass, clutching his stomach and roaring with laughter that even the people in central town could hear. His eyes were shut tight, his grip tightening around his stomach as he kicked his legs into the air.

You grinned, slowly beginning to move away from the boy before taking off running. You waved over your shoulder at the hysterical boy, your own laughter ringing out through the school grounds, “Thank you, Tsubasa ♥~!”

“Heh?” His laughter stopped abruptly, but his position did not change. He lifted his head, blinking in surprise before jumping up and resuming the chase. “That’s not fair!”

When Tsubasa had fallen backwards onto the ground, his foot had released your shadow, allowing you to move freely.

He was never gonna to hear the end of this from Jinno-sensei…

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139 Dreams ☁ 9th Dream {Apples – America}



Alfred called out your name, rushing over and jumping onto your back.

You let out a oomph from the sudden impact, your hands automatically reaching behind to grip the male’s legs to keep him from falling. “What’s up, Ally?”

“Come to the store with me?” He questioned, his arms wrapping around your neck. He nuzzled your cheek with his own and wrapped his legs tightly around your middle.

“Eh? What for?” You blinked over your shoulder at him.

“Apples~!” He grinned, his blue orbs shining with excitement.

“What do we need apples for?”

“Apple pie, of course~!” His grin widened.

“You do know… it takes more than just apples to make an apple pie… right?” You glanced at the blonde before heading out the door, still carrying the male country on your back.

“Eh? Really? Like what?!”


Alfred stood in front of the oven, bouncing from one foot to the other, waiting for the timer to ding. Counting down the seconds, he jumped for joy when it finally rang, rushing over and pulling the apple pie out of the oven.

While Alfred inhaled the apple pie, you sat at the other end of the table, your eye twitching as you took in the sight of the messy kitchen. Every cabinet, every counter, even the floor and sink were overflowing with apples.

What the hell are we supposed to do with all these?! Build a freaking apple army!?

Your eyes moved back to the blonde sitting across from you, grinning happily after completely devouring the poor pie.

“Let’s bake another!”

Even though he had leftover crumbs around his mouth, he was just too adorable to say no to (which is why you ended up with so many apples in the first place). Thanks to that, you and Alfred were eating apple this and apple that for the next five years…

Oh, brother…

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139 Dreams ☁ 8th Dream {Relaxation – Vongola}


☁10th Gen. Vongola☁

“Ahhh. This is the life.” You let a content sigh pass your lips as you sprawled out on the fluffy white sofa, arms stretched out over your head. You closed your eyes, enjoying the cold air that was coming from the air conditioner.

The house was completely silent, the only sound being your breathing and the sound of the AC running. The TV was off and the lights were out, letting the natural glow from outside shine in through the slit in the curtain. It wasn’t bright, but it was sending enough light into the room where you could see perfectly.

This was the first time you had gotten a moment of peace since you first met Tsuna and his family. It had been a wild, unending ride that you were more than thankful to get a break from.

Your body was relaxed, the tension gone, and you finally began to drift off into a quiet peaceful sleep.


“Ahahaha~ Lambo-san has arrived!”

“Get away from Juudaime, stupid cow!”


“Haha~ Now, Now~”

“No-Good-Tsuna! Control your family when you’re in someone else’s house!”

“Ack! R-Reborn-san!”

“Don’t be mean to Lambo-chan, stupid Gokudera!”

“Haru is right.”

“Ahaha~! Bakadera~!”

“Lambo too loud! Need respect home.”

Damn it.

So much for peaceful quiet relaxation…

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8 Mile {Alfred Jones/America}


America came bursting through the front door of his house, panting heavily with sweat dripping from his blonde locks. Despite this, he was still wearing his bomber jacket.

You blinked at the male country. “What’s your problem?”

“I just… ran 8 Miles…” He huffed, falling onto the cold wooden floor with a soft thud.

Who, in their right mind, would run eight miles in one hundred degree weather? Alfred, apparently. But, he’s never really been in the right mindset, anyway.

You moved to hover over the fallen sweaty form, eyebrow raised. “What the hell’d you do that for?”

“Because I…” huff “wanted to learn how to rap…!” He exclaimed, grinning up at you.

“Say… what, now?” You cocked your head to the side, trying to figure out what nonsense this crazy dumbass was spewing.

“Remember that movie… with Eminem?” He managed to push himself into a sitting position, having regained some of his normal hyperactive energy. His blue orbs were twinkling like that of a child on Christmas morning.

“Yeah… so?”

“They call it 8 Mile for a reason, obviously! That reason is simple. Eminem is a great rapper, don’t cha think? Clearly, the name is referring to Eminem walking 8 Miles in order to become such an awesome rapper!” He exclaimed with excitement, grabbing onto the bottom of your shirt.

You sweatdropped. “So… if you walk 8 Miles… you think you can rap?”

“Of course! That’s what the movie is implying, right?!”

Epic Facepalm.

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A-Z Challenge : Chocolate Cake {Masaharu Niou}


Chocolate Cake – Masaharu Niou

“Uh… Niou?”


“What are you doing?”

“What’s it look like? I’m baking a chocolate cake! Puri~” He looked over his shoulder, flashing you a grin.

“Since when did you know how to bake?” You cocked an eyebrow, moving to lean on the counter next to him.

He frowned. “I don’t.”

You stared at the strange concoction he had created and sweatdropped. “Niou?”


“Remind me never to eat your cake.”

He blinked. “Why? Puri~”

“I’m pretty positive chocolate cake isn’t purple…”