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139 Dreams ☁ 17th Dream {Rain – Eyeshield 21}


☁Eyeshield 21☁

It was amazing.

The final battle between the Ojou White Knights and the Deimon Devil Bats in the Semi-Finals of the Kantou Tournament… it was heart wrenching. Everyone from both teams were giving it their all, as if it really was the last game they’d ever play. Even after reaching their limits, they managed to break the wall and push even harder for the sake of winning and making it to the Christmas Bowl.

It was painful to watch, but at the same time, you couldn’t look away no matter how bad you wanted to; it was impossible to do so.

In the end, Deimon won with a score of 27 – 28. By one point, Deimon took the game.

They didn’t win because of Sena.

They didn’t win because of Monta.

It wasn’t just one person that made them win, nor was it fate or luck or the goddess of victory. It was everyone working together, letting their hearts and dreams collide into one. They wouldn’t have won if a single person had been missing.

Ojou was crushed, as anyone would be. Most everyone on the field had erupted into tears, even the level-headed Takami. It was just too much to take.

As you stood off to the side, watching the game finally came to an end, you felt hot tears sliding down your cheeks despite how hard you tried to stop them. You felt so many different emotions that you thought your heart would explode.

You were happy that your team had won and was that much closer to the Christmas Bowl.

You were sad because your cousin’s team had lost, despite putting up such an amazing and heart felt fight.

You were angry and depressed because you knew you’d be leaving them all soon.

You had come to Japan when you were ten years old to live with your cousin, Seijuro Shin, because you weren’t happy with the way your life was going back in America. You had managed to live there peacefully and happily for a while, but you knew it wouldn’t last.

Less than a day ago, you had received a phone call from your father. He was so angry, yelling at you for running away from home. He said he had enough of your little game and demanded that you come back to America where you belonged.

Everything was set up.

You had her bags packed.

You had your plane ticket.

And your flight was scheduled for midnight.

You felt happy that you got to stay long enough to see such an epic battle between Ojou and Deimon, but you were upset that you were losing everything. What did you have in America besides a broken home and a delinquent lifestyle?

Your friends, your family, was in Japan.

Your happiness was in Japan.

You didn’t want to leave, but… you had no choice. You chose to keep this a secret from everybody, even your cousin, because you knew that they needed to focus on their training and focus on their games. You couldn’t let them worry over something no one could control.

You really hated it. You were about to lose everything. Yet, there wasn’t a single thing you could do to change that. You had never felt so powerless.

You sat quietly in the corner, your glassy eyes staring blankly at the table you sat at; you felt so numb, so empty, like there was a black nothingness in the pit of your stomach. You could just faintly make out the yells and cheers of the Devil Bats on the other side of the room, celebrating and laughing, all happy over their victory and too pre-occupied with the party to notice you – something you were more than thankful for.

“Oi, what’s your problem?” Hiruma asked, standing in front of you with his hands on his hips and eyebrow raised. There was no grin on his lips, just a questioning look.

“A-Ah, It’s nothing.” You forced a smile, closing your eyes and rubbing the back of your head. “I guess I’m just feeling tired.” Before Hiruma could respond, you stood up and pushed past him. “I’m sure some fresh air will clear my mind.”

Hiruma stared at your back as you left the building, an odd feeling creeping up the back of his neck.

Shaking your head, you slammed your fists against the wall of the building outside, feeling anger pool in your stomach. It had started to rain, pouring down heavily on your shaking form. Even the cold drops couldn’t cool off your burning body. Night had fallen by now, the street lights illuminating the dark streets and making the rain glisten almost supernaturally.

Normally, you would have enjoyed being out in the rain, but you were too upset to even notice, despite the fact that your dripping locks clung to your face while your clothes clung to your body.

You didn’t noticed. You were too focused on the aching pain in your chest – why did it feel like your heart had been removed?

Pushing yourself away from the wall, you began to drag yourself down the street, your lifeless eyes staring at the ground. Your plane would be leaving soon and you had to get back home before Seijuro and grab your bags.

Deciding that you couldn’t just leave, you wrote a note bearing the words I’m Sorry and left it on Shin’s desk. You knew he’d find it and then find out from his parents that you had left the country. He’d then tell Sakuraba and the others, and it would eventually spread to Deimon.

It was cowardly, leaving a note instead of a face-to-face goodbye, but you knew you’d break down if you attempted such a feat. You figured this was the easiest route to take.


You sat completely still during the whole flight, your eyes staring blankly out the window. You felt nothing but a dull aching pain in your chest, everything else had become numb. Your mind was hazy; you couldn’t even think straight.

Even as you entered the car your father had sent to pick you up… Even as you entered your old home, trudging up the stairs and falling face first onto your cold bed… you didn’t feel anything.

It was almost like a dream passing by in slow motion.

But you knew this was no dream.

It was real and there was nothing you could do about it.

You knew, even if you couldn’t admit it, that you would never see Shin or your friends ever again.

A strangled sob left your lips as the tears poured from your lifeless eyes like a waterfall, falling down your reddened cheeks before staining the pillow.

Will this pain ever cease?, you found yourself wondering.

You stared out the open window, watching the water drops fall from the dark sky.

Watching the rain fall, hearing the sound of it crashing against the roof… you smiled despite yourself, but it didn’t last long. A new wave of pain washed over you as the realization set in.

You had just lost the most important things in your life – Shin and your friends.

The rain was your only comfort, and that just wasn’t enough.

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139 Dreams ☁ 16th Dream {Useless – Koutarou & Tsuna 1/2}


☁Koutarou Sasaki & Tsunayoshi Sawada¹☁

“Are we there yet?” You groaned, dragging your feet across the pavement of the sidewalk.

Tsuna sighed, glancing at you. “No, not yet.”

“How long have we been walkin’ anyway?” You questioned, hiking up your book bag before it could fully slide off your shoulder.

“About fifteen minutes or so.” He mused, doing the same to his own bag. “We should be there soon.”

Sure enough, only seven minutes later, you reached Bando High School where your math tutor was waiting for you both. It was late in the afternoon, and most of the students had already left – minus the few who stayed behind for club activities. The sun was low on the horizon, setting off the sky with hues of oranges and reds, and even a few traces of purple.

“Where are we supposed to meet this guy?” Tsuna asked, looking back and forth across the school grounds.

You ignored his question, heading towards the football field. The younger male followed suit, his brown eyes blinking curiously at the group of high schoolers that were practicing on the field.

“The… football field?”

“The guy tutoring us is a member of the Bando Spider’s American football team.” You glanced at him before looking back at the field.

“S-Seriously?” Tsuna couldn’t believe that a football player would be the one tutoring them. It was hard to believe that a jock would be smart enough; but that stereotype was blown out of the water long ago when Deimon made it’s debut.

A pink haired male with a guitar was the first to notice you. He called out to another boy wearing the #99 Jersey who walked over a few minutes later, taking off his helmet to reveal a mess of spiky purple hair. He pulled something silver out of thin air. Being in the mafia (and being slightly paranoid), Tsuna let out a high pitched hiieee and took a few steps back, staring at the object in the male’s hand, which largely resembled a pocket knife. The purple haired male flicked his wrist, a click following.

Instead of a blade popping up, however, a comb appeared in it’s place. Raising it to his dark hair, he combed through it while striking an odd type of pose. “You’re very smart-looking! Student of Deimon High and student of Namimori Chuu.”

Tsuna nodded, staring at the comb in shock. “H-Hai.”

“Ah! I remember you!” The male grinned, moving closer to you. “You were there when I visited Deimon awhile back.”

You blinked, the memory floating to the surface of your mind. “Oh, yeah. The Grease Spider.”

“G-Grease Spider!?” He fumed, a vein of anger appearing on the back of his head.

You ignored both him and the pink haired male, who let out a chuckle of amusement at your words. “Can we get this over with?”

The boy composed himself, combing through his hair once again. “I should start by introducing myself. I am the #1 kicker in all of Japan, Sasaki Koutarou of the Bando Spiders!”


Hearing no response, Koutarou opened his eyes. An outline appeared where the two previously stood, blinking three times before disappearing. “Oi! Don’t ignore me!” He yelled, following after you. He stopped when you turned around to face him, eyes narrowed in a glare and a scowl set on your face.

“Look, Grease Spider. I don’t care who you are or what you do. I just want to get this over with as soon as possible, savvy?”

Koutarou stared at your back as you walked into the school building. He wasn’t sure how to feel or react, but he definately did not like your attitude. How did he ever get caught in such an un-smart situation?

“S-Sorry about that.”

Koutarou moved his dark eyes to the younger male who shifted nervously under his gaze, staring down at his shoes as if they were the most interesting things in the world. Was this boy intimidated by the kicker?

“She’s really bad at math… everyone always says it’s a miracle that she’s made it into her second year of high school with her math grades as low as they are. It feels kind of… pointless to her, so she isn’t too happy about it.” He looked up, mistaking the older male’s curious expression for one of disappointment. “D-Don’t get me wrong! It’s not that she hasn’t tried! She’s tried really hard for years, but she just couldn’t get it down, so she eventually gave up.”

“Then why am I here?” Koutarou mused, looking down at the brown haired male.

“You’re her last hope. The teachers say she won’t graduate if she doesn’t bring up her grades. She doesn’t seem to care, but my mother does.”

Koutarou stared after Tsuna as he ran to catch up with you, the words he had spoken still lingering in the air. “Yosh! I’ll prove how smart I am by teaching this un-teachable girl to do math!”


You and Tsuna entered Koutarou’s homeroom class, as he had asked, and pushed two of the desks together before sitting down. Koutarou took a chair and placed it in front of the two desks, sitting in it backwards with his arms propped up on the back of it.

“Since you’re in high school,” he pointed at you, “and you’re in middle school,” he motioned towards Tsuna, “both of your work will be different.”

You scoffed, looking to the side and muttering Genius under your breath.

He glared at you but said nothing on the comment. “We’ll start with the hardest first.”

You let out a groan as he stared at you expectantly. With a sigh, you pulled your math book out of your bag, dropping it onto the desk with a scowl.

Koutarou brought the book closer, opening it to the right page and looking over the homework that was due tomorrow. “I want to see how far you are. Can you solve this problem?” Grabbing your notebook, he opened to a blank page and wrote down the problem on the sheet before sliding the book back to you.

You looked at it blankly before your eyes narrowed in a glare.

5(-3x – 2) – x – 3) = -4(4x + 5) + 13

“Can you solve it?” he asked after a few minutes of watching you attempt to catch the paper on fire with your glare. He ran his comb through his hair, his eyes watching you carefully.

Your eye twitched as you attempted to contain your anger. “This… is completely… useless. Who the hell needs to know stupid shit like that in every day life?!”

“You have to learn it to pass.” He responded, grabbing the paper back from you and beginning to explain how to solve it.

With every word that left his mouth, you felt your restraint slipping little by little. Your annoyance levels were raising at a rapid pace and you could feel your fists clenching.

“You’re a smart-looking person! You should be able to figure this out, it’s an easy math problem!” He complained, trying to regain your attention.

“Easy? Easy!? This is not easy math! It’s bang-your-head-against-the-wall-until-it-bleeds math!” You growled, slamming your palms onto the desk.

He scowled. “That’s so un-smart.”

Tsuna called your name softly, gripping onto your shoulder and trying to calm you down – it did nothing, as your anger had already reached its peak.

“Math. Is. Useless!” You growled, picking up the thick book before throwing it at the unsuspecting purple haired male. It hit him dead in the face, sending him flying off the chair and onto the tiled floor. He sat on the ground, knees bent and eyes closed. One hand was held to his face while the other was flat on the floor to hold him up. Small, owww sounds slipped from his lips accompanied by a few groans.

Tsuna scolded you, rushing over to Koutarou. “Are you okay, Sasaki-san?”

You blinked in surprise before your lips curled up into a grin. “I’ll be damned… I just found an actual use for math books!”

Tsuna and Koutarou stared at you blankly.

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139 Dreams ☁ 11th Dream {Regret – Shin 2/3}


Read part one here.

☺Seijuro Shin²☺

Shin found himself unable to concentrate as he sat in class the next day. He was exhausted because he hadn’t been able to sleep; the guilt and regret he felt was eating him alive. He had known that the game was important to you, so why hadn’t he been careful? He felt terrible, knowing that all the time and hard work couldn’t be given back, and that the game system was expensive.

You didn’t have the spare money to buy a new one, either.

“Shin?… Shin… Shin!” Takami snapped his fingers in front of Shin’s face, finally breaking the teen of his guilt ridden thoughts. “Are you alright? You’ve never zoned out like this before.”

Shin shook his head, standing up from his seat and looking at his two team mates, asking where you were.

“She left already.” Sakuraba responded. “She seemed like she was in a hurry.”

“Oh.” He responded, sitting back down. Were you avoiding him? Most likely. You were still pissed off, after all.

“What happened? Did you need her for something?” Takami asked, watching his friend with concern.

“Oi, Shin! I heard you broke her PSP! People say she’s pissed!” Otawara came bursting into the room, his index finger stuck up his nose as he laughed obnoxiously.

Shin looked down in shame.

“So that’s it.” Sakuraba muttered, finally understanding his friends strange behavior. “I’m sure she doesn’t blame you, it was an accident.”

“She was really angry.” Shin mused, staring at his desk. “She hit me.”

Takami and Sakuraba backed up in surprise, shock written on their faces.
“H-Hit you?”

“She must have been really angry.”

Shin could feel the regret building in the pit of his stomach. Why hadn’t he just set the game in his lap and left it alone? Because you had asked him to finish the race… you did know that he was technology challenged…

No, he shook his head, It wasn’t her fault.

It was his.

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139 Dreams ☁ 7th Dream {Aftermath – Jumonji}


☁Kazuki Jumonji☁

You stared at Monta and Sena skeptically as they tried to persuade you to go running with them. You weren’t exactly the most athletic person in the world and tried to avoid running (or any physical activity in general) as much as possible. Being friends with people on the American football team made that slightly difficult…

“Come on, it’ll be fun to the max!” Monta grinned, grabbing onto one of your arms.

Sena nodded, grabbing your other arm. “Just this once?”

You let out a sigh of defeat, knowing that you couldn’t say no to Sena when he used that puppy dog face. “Fine. But don’t expect much! I’m not a runner!”

The two boys nodded enthusiastically, chorusing “Of course!” before dragging you to the football field where Hiruma and the others were waiting.

“You’re late! Ya-ha!” Hiruma laughed in a psychotic manner, holding two automatic guns and firing them into the air.

“G-Gomen!” Sena cried, shaking slightly at the intimidating blonde “We were convincing her to come running with us!”

“Eh?” Hiruma moved his teal orbs to meet yours before his mouth pulled up in a grin, showing off his extremely sharp teeth. Clearly he was plotting something, and it sent a shiver up your spine. “Yosh! Let’s get going!”

As the group started to head off, you missed the blonde haired male that stared at you, his cheeks harboring a small tinge of pink.


You wheezed, your chest aching painfully as you attempted to continue walking. Your feet were aching and your legs felt like jello; it was agonizing.
Everything had been going well. You were able to keep a nice pace alongside Eyeshield and Monta…. until Hiruma intervened, causing the two rivals to have a race to see who could get back to school first, leaving you in the dust without a second thought.

You ran and ran and ran and ran, pushing yourself harder than you ever had before in an attempt to keep up with them, but they slowly faded in the horizon until they vanished from your sight all together. And to make matters worse, they had left you behind in an area that you had never been in before.

So, here you were, barely able to stand and feeling like you were about to pass out, lost in an area you had never even seen before. You thought that, maybe, if you pushed hard enough you could manage to find a familiar area and be able to make it back without a problem. But fate was not on your side. No matter how far you walked, you couldn’t find a single familiar street. It was all foreign to you.

You were lost and going in circles.

Finally, after two hours of trying to return home, you stopped, falling to your knees in a wide alley before hitting the cold cement. Despite how cold it was, it wasn’t enough to cool down your burning body. Every part of you felt like it was on fire. You were covered in sweat and couldn’t move a single inch. You breathed in and out heavily, your eyes shut tightly.

It was beginning to get dark, the sun having just set. The sky slowly became darker, the street lights coming on in a poor attempt to imitate the sun. You knew you were screwed. You were too tired to move and you had left your cell phone at home that morning. You were probably dehydrated, too, given how hot it had been. You didn’t know the area, so you weren’t sure if anyone would mess with you or not. Even if they did, there was no way you’d be able to fight them off, not in the state you were currently in.

It may have just been the pounding of your head and the fact that your heart had split and gone into your ears and legs, but you could swear you heard the sound of rushed footsteps.

Was this your end?

You felt pathetic.

You couldn’t even touch the football team and, instead, was lying in the middle of god knows where unable to move. Sure, you were un-athletic, but this was just downright pathetic!

Only half of your tired mind was conscious. Due to that, you managed to pick up the sound of your name being called. It was faint, and sounded very far away. You couldn’t answer even if you wanted to. Your throat was too dry and you had no energy left.

Through blurry half opened eyes, you managed to see a pair of shoes appear in front of you before you felt yourself being picked up. You grunted in pain at the movement before finally letting the darkness claim your mind.

Why did you ever listen to Monta and Sena?


A groan passed your chapped lips as your eyes slowly peeled open to stare at a bright white ceiling. Were you dead?

Remembering what had happened, you shot up from the bed you were lying on, instantly regretting it when pain shot through your legs and back. You clutched your T-shirt, shaking slightly at the pain.

“Oi, you shouldn’t be moving.” A pair of hands grabbed your shoulders, gently pushing you back into a lying position before resting their hand on your forehead.

Your whole body was in pain, but most of it was focused in your feet and legs. After lying still for a few moments, you slowly opened your eyes. You had to blink a few times before your eyes could focus properly. You were surprised to find out just who was standing at your side, waiting for you to wake up.

“J-Jumonji..?” You questioned, your voice cracking; you were so thirsty.

He nodded lightly, removing his hand from your forehead. Was it your wild imagination… or did he actually look worried?

“W-What happened?” You groaned, attempting to sit up again.

He handed you a glass of water, his hand against your back to help you stay sitting. “Drink this. It’ll help.”

You nodded, taking the glass from his hand and swallowing about half of the cold liquid in one go. It coated your dry throat, making it feel tight before the feeling disappeared. You were more thankful for water at that moment than you had ever been in your whole life. “Thank you.”

“You’re really not a runner… are you?” He muttered, rubbing your back lightly.

“Che. I tried to tell them that.” You scoffed, looking away from the male at your side. You hated to admit it, but it was pretty embarrasing.

“You were pretty bad.” He was staring intently at you. “I found you passed out in the middle of an alley. You were breathing pretty heavy, and your face was red.”

You scratched your cheek with your index finger, looking anywhere but at Jumonji. You had to admit, you were surprised that he was the one to save you. Normally, he was the kind of guy to not care about anything or anyone, especially not someone as pathetic as you.

You let a sigh pass your lips at the thought.

“I uhh… I’m glad… that you’re okay.” He muttered, rubbing the back of his head and looking away from you. He couldn’t hide his pink cheeks from you, though.

You blinked in surprise, resting your palm against his warm cheek. “Thank you, Kazuki.”

He flushed deeper at your touch and words, his hand encasing yours. “I-It was nothing!”

You grinned, pecking his lips before pulling away, your own cheeks turning slightly red. But it was unnoticeable, due to the fact that your face was still flushed from the run. Jumonji shook his head and decided that wasn’t a big enough reward to satisfy him. Instead, he grabbed your chin, forcing you to look at him.

Without hesitation, he crashed his lips against yours, cupping your face between his hands.

The aftermath of the situation was pretty simple; You could barely move for the next three days, having to rely on Kazuki every once in awhile when your legs began to buckle. It was hard, having to go through school while still being in so much pain, but you managed with Kazuki at your side. It was a painful experience, but you were happy that it happened, because the aftermath of that experience lead to you and Jumonji becoming a couple.

The experience may not have been much fun, but the result was amazing.

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High School Nightmares {Masaharu Niou}


Pairing: None
Prompt: School
Anime: Prince of Tennis
Character: Teenage! Masaharu Niou
For: ch.oco.late’s Back To School Contest

High school.

The worst time in everyone’s life, even for the popular kids. Even though they have popularity and god-like looks, there is always some sort of problem at home, and there is always someone who will oppose and stand up to them. Usually, that’s a person who has been bullied constantly and finally decided that they have had enough.

About 60% of the student body is picked on. 20% consists of the losers and loners, who are usually ignored altogether. And the last 10% consists of the few people who actually manage to reach the popularity status.

It doesn’t matter who you are or how much money you have. It doesn’t matter if you’re a cheerleader or a nerd. Though the experiences and lifestyles may be completely different, every single one of them has something in common; high school is their own personalized hell, even if they refuse to admit it and play it off as the “best time” of their life.

Sure, they probably had fun with their friends, but what does that have to do with high school? Nothing.

High school is a simple and nicer way of saying ‘hell’, as well as “three years of my life that I will never get back.”

✎ ✏ ✐

Chiaki yawned as she walked down the hall, her book bag slung over her left shoulder. School was the last place she wanted to be. She’d be happier being stuck with Atobe for a couple weeks. It was laughable how desperate she was to escape.

While her mind was pre-occupied, a pair of arms wrapped around her neck from behind, stopping her in her tracks. She didn’t have to turn around to know who it was. She could tell by the smell of his cologne.

“You shouldn’t walk around lost in thought. It’s dangerous. Puri~”

She glanced at him, shrugging him off and continuing towards homeroom. Niou followed, falling into pace at her side.

“It’s dangerous when you’re not daydreaming, too. It’s all up to chance.”

“I said ‘lost in thought’, not ‘daydreaming’.” He pointed out, holding his index finger up like a teacher would.

“Same difference.”

“Completely different.”


Niou chuckled as they entered the classroom which was alive with pointless and mindless chatter. Chiaki claimed her seat by the window in the back of the class and Niou claimed his in front of her own.

“So~” Niou turned around, arms folded over the back of the chair. “You going on the field trip next week?”

“Meh.” She shrugged, taking out her notebook and beginning her daily ‘doodle-instead-of-learn’ session.

“‘Meh’ is not an answer.” He snatched her pen, twirling it between his fingers. “I will hold your pen hostage until I get an answer. Puri~”

Chiaki rolled her eyes, pulling out another pen from her pants pocket. Niou snatched it before the tip could even make contact with the page.

“Why do you make it a habit to annoy me?”

“Because I’m your best friend and it’s fun~”

Chiaki let out a sigh before letting her lips curl up into a small smile. “Good answer. Mostly.”


“Alright, everyone sit the hell down!” The teacher muttered boredly as he entered the room. He seemed to want to be there even less than the students. The class quited down and took their seats immediately, knowing full well that pissing him off was not a good idea.

Niou turned back around, reaching back with his hand over his head to return the two pens he had pen-napped. Chiaki took them from his hand without a word and he leaned forward on the wooden surface of his desk.

The teacher, named Nobunaga, muttered incoherently under his breath and shifted through the vast amount of paperwork on his desk. Normally, his mood wasn’t the best; he was permanently in a foul mood (if you had to teach a class full of high schoolers for god knows how long, wouldn’t you be in a bad mood, too?) It was also rare to find people he actually liked and got along with. Fortunately for them, Chiaki and Niou were both included in that small group, though they still worked his nerves from time to time.

“You.” Nobunaga-sensei pointed to a random boy in the first row who squeaked in fear, intimidated by the tall man that stood in front of his desk. “What did we do yesterday?” It wasn’t that he had a bad memory, he just couldn’t be bothered to remember when he had a class full of students to remind him.

“T-The f-ieldtrip… we were t-talking about the f-fieldtrip…!” The boy stuttered, his eyes cast to his sweaty hands that lay in his lap.

“Ah. Right.” Nobunaga ignored the boy’s fear and returned to his desk, searching through the mess of papers once more. “Alright. Listen up, morons! I’m gonna give you all the info sheet for the fieldtrip!”

“You!” He pointed to a girl in the second row, situated directly in front of his desk. “Pass these out.”

“H-Hai…” She stood slowly, reaching out a shaking hand to retrieve the papers. Once they were in her hand, she realed back as if a shark was about to bite her.

“Does she think he’s gonna attack her?” Chiaki whispered to Niou, rolling her eyes. Sure, Nobunaga-sensei was intimidating, sometimes violent and quick to anger, but he didn’t attack students (unless they really deserved it).

Niou snickered, leaning back slightly in his chair. Of course the little sadist was enjoying the other students’ discomfort and fear. Wouldn’t be him if he didn’t. That boy could give Shusuke Fuji a run for his money!

The girl quickly swerved through the rows of desks, handing out a sheet of the paper with trembling hands to every student she passed before scurrying back to her desk with her head down.

Chiaki resisted the urge to laugh (damn Niou was wearing off on her!) as she picked up the info sheet from her desktop, scanning over it with mild interest.

“Now,” Nobunaga-sensei moved to lean against the front of his messy desk, arms crossed over his chest while his narrowed black eyes scanned the classroom, making most every student they landed on tense up and freeze; they really did not want to be called on. “The field trip will be taking place next Thursday at 12:00 PM. Classes until that time will continue as normal. If you want to go, you must get those forms signed and handed back to me before Tuesday.”

Niou and Chiaki exchanged glances before snickering in amusement. Last time they went on a fieldtrip, most everyone in the class turned their forms into other teachers, too afraid to give them directly to Nobunaga. Only three students had actually approached him.

“The fieldtrip will last until Monday, at which point you will leave the hotel at 10:00 AM.”

A small boy who sat in the same row as Chiaki shakily rose his hand. After Nobunaga nodded in approval, the boy voiced his question. “Um… Where will we be going, sensei?”

Nobunaga’s small eyes shifted to the boy before sweeping the class once more, stopping on a blonde girl that sits in the very middle of the classroom. “Allison!”

“Hai!” Allison stood from her chair with a proud grin and walked up to stand next to the teacher. Allison was one of the smartest girls Rikkaidai high school had to offer, rivaled only by Renji. She was also one of the few students who was not afraid of Nobunaga, though she, like Chiaki and Niou, was still intimidated from time to time.

“The fieldtrip, chaperoned by three teachers and two parents, will be taking us on a wonderful trip through time through the way of the Art and History Museum!”

The class erupted in whispers of excitement, but quickly became quiet when Allison glared at them.

She cleared her throat and continued. “That’s only the first two days. The next two days will be spent at the Aquarium. Everyone will be staying in a hotel located between these two attractions. Rooms, as well as room mates, have already been assigned. This will not change, no matter what you do or say! Monday will be spent returning back here. Any questions?”

Several hands shot into the air, the students feeling more comfortable talking to her rather than Nobunaga (who really could care less).

Allison shook her head and wagged her index finger at them before making a ‘tsk’ing sound. “Too bad.”

You’d think they would of learned by now…

Chiaki grinned, biting her lip to stiffle her laughter. Allison was a trip, whether she meant to be or not; a trait difficult to find in someone so smart.

“Sit back down, Allison.” Nobunaga said boredly, waving her off as she questioned him about any secrets he may be hiding concerning the fieldtrip.

“Yes sir!” She saluted him and returned to her seat.

Nobunaga’s black eyes swept the room. “Class ends in less than ten minutes. Do whatever until then.” He then sat behind his desk, arms crossed and eyes closed. When he said ‘whatever’, he meant it. He truly did not care what anyone did, as long as they left him alone. Someone could break a window and set fire to the books in the back of the room and he still wouldn’t care.

Niou turned back around in his seat, sitting like he had upon first entering the room. “Soo~ Have you been persuaded to go on the fieldtrip?”

“No. Sounds kinda boring.” She murmured, leaning back with her arm over the back of her chair and purple orbs staring blankly at the ceiling.

“Che. Go anyway.” He poked her stomach with his pencil. “I need someone to annoy while I’m there. Puri~”

“Renji, Marui, Jackal and Yagyuu are going, ne? Annoy them.”

“It’s not the same. They’re no fun to annoy.” He pouted. “I only get enjoyment out of messing with you.”

Chiaki rolled her eyes and looked out the window at the pale sky. It was about mid Autumn and the days had grown quite chilly. The sky remained covered with light grey clouds, completely blocking off the sun and pale blue sky. The lush leaves of the trees had already changed into brilliant shades of orange and brown. Every time the wind would blow, more leaves would fall from the trees and dance gracefully towards the ground, where they would join their other fallen comrads who had almost completely covered the pavement and grass. Most everyone you saw was wrapped tightly in a winter coat or thick winter clothes, but Chiaki’s group was different.

She herself adored the cold weather, often going out with short sleeves or no sleeves at all and jeans. Most people thought she was crazy, but that didn’t matter. The Rikkai Regulars often went out in shorts and short sleeves shirts (other than Yukimura, who often preferred pants).

Chiaki was also thankful that Rikkai high didn’t require its students to wear a uniform like the middle school division did. High school was more free than middle school, and you got away with a lot more, too.

✎ Monday, 8:00 AM ✎

Chiaki scowled as she walked through the hall, her purple orbs narrowed in a glare aimed at anyone who dared to cross her path. Monday truly was the worst day ever. She should of just skipped.

When Chiaki reached her locker, she threw it open. Before she could pull her books out, though, the door was slammed shut by a manicured hand. Following that was a fake sincere voice belonging to Rikkaidai’s whore troupe.

“Well, Well. If it isn’t Rikkai’s biggest loser.” The leader smirked proudly as if she had just done something impressive. Her two clones sniggered, putting a manicured hand to their glossy lips.

Chiaki’s eyes flashed dangerously before closing in an attempt to block out her rising rage. “Susie. I’m warning you. I am not in the mood.”

“Oh, boo hoo.” She fake cried, putting her hands to her eyes and wiping away invisible tears. “Is Chiaky-winy gonna cry?”

“No. Chiaky-winy’s gonna beat your fake ass nose in!” She growled, spinning around and slamming her fist into Susie’s nose. She shrieked and fell back onto her butt, clutching her nose tightly. That didn’t stop the blood from gushing between her fingers, though. She shrieked again, pointing her free hand at Chiaki who stood in front of her, breathing heavy with her bloody fist clenched.

With that signal, the blonde clones leapt forward and attempted to take her down with a double team, but the sticks were no fighters and Chiaki dodged their attacks with ease. She slammed her elbow into the second clone, which was coming at her from behind, and slammed the first clone into the lockers with her foot. Before the two could get back up, an arm wrapped tightly around Chiaki’s waist, pulling her back and away from the three blonde girls.

“Knock it off!” Nobunaga’s gruff voice reached the ear of the four girls and the students who had stopped off to watch the exchange. “Get your asses to class, now!”

Immediately, the students scrambled, leaving the bloody and broken blonde trio with the still pissed off Chiaki and the annoyed Nobunaga, who still had a firm grasp on her.

“Susie. Parker. Anemone. Detention, room 3-B. No fieldtrip. Chiaki. Detention, homeroom. No fieldtrip.”

The girls shrieked and crowded around him, trying to talk, bribe and blackmail their way out of detention. They even tried threats. They really wanted to go on the field trip. After all, all the hot boys would be going. They just couldn’t miss that!

Chiaki, on the other hand, shrugged herself out of the male’s vice-like grip and rolled her eyes before heading to class. She hadn’t wanted to go on the fieldtrip in the first place, so it didn’t really bother her. The only reason she had even been considering it was because Niou wanted her to go. Detention was her savior at the moment. She didn’t have to go, and Niou couldn’t be mad at her.

When she reached her seat, she got an annoyed and accusing look from her best friend. One that said, ‘you-did-that-on-purpose-so-you-would-get-detention-and-miss-the-fieldtrip’.

Chiaki rolled her eyes again and ignored him, turning to stare out the window. Though it was a good plan, that’s not the reason she had snapped. She was in a bad mood because she had been working all weekend without much sleep, and then had to wake up at 7:00 am so she could get to this hellhole on time.

Nobunaga entered the room a few minutes after the bell rang, an extra malicious glare pointed towards the class. Breaking up a pointless fight between four girls was not his idea of a Monday morning. Chiaki was too lost in thought to notice this, however.

Only when a note landed on her desk did she snap out of it. Picking it up and unfolding it, she couldn’t help but smile at the messy scrawl of her best friend.

You do know this means war, ne? Puri~

Damn that Niou. He was always able to make her smile, no matter what was wrong with her. He truly was an amazing friend.

✎ Tuesday, 1:00 PM ✎

School was almost over, having a little over an hour left of the day. Chiaki hadn’t seen Niou much that day, just glimpses as he hurried down the hall. He seemed preoccupied. With what, she had no clue.

She wondered if it had anything to do with the ‘war’ note he had given her yesterday, but she shrugged it off. Whatever he was up to, she’d find out soon enough. That’s what her instinct told her and it usually wasn’t wrong.

Sure enough, around 1:15, the whole school began to shake, the windows rattling and objects falling off of table tops and desks. The strange events had been caused by an explosion in the science lab. That’s what the class was told when a random student dropped by to inform Nobunaga (who really could care less).

Chiaki paid it no mind. It was probably some moron trying to impress a girl (or vice versa), and they ended up mixing chemicles they shouldn’t have. It wasn’t the first time something like that had happened. She had to admit, though, she was mildly surprised when the door burst open, revealing a fuming Miss Alca (the science teacher) and a soot covered Niou who was grinning proudly.

“I believe this belongs to you.” Her voice was high pitched and laced with annoyance and anger. “How he managed to sneak into my classroom without my knowledge is beyond me! But he is your responsibility, Mr. Hawk!” She released the back of his shirt and roughly pushed him forward before huffing, sticking her nose into the air and leaving the room, the door slamming closed behind her.

“Sorry I’m late, Nobunaga-sensei~” His tone was anything but sorry. He sounded quite proud, actually. Satisfied, arrogant, and highly amused.

“Detention. No field trip. Sit.” Nobunaga’s tone was strict, but it was pretty obvious that he didn’t care. Chiaki would lay odds that the only reason he gave Niou detention was so that he didn’t have to deal with Miss Alca (who was a real bitch).

Niou sent Chiaki a triumphant smirk before taking his seat.

So that’s what he meant by war. Sly bastard.

A note landed on her desk and she un-crumbled it, glancing at the innocent looking male. That boy could definitely make it as an actor.

The War is Over. All that’s left has blown away, and I surrender, Puri~

Chiaki rolled her eyes.

You stole those lyrics, baka. Don’t be dramatic.

He frowned, sticking his tongue out at her.

So what? It’s the truth! D:

I don’t even know what war you were fighting, and you surrendered? Doesn’t sound like you.

The war I was fighting was trying to get them to let you go on the field trip. I even offered for you to serve three weeks of detention, and they still wouldn’t do it. I surrendered, because they wouldn’t change their mind~

Ignoring that comment. And the explosion?

Renji showed me which chemicals to mix to create a safe explosion. It was wonderful, Puri~

He wanted detention, she facepalmed.

He simply snickered, sending her a smirk.

✎ Thursday, 9:30 AM ✎

Even though class was continuing like it normally did, the excitement was clear. It hung in the air like a large cloud over the classroom. Students were shifting in their seats constantly, unable to sit still as the time ticked by. With every passing hour, the 11th graders grew even more restless, like a dog wanting out of it’s kennel to go and chase the squirrel that’s been teasing him for the past thirty minutes. It was obvious that the teachers were feeling the opposite. They were not looking forward to babysitting some 300 kids for five days. For every minute that passed, the designated teachers’ faces turned more and more grim.

When 11:50pm rolled around, they looked as if they were being chased by a whole army of Grim Reapers. The students were the complete opposite, practically jumping for joy. When the principle came over the loud speaker to instruct all 11th graders to line up outside by the busses, every student jumped out of their chair and rushed out of the classroom like it was a race for ten grand. All except for Chiaki and Niou, who had recieved detention a few days prior.

Nobunaga leaned back in his chair, feet propped up on the desk. His eyes were closed and his hands were folded in his lap. He was extremely content that he hadn’t been picked to chaperone the trip. The room was now empty, other than Chiaki, Niou, and a boy named Aki (who had gotten into trouble for skipping more than two weeks of school). The room itself was quiet, but the excited murmurs of the students piling into the busses below could be heard through the open window.

A knock broke the silence and Nobunaga growled, eyes narrowed at the wood. “What?!”

The door was pushed open and a rather large man dressed in a black suit walked in. His eyes were covered by black sunglasses, but something told Chiaki that his eyes were hard and set, like stone. One of his hands was holding tightly onto the back of a brown haired boys’ neck, who had a scowl on his face. His other hand was fisted around the back of the other boys’ shirt, who looked like he was half asleep.

Chiaki and Niou exchanged looks.

What were two boys from Hyotei high doing here? And who was the strange man that brought the two into the room?

Said man roughly shoved the pair further into the room before grunting and disappearing. The brunette, known as Ryo Shishido, caught himself before he could hit the ground. His friend wasn’t as lucky. Jirou Akutagawa fell to his knees, eyes half closed.

“Why are they here?” Chiaki questioned, leaning back in her chair.

“Take a seat.” Nobunaga commanded, closing his eyes once more.

Shishido glared at him before sitting in the third row, sliding down onto the wooden chair; he looked pretty pissed off. Jirou yawned, shuffling lazily off the cold floor and into the seat beside Niou. He folded his arms on the desk before laying his head on top of them, his eyes closed.

“Hyotei high is going on the field trip with Rikkai High.” Nobunaga answered finally.

“Eh?” Chiaki blinked.

“That wasn’t on the info sheet, Puri~” Niou stated, chewing a piece of gum he had stolen from Marui previously that day.

“Didn’t I mention that?” Nobunaga asked, staring lazily at the pair.

“No.” They chorused.

“Hyotei is going on the fieldtrip with Rikkaidai.” He told them, his tone uncaring.

“Gee, thanks a lot.” Chiaki rolled her purple eyes.

He smirked, closing his eyes. “You’re welcome.”

“So~ We get to spend four and a half days with them.” Niou muttered under his breath un-enthusiastically.

True enough, the students of Hyotei weren’t exactly easy to get along with. Most of them were snooty, arrogant, and down right irritating. They thought they were better than everyone else, like kings and queens. Their school was filled with the finest of everything that money could buy; it was sickening.

Jirou shivered, his exposed skin covered with goosebumps. He was wearing his tennis uniform, which consisted of shorts and a short sleeved shirt. Though his clothes were slightly large on him, the sleeves of his shirt stopped just inches above his elbow and his shorts stopped at the knee. All three of the buttons on his shirt were undone, leaving plenty of skin exposed to the cold air leaking in through the window. Shishido was dressed in the same attire, but he didn’t seem at all affected; he was too busy glaring at the wall.

Chiaki adored the cold and didn’t mind the way it nipped at her exposed flesh that wasn’t covered by her T-Shirt. Her jeans were thin and had a few holes on the front, letting her feel the cold air as if she wasn’t wearing pants at all. Niou, on the other hand, was not fond of the cold, but he didn’t necessarily hate it. He was wearing dark blue jeans and a long sleeved blue shirt, which was about as thin as Chiaki’s jeans, but it was made of cotton, offering him enough warmth to stay satisfied.

Feeling sorry for the shivering male, Chiaki grabbed her hoodie out of her bag and stood up, dropping it over the male’s shoulders. He lifted his head in surprise, his tired eyes staring up at her with child-like curiousity.

Chiaki returned to her seat, shrugging when Niou raised an eyebrow.

Jirou stared at the hoodie for a few seconds before sitting up and slipping his arms into the sleeves, pulling it tight around his small frame. He snuggled into it, laying his head back down and falling asleep with a smile on his face.

The Minutes ticked by.

12:30 pm. Tick.

1:15 pm. Tock.

1:30 pm. Bang.

Niou’s head hit the desk and he groaned. “I can’t believe we have to go through this for four and a half days! It’s so boring!”

Chiaki was leant back in her chair, her feet propped up on the back of Niou’s chair and her eyes staring blankly up at the ceiling. “Four days of sitting here doing absolutely nothing from 8:30 to 3:00. This isn’t detention, it’s torture!”

“Che. Don’t complain, brats.” Nobunaga opened his eyes and shifted in his chair. “I work from seven to four and have to deal with a bunch of spoiled, hormonal, angst ridden teenagers all day long, five days a week.”

Niou and Chiaki exchanged glances and nodded.

“Yep, you’ve got it worse, Puri~”
“I feel sorry for you, Nobunaga-sensei.”

“You don’t sound sorry.” He muttered. “Damn brats.”

The pair grinned “Damn teachers!”

Nobunaga scoffed, but couldn’t hold back the smirk that took over his lips.

Yes, high school was a horrible nightmare that was nearly impossible to escape from. But the rarities are what makes it bearable. The insane but loveable friends. The crazy ass, uncaring teacher who was as cool as a teenager. And the unexpected guests that appeared every now and again.

It all made it worthwhile, and Chiaki wouldn’t give it up for the world.

This was her own personal high school nightmare, and it couldn’t get any better.


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139 Dreams ☁ 5th Dream {Arrow – Sanada}


☁Genichirou Sanada☁

It was odd.

You normally weren’t one to stay at a friends house for a week at a time. However, you found herself there with people you couldn’t even remember. It seemed like a lot of time passed, but you estimated it was no more than a week.

For some odd reason, you had taken one of the cats from your house and brought him with you to the friends house. You made the decision that it’d be best to bring said fat cat back, instead of leaving him in unknown territory.

And so, you hopped into your older brother’s large white truck, setting Oreo in the passenger seat before heading home. Once there, you scooped the heavy cat into your arms and proceeded to take him into the house.

An older man and a woman were sitting on the porch in front of the house in rocking chairs, their expressions grim as they watched you walk by. Your mother had come to greet you at the front door, asking if you were staying. After putting the cat down, you (for some unknown reason) said that you were going back.

Your mother then asked if you had also brought back Mittens, the cat that belonged to yourself. Of course, you shook your head, claiming that you had never taken the much smaller cat from the house. Your mother’s expression turned grim like the two older people sitting out front. It was only natural that you questioned it.

“Honey… we can’t find Mittens… she’s gone.”

You felt your eyes widen. It felt like an arrow had pierced your heart as you pushed past your mother, rushing up to your bedroom and flinging the door open. On the way, you hadn’t missed the 15 or so cats that were scattered across the living room, each looking exactly alike with only small differences.

Your bedroom was the same. Inside lay about six different cats, all looking similar to your own. With every cat you saw, it seemed like that arrow just pushed in deeper, until it finally came out the other side.

You noticed one heading towards the window and you felt the wind get knocked out of you. Without a seconds hesitation, you ran forward and grabbed the cat, holding it tight to your chest. You could feel the tears pricking your eyes before spilling over.

Normally, you were a very tough person who rarely ever cried. You were tough and strong, and hated showing such weakness to others. However, on the inside, you were actually pretty sensitive, especially when it came to animals.

The tears flowed down your cheeks, wetting the soft fur of the feline in your arms as you walked back down to your solemn mother, who brightened only slightly at the sight.

“Is that her, dear?”

“I… I don’t know!” It looked exactly like Mittens, and it felt like it was the right cat. But there was something holding you back and you didn’t like it. “Why are there so many?”

Your mother scratched her cheek, looking away. “Well, I felt bad, and thought that we could find one to replace her with.”

Another, much larger arrow pierced your heart at the words. “Mittens was irreplaceable…”

Your mother’s arms fell limply to her side in guilt as you walked away, tear stained cheeks and red puffy eyes, holding tightly onto the hope that maybe, just maybe, it really was your cat.

You shot up in bed, covered in a cold sweat. Your breathing was heavy and your heart was beating fast in your chest, eyes wide. You could feel the pricking of tears at the corners of your eyes and you shut them tightly, as if that alone was enough to stop the salty liquid from leaking out and covering your flushed cheeks. Your chest was aching painfully, despite the hand that clutched tightly onto your shirt to try and deliver relief.

That dream… it couldn’t of been real… right?

Your scanned the room before resting back on the hand clenched around your sheets. Your precious cat was no where to be seen. Already in a tired and painful state, your mind didn’t register the possibility that said cat may just be in a different room of the house.

A strangled sob left your throat, your back shaking thanks to the tears that refused to stop. The arrows through your heart seemed to grow in size, causing a pain to surge through your chest. Too wrapped up in your own depressive state, you failed to hear a knocking on the door.

The person on the other side, figuring you were still just sleeping, pushed open the bedroom door and walked inside. He froze upon seeing you slouched over in bed, tears running down your face through shutly tight eyes. He didn’t know what to do. He knew that you were a tough girl and, even though he was one of your best friends, he had never seen you cry before. Especially to this degree. What was he supposed to do?

You felt the bed sink in and an arm wrap around your shoulder, pulling your shaking form into a well defined chest. Your glassy orbs looked up into Sanada’s dark ones that had softened considerably.

“What’s wrong?”

Though his voice and expression were stoic, as usual, you knew that he was worried; he hid it well, though.

Taking a deep breath, you explained the dream to him, not leaving out a single detail. Sanada was shocked to find out that the reason behind your pain was a bad dream about your cat, but he felt the need to comfort you.

His hand rubbed your back lightly, his free hand running through your hair. “You do know… Mittens is in the kitchen stuffing her face, right?”

You froze, feeling extremely embarrassed and stupid; your face turned red. The tears stopped, thankfully, but you still clung to the younger male, too embarrassed to look at him. A deep chuckle passed his lips as he pushed you back.

“Get ready. I won’t tolerate you being late for school.”

You scowled at him as he left the room, but couldn’t deny the fact that you felt a lot lighter, like a heavy weight had been lifted from your chest. When Sanada left the room, he had pulled both arrows out of your heart and taken them with him.

You were thankful to have someone who had the power to do that.


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139 Dreams ☁ 4th Dream {Trivial – Skull}


☁Adult! Skull☁

You didn’t understand it.

Skull was always loud and hyper when he was around Reborn and everyone else, always yelling about how he wasn’t Reborn’s lackey and how, one day, he’d get his revenge. He was always energetic, too.

Knowing this, you felt confused. The normal, loud and energetic Skull disappeared when you were around, only to be replaced by a shy and timid Skull that barely talked.

It didn’t make any sense and it was down right annoying. You were the only one he didn’t show his normal self to, and that was frustrating. You often wondered if he felt offended because you were always defending him against Reborn and ‘Nello. Could you have damaged his pride?

No, you concluded. Skull was always grateful when someone stood up for him. So why? Why did he act so strangely towards you? Had you done or said something to upset him? You just didn’t get it. You finally decided that the best course of action to take would be to confront him on it.

Despite the chilling winds, you found him sitting alone in a nearby park. He looked too wrapped up in his thoughts to notice just how cold it had gotten, despite wearing his usual leather motorcycle suit. You didn’t like it when he looked so serious and upset; it was depressing.

“Skull?” You rested your hand on his shoulder, taking a seat next to him on the ice cold metal bench. You could feel the cold steel seeping through your jeans, sending a shiver down your spine and creating goosebumps on your arms.

Skull gasped in surprise, his purple orbs slowly moving to meet your own. He looked like he was in shock to see you.

Why is she here? I bet Reborn-senpai sent her… Skull shook his head to extinguish the thoughts, looking away from you. What a sick joke, Reborn-senpai, sending the girl I love to see me like this.

He could feel his eyes prickling with tears; he just wanted to cry.

“Skull?” You called, your hand tightening on his shoulder. “You okay? You look upset.”

He shook his head, eyes shut tightly as he bit down hard on his bottom lip. No matter what… No matter what, I can not cry in front of her…

“Skull.” You called again, your hand moving to slip into his own. He gasped again, his eyes opening wide as you laced your fingers with his own. Noticing his sweaty palms, despite the cold, you knew that he was nervous. You could also see the tears in the corners of his eyes and you were worried. “Skull, if something’s wrong, you know you can talk to me.”

He looked up at you through glassy eyes.

“I know you wanted to be alone but… I was really worried about you. I also wanted to talk to you.” You said softly.

He blinked. “Talk to me..? About what?”

“Well… I was wondering if I did or said anything to upset you.”

“W-What?” He blinked again, purple orbs shining with confusion.

“You always act strange around me.” You muttered, your grip tightening on his hand. “I figured I did something.”

He shook his head rapidly, turning his body to fully look at you. He took your hand gripping his and held it firmly between both of his own, his eyes set with determination as he stared into yours. “N-No! You didn’t do anything!”

“Then why? Why do you always act so weird around me?” You asked.

He chewed on his bottom lip, his fingers fidgeting with yours. “W-Well, I…”

You were surprised to see the dusting of pink on his cheeks. “Skull?”

He took a deep breath before speaking. “I… I love you!”

“Eh?” You were in shock at the confession, never knowing that the purple haired Arcobaleno felt that way. Your eyes softened as a smile came to your lips before you grabbed the male’s face, bringing his cold lips down onto your own. “I love you too, Skull. But I don’t want you acting differently around me because of that.”

“W-Well… Colonello-senpai and Reborn-senpai said that you couldn’t stand hyper loud morons like myself, so I tried to act quiet around you.”

“You shouldn’t worry yourself over such trivial things. I don’t care if you’re hyper and loud. That’s who you are. I love that stuff about you. Seeing you quiet and depressed… I don’t like it, it worries me.”

He smiled. “Thank you.”

You chuckled, pecking his lips once more. “Don’t worry about things like that. I will always love you, no matter what~♥”


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139 Dreams ☁ 2nd Dream {Longing – Reborn}


☁Adult! Reborn☁

You sat in your bedroom staring blankly at the wall. Your body was there, but your mind had drifted off elsewhere.

You were there when the mysterious talking infant called Reborn first appeared in front of Tsuna, claiming to be a hitman and tutor there to train Tsuna to become the next generation mafia boss for the Vongola Family. You were there when he put him through rigorous and embarrassing tests (some of which you were sure he did for his own amusement) and you were there during the ring conflict between Tsuna’s family and the Vongola special assassination squad known as Varia.

You were there for it all.

Of course the whole time you were around, your eyes always stayed trained on the small infant. From the very first time you met him, you felt… drawn to him, intrigued. You weren’t sure why, but you ended up summing it up to your overly curious nature. Who wouldn’t be curious when a talking infant suddenly shows up claiming to be a hitman tutor?

Without realizing it, you slowly began to develop feelings for the small boy. At that time, you were too wrapped up to notice. And now it was too late. There was no turning back; you had lost your chance. You now realized that you were in love with Reborn. There was no denying it. If you had realized it sooner, you could have backed off and saved yourself the pain. But it’s too late now; you were head over heels in love with him.

Which is why you sat, alone, in your bedroom while Gokudera and the others were at Tsuna’s house with Reborn, chatting and having fun.

You longed to be there with them. You longed to be there with Reborn. But you knew it’d only hurt. Seeing how Bianchi felt about Reborn, and him completely brushing off her feelings… you were afraid he’d do the same to you if he found out and that’s not something you’re able to take.

You respected Bianchi for being able to stand it and, at the same time, you cursed yourself for being so weak.

With a sigh, you fell back on your bed, letting your eyes close as you drifted off into unconsciousness.


You skipped last period so you could go home without having to worry about running into Tsuna and company. Hibari would have your ass about it later, but you could care less.

With another sigh, you pushed open the door to your silent house, throwing your bag on the floor. Due to the dark clouds that hung in the sky, shielding the sun light from coming through the sliding glass doors that led to the backyard, the house was completely dark. Had you really turned all of the lights off when you left this morning? That wasn’t something you’d normally do. Then again, you’ve been doing a lot of things you wouldn’t normally do lately.

You sighed once again, turning to head towards the fridge to get a much needed soda when you froze. Was that… was that a figure sitting at your kitchen table? It was too dark to tell, but you could barely manage to make out the outline of a person. The shadow moved, standing up and slowly making it’s way toward you. You took a step back for every step it took forward until your back made contact with the wall.

You weren’t afraid. This guy couldn’t possibly put you through any more pain than you already felt, so what was there to be afraid of? You knew you were acting depressive (and possibly crazy), but you couldn’t help what you felt.

The shadow’s hand moved to rest on the wall next to your head, while the other flicked on the light switch. Light filled the dark kitchen, lighting up the man that stood in front of you. He was tall, with black hair and dark eyes that seemed to shine with amusement. He was wearing a suit and a fedora. If you had to guess, you’d say he was a member of the mafia, but why would he be in your house? How’d he get into your house? In your scatter brained moments, you figured you had probably forgotten to lock the door… again. But why did he look so damn familiar?

A deep chuckle left the man’s lips as he leaned closer. “Welcome home, amore mia.”

The fact that he was speaking Italian proved that he was most likely a mafioso from Italy, where most of the mafioso had been popping up from. That still didn’t tell you why he was in your house, who he was, or what he wanted.

You pondered the familiar factor, wondering why you felt as if you knew him. You examined the black hair that spiked out from under his fedora to the curly sideburns and dark eyes. Wait… no, that’s not possible…

Your eyes widened as you realized who was standing in front of you, despite how impossible it seemed. “Reborn…?”

He smiled, leaning in and kissing your cheek. “Si, amore mia?”

You weren’t so non-bilingual that you didn’t understand what Si meant. He had just confirmed that he was, in fact, the Reborn you had come to love. “How…?”

He chuckled again, moving so that his lips lightly brushed your own. “I’ll explain later, amore mia. For now, allow me to give you what you’ve been longing for for so long.”

Before you could question him, he swooped down, grabbing you in a passionate and gentle kiss. You froze in shock, your heart beating rapidly in your chest and your mind running wild. You could only make out one thought in your clouded brain: Kiss him back!

You quickly grabbed his suit jacket in your fists, pulling the male closer. The kiss intensified and Reborn ran his smooth tongue across your bottom lip, asking for entrance which you immediately granted. As your tongue’s danced in harmony, Reborn’s arm snaked around your lower back, pressing you farther into his body. His free hand moved up to rest against the back of your neck in an attempt to deepen the kiss further.

After Reborn finished exploring your mouth, he pulled away with that infamous smirk on his face, watching your reaction. You were breathing heavily, face slightly pink as you stared up at him with half lidded eyes that were clouded with confusion and love.

Reborn moved so that his lips brushed against your ear. “You don’t have to long for me anymore, my love. You have me all to yourself.”

You smiled, all of the pain you had felt slowly starting to dissolve, being replaced by warmth and happiness that only Reborn could give you. Your arms wrapped around his neck, your face pressed against his skin. He let out another deep chuckle.

Reborn would never admit it out loud, but he too had been longing for you since you met each other, but he wanted to wait until he could hold you like this before he made a move. He wanted to be able to hold and kiss you, and you both agreed that it was worth the wait.

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Breach in Trust {Aizen Sousuke}


Genre: Angst, fluffy ending

In every relationship, there is doubt and jealousy. Even the strongest relationships encounter these problems. It doesn’t matter how much you trust and love your partner, the worry and the fear that they are cheating on you is still there.

You can lie and say that you don’t get jealous.

You can lie and say that you’ve never – not even once – worried that your significant other was seeing someone else behind your back.

It’s a side-effect of the drug called love. And the stronger the love, the deeper the worry. You love them so much that you fear losing them. The thought of losing them to someone else boils in the back of your mind like a hungry fly around food.

Most people ignore the feeling and have faith in their partner while others act on it and fly into a jealous rage of accusations. How could they not? Seeing some whore flirting and touching their girlfriend or boyfriend or husband or wife. What if they see something in that whore? What if they leave?

More often than not, the accusations are false.

If you ignore it, the relationship stays the same, but guilt still pools in your stomach. If you act on it, the realtionship will, nine times out of ten, end or, at the very least, become tense and awkward.

But, what alerts us to an unfaithful partner?

Sneaking around and acting secretive?

Staying late at work when he/she doesn’t have to?

Mysterious phone calls, texts or letters?

Smelling of a scent not belonging to yourself?

Or is it something else? Maybe all of the above? What if it’s something innocent disguised as something bad, something treacherous?

What if he/she is planning something special?

What if he/she is just trying to get a raise or promotion?

What if he/she is arranging a surprise for you?

What if he/she was searching for a cologne or perfume for you?

The only proof that someone is cheating is to catch them in the act. You can’t believe an outside party. You can’t jump to conclusions and go around accusing your partner or stressing out over it. But, it’s impossible to do that. We say we can, but that’s a lie. It’s hardwired into our DNA to feel that way.

So, let me ask you this:

Do you trust me?

Our Trust has been breached.

Rory never agreed with the choices Aizen had made. She didn’t agree with what he was doing, either. But the love she felt for him was so deep that she went along with his plans. Even though he rarely said it, she knew that he loved her. At first, that made her happy. But she couldn’t deny that she was jealous, and often found herself worrying about if Aizen would leave her for another woman. He could easily find better, and had not a single reason to stay with a filthy, weak human like her.

The undying source of her jealousy? Hinamori Momo, Aizen’s ex-lieutenant. She never failed to notice the way he treated her when he was still a taichou, the way he looked at her and spoke to her. And the way she literally kissed the ground he walked on. Right to the very end, she was treated like a special pet to Aizen. Rory hated it, but she bit her tongue. She believed that once they were safe in Hueco Mundo, Hinamori Momo would simply be a thing of the past. But she had been wrong.

Aizen might not of known it – or maybe he did and just didn’t care -, but Rory knew that he watched Momo in that damned monitoring room of his. She had walked in on him to see her on the screen, and that damned smile reserved just for her. His brown eyes had followed every movement she made on the screen. Did he really love Momo and not her? Had she mistaken his actions for ones of love, when they were really nothing more than friendly gestures? Was she just a toy for Aizen? A replacement? Was Momo his true love, and not her?

She felt herself grow dizzy at the swirling questions in her brain. She wanted answers, but she was too afraid to ask him. She wasn’t afraid because he could – and probably would – kill her, she was afraid that her worries would push him farther away. She was also afraid of his answer. If she didn’t have Aizen, who did she have? No one. No one welcomes back a traitor.

“Roro-chan?” Gin cocked his head to the side, staring at the female questionably.

She snapped out of her thoughts, moving her gaze from the floor to the fox-like ex-captain. “Oh, Gin! Hi!”

He frowned. “Are ya okay, Roro-chan? Ya look kinda out of it.”

“Oh, I’m fine.” she waved him off with a fake smile.

Gin could see through her act, though. For awhile now, she had been acting strangely, and he was beginning to get worried. She wouldn’t admit to anything being wrong, though; she was a damn good actress, hiding what she felt behind a mask of fake smiles. He knew what he had to do. If she wouldn’t respond to him, then maybe Aizen could do the trick.


Aizen looked up from his cup of tea as Gin entered the meeting room, his usual smirk nowhere in sight. “Something I can help you with, Gin?”

“It’s ’bout Rory.”

No smirk. No honorific. No nickname.

Aizen narrowed his eyes at the younger male. “What’s wrong with her?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?” he repeated, arching a brow.

“She’s been actin’ strange.” Gin furrowed his brows. “Zonin’ out alot more than usual, forcin’ smiles. She seems worried ’bout somethin’.”

“She hasn’t been eating or sleeping properly, either.”

The two men turned their attention to the blind man that had just entered the room.

“Ya noticed it, too?”

Tousen simply nodded in reply. He didn’t need eyes to see that Rory was distressed over something.

Aizen was not happy. He had been so busy with his plans that he hadn’t noticed a change in her. Normally when she had a problem, she’d always come and talk to him about it, no matter what it was. What was different now? Aizen stood up, walking past the two former captains and exiting the room. Right about now, Rory should be in the bedroom they shared, reading one of her many books that she had brought with her to Heuco Mundo.

He was right, in a sense.

Rory was in their bedroom, but she wasn’t reading. She was sitting on the side of the bed, leaning over so her arms were resting on her knees. She was staring blankly at the wall across from her, but it was obvious from the glazed over look in her eyes that she wasn’t actually seeing it. Her chapped lips were parted as if she couldn’t believe what was before her. How could he of let her get this bad?

Aizen walked farther into the room, but she didn’t notice him; at least not until he stopped in front of her. Her eyes widened as she was brought back, her head snapping up. She swallowed nervously and put on a fake smile. “Sousuke! Something wrong? You’re usually still working this time of day…”

Aizen’s emotionless face did not change as he examined his girlfriend. She looked pale and malnourished, like she hadn’t been eating enough. It was faint, but he could see the dark circles under her eyes, indicating that she hadn’t been sleeping properly. The way she was sitting when he entered the room confirmed it all.

He narrowed his eyes, racking his brain for a reason. Were the Espada giving her trouble? No, none of them were dumb enough to do that. Well, except for maybe Nnoitra and Grimmjow. Was she unhappy in Hueco Mundo? Did she want to return to the World of the Living? Or was it something else entirely?

She blinked up at him, confused by his actions. “Sousuk – ”

“What’s the matter?”

“Eh?” she blinked again. “Nothing’s wrong.”

Aizen reached out a hand, his finger tips brushing her cheek. “Don’t lie to me. You’re pale. Kaname and Gin have informed me that you have not been eating or sleeping like you should. Is that true?”

“I’ve always been pale.” She laughed, ignoring the nervous feeling swirling in the back of her mind. “No offense, but Gin isn’t exactly the best cook. And I’m not too fond of the food here, you know how picky I am.” Not a complete lie. Gin couldn’t cook to save his life. “As for the sleep thing, I just haven’t really been tired.” She rubbed the back of her head sheepishly, her gaze leaving his face and focusing on the white pants he wore.

There was no reason to be so nervous, she was an excellent liar. But would Aizen have the power to see through those lies?

“Are you unhappy here?” His voice softened and his eyes followed suit. “Do you want to return to the World of the Living?”

Her eyes widened and her hands clutched tightly onto the fabric of her jeans. Is that what he thought? Would he send her back and be done with her? She lowered her head, allowing a shadow to form over her eyes. When she finally spoke, her voice was barely above a whisper. “No, I… I’m not unhappy being here. And I do miss the world of the living, but… I want to stay here… with you…”

Aizen kneeled down, grabbing her chin between his thumb and two middle fingers, forcing her to look at him. “What’s making you unhappy, Rory?”

Her heart skipped a beat when that deep velvet voice spoke her name. She didn’t want to lose him, she couldn’t! She shook her head, pulling away from him and closing her eyes. Aizen was shocked; she had never pulled away from him before.


She shook her head again, eyes shut tightly. He pushed her back onto the bed, one hand beside her head while the other rested over her wrist.

He leaned down to her ear, his warm breath fanning over her neck. “Rory.”

Her wide eyes stared up at the ceiling and she knew she was submitting to his will. She couldn’t deny Aizen. “I… I’m afraid,” she whispered.

“Afraid? Of what, love?” Hearing that word used to make her heart soar, but now it just hurt.

“Of losing you…”

“Losing me?” he pulled back, his brown eyes staring down into her own.

She looked away from his piercing gaze. “Can I ask you something, Sousuke?”

“Of course.”

“Do you love Hinamori?”

“Hmm?” he blinked down at her. That was the last question he expected her to ask. “Why would you think that?”

“Back in Soul Society, you’d always look at her so lovingly, and send her such a loving smile that no one else ever recieved. You’ve never looked at me like that. I didn’t expect you to, but it hurt to see her get all of your attention and affection. I’m not clingy, and I’m not jealous, I just… I wish I knew what she has that I don’t…”

Aizen was’t expecting that, either. “Hinamori Momo is no longer in my life. You know I only acted that way to gain her trust.”

“I saw you in the monitoring room watching her the other day!” She looked up at him, releasing the breath that she hadn’t even known she was holding. “You were smiling that special smile!”

Realization flashed through his eyes and his lips twitched up into a smile. “And how long did you stay and watch me?”

“I saw her on the screen, and your smile, and booked it.”

“I see. If you had stayed a little bit longer, you would of seen me watching…” he paused to lean down, his lips brushing her ear. “…you.”

“Eh?” She blinked, confused.

“The footage I was watching at the time was from when you and Momo spent the day together to give me, Gin, and Kaname some time alone. I was not watching her, I was watching you.”

“S-Seriously?” She whispered, her eyes shining as they met his.

His hand slid away from her wrist, moving up to gently trace her bottom lip with his thumb.

“Fool,” he whispered, letting his lips brush hers. “I’m too intoxicated by you to want anyone else.” His lips slammed against hers as his body pushed her into the bed. She could feel it in his kiss. It was so strong that he didn’t need to voice it, and she didn’t need to hear it. Her arms wrapped tight around his neck and she felt her previous worries disappear.


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Past Mistakes 001 (Boku no Hero Academia)


“You want me to do what?” I stared in disbelief at the blonde male. Surely I had heard him wrong… right?
He stepped out onto the balcony, his bony fingers wrapping tight around the metal railing. “As you know, my time is growing shorter. I must find a successor as soon as possible, and U.A is the perfect place to find him.”
“Yeah, that’s true.” I leaned against the glass door, folding my arms across my chest. “What’s that got to do with me though?”
“While it’s true that you can’t seek out a successor for me, you can help me keep my secret and find possible candidates.” He spun around, blue eyes shining with determination as he pointed his bony index finger at me. “I need your help, Jade-chan!”
“Oi oi, I don’t have what it takes to be a teacher. I don’t know the first thing about teaching! Plus… doesn’t he work as a teacher there?”
All Might grinned as his frail body started to fill out with muscle. “That’s even more reason for you to join me, Jade-chan!”
My eye twitched and a sense of dread washed over me. “I’m not getting out of this, am I?”
He simply laughed in response as he slapped my shoulders roughly with his large palms. I was starting to get a really bad feeling about my future right now. Damn heroes and their bullshit. Why do I have to be involved?
Now feeling annoyed by the situation and his constant slapping, I lifted my foot and slammed it against his knee. The impact sent him to the ground, shocking him out of his hero form. “Stop getting blood all over my floor, you idiot!”

I felt a strong presence approaching, but I was given no time to react. As soon as my body registered it, my front door slammed open. A cloud of smoke flooded my apartment and my ears registered the sound of heavy breathing.
“Jade-chan…” The familiar voice of Toshinori greeted my ears as the smoke began to clear. The blonde super idiot stood hunched over, blood dripping from the corners of his mouth. He had overused his power again, clearly. Doesn’t he realize he’s only shortening his time?
I opened my mouth to scold him, but the words quickly died in my throat as our eyes met. Those bright blue eyes of his were shining with newfound vigor and resolve.
He grabbed my shoulders, the tips of his fingers digging into my flesh. “I did it.”
“Uh, what did you do? And should I be worried?”
“I found the boy who is going to inherit One For All.”
“Eh?” My eyes widened in shock. Was this some kind of joke? No, he may be a giant idiot, but he wouldn’t joke about something so important. But… how? U.A. classes didn’t start for about 10 months, give or take, so how the hell did he manage to find someone already?
He smiled, wiping away the blood with the back of his hand. “Get me some water, and I’ll tell you everything.”
As promised, Toshinori told me about the sludge monster and his meeting with a green-haired boy. He explained that he had been too worried about his time limit that he hadn’t realized that he had dropped the sludge monster in question (who had apparently been tightly packed within an empty drink bottle). Surprisingly, he even showed his real self to the young boy. After finding out that he is quirkless and wishes to become a hero, he told the boy that he should dream more realistically (a low blow, in my opinion). The now free sludge monster then appeared in the city, having gotten a hold of a boy with an explosion quirk. Despite being well over his limit, Toshinori managed to squeeze out the very last of his power – he described it as squeezing out the very last bit of the toothpaste from the tube.
“Midoriya shounen, with no quirk to assist him, rushed forward to try and save the boy. He showed no thought for his own safety. It was then that I knew… he’s the one to inherit my power.”
I leaned back against the couch, resting my ankle on my knee. “Are you sure about this, Toshi? Kids with quirks have spent nearly their entire lives with power – it’s a part of them, as natural as breathing. But someone without a quirk, who has never experienced power before… to suddenly gain power, especially one as great as One For All… it sounds hella risky.”
He sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. “Honestly, it’s extremely risky. I told him that, as well, but he still accepted my offer. Even without a quirk, he has shown me great potential, the potential to be the best hero – ” he took a deep breath, ” – the potential to take my place as the symbol of peace.”
I looked away, not knowing what to say, so we sat in a comfortable silence for a while.
This whole situation seems like it’ll end up being a pain in the ass. My eyes shifted to the resting blonde. Looking at him like this, he seems so frail and weak. It’s hard to believe that he’s the strongest pro hero. But… I’ve seen him fight up close and personal. His strength, power, determination – it’s all genuine. Toshinori is a true hero, not just in the level of his power, but also in the way that he cares about others. Although he’s constantly in the news because of his popularity, he genuinely doesn’t care about the media attention. Most of the pros these days care more about appearance than actually helping people. Like that damn Mt. Lady.
My eye twitched as she appeared in my mind. She’s not really a bad person, per say, she’s just… really friggin’ flashy. Nearly every article features pictures of her ass. Honestly, people like her make me glad that I’m not a pro hero.
“I forgot to mention,” Toshinori’s voice broke my train of thought. “He’s applying to U.A.”
“…WHAT?!” I sat up, eyes wide as I stared at him in shock. “The entrance exam is in ten months! You can’t take a quirkless kid and train him for a mere ten months and expect him to inherit One For All with no issues, you moron!”
“Don’t worry, Jade-chan! It’ll work out!”
He really is a fucking idiot…

Toshinori and I made our way to Dagoba Municipal Beach Park, a beach side that had become the dumping ground for various types of trash – mainly broken appliances. A young boy stood near a refrigerator, a rope tied around his chest connecting him to the item. He was clearly struggling to move the damn thing. Now that I see him closer, he looks about as small as Toshi does outside of his hero form. His green hair is just as unruly as he had described.
The boy took a break when he saw us approaching (not that he had made much progress). His emerald green eyes looked between us in confusion, but he made no move to speak. If I had to guess, I’d say he didn’t want to call out to All Might in case I didn’t know his true identity.
“Midoriya shounen,” Toshi pointed his thumb at me and grinned. “This is Winchester Jade, she’s a good friend of mine. Jade-chan, meet Midoriya Izuku.”
“Sup?” I nodded my head at him, stuffing my hands into my pockets.
His cheeks dusted with pink, which mingled nicely with the freckles that adorned his skin. “H-Hello, Winchester-san.”
“Jade is fine, kid.”
“She’s going to help me train you!”
“Oi oi, I never agreed to that!” I growled, slapping the back of his head and sending him face first into the sand. “You said that you wanted me to meet him, not train him!”
His body hulked up as he jumped on top of the forgotten fridge, his laughter ringing out across the deserted beach. “Time to get back to training, Midoriya shounen!”
Oi, don’t ignore me you bastard… My eye twitched.
The boy in question did as he was told and began his feeble attempt at moving the large appliance. No matter how hard he tried, it was obvious that he was wasting his time.
I just stood off to the side, deciding to watch from afar.
“Hey, hey, hey! This is a comfy fridge to sit on!”
I facepalmed. The kid probably couldn’t even move the fridge by itself, must less with that muscled idiot kneeling on top of it.
Izuku kept trying to pull but ended up slipping and hitting the ground face first.
“If you could move it even a little, it would be a little easier.” Toshi looked off to the side, that annoying grin plastered on his face.
He slowly pushed himself onto his hands and knees, looking over his shoulder at the hero. “Well yeah, I mean, you weigh 600 pounds, right?”
“No, I lost weight, so I’m only 564 pounds now. In this form.”
My eyes narrowed at the information, connecting it with him losing power. Why the hell did he not tell me that he’s losing weight?
Izuku sighed and looked around at the large circle of trash. “Anyway, why am I dragging trash at the beach park?”
Toshi laughed, bringing out his cell phone and snapping pictures of the helpless boy. “It’s because, you know, you’re not a proper vessel.”
“What you’re saying now is the opposite of what you said before!” He cried.
“I’m talking about your body. My quirk, One For All, is the fullest physical ability of many people gathered into one. An unprepared body cannot inherit it fully. The limbs will come off and the body will explode.”
“The limbs will what?!” He quickly shook his head, probably to rid himself of the mental image. “Then… I’m picking up trash in order to train my body…?”
“Yes!” Toshi gave him a thumbs up. “But that’s not all. After some research on the internet yesterday, I discovered that part of this beach park’s coast has been like this for many years.”
“Yeah. For some reason, because of the currents, objects drift here a lot and people take advantage of that to hide their illegal dumping… The local residents don’t come near here, either.”
“Heroes these days are all after the showy stuff.” Toshi slammed his palm down on top of the fridge, easily crushing it with his strength. “Originally, being a hero meant doing volunteer service. Even if people called that boring or whatever. You can’t waver from those roots.” When the dust from the impact cleared, the light of the rising sun illuminated us. “You will restore the horizon for this whole section! That is your first step toward becoming a hero!”
Izuku whirled around to look at the mountain of trash. “My first step…? Clean… this… all of it?!”
Even I have to admit, it seems like Toshi is hoping for too much. This is a lot of shit to clean, and most of it is heavy equipment and broken appliances. As weak as this kid seems to be, there’s no way he can manage this.
“Midoriya shounen, you want to go to U.A., right?” Toshi questioned.
“Yes… yes! Because it’s where you went!”
That seems like a shit reason…
The boy smiled, placing his hand over his heart. “So if I’m going to go… I thought it would definitely have to be U.A….”
“You’re a go-getter fanboy!”
“Fanboy?” I echoed with a raised brow. “Don’t tell me… you’re a hero fanboy…”
Izuku smiled shyly and nodded his head.
Did that idiot really choose a fanboy to inherit his power?!
“I’ve told you this before,” Toshi started, turning around to face the sun. “It’s not something you can do without a quirk. It’s sad, but that is what the reality is. And U.A.’s is the hardest hero course to get into. In other words…”
“In the ten months until U.A.’s entrance exam, I have to complete my vessel!” Izuku finished.
The blonde nodded me over and asked for the papers he had given me before we arrived. I handed them over and he smacked them with his index finger before speaking. “That’s where this comes in! ‘Aim to Pass: American Dream Plan’! It’s a training plan to help you finish cleaning up the beach. I’ll have you follow this in every aspect of your life!”
Izuku took the papers and started to read over them. “Even sleep time is included…”
Toshi leaned in close, covering his mouth with his hand. “Frankly, this is a super hard schedule. Can you follow it?”
“Of course…” He assurance surprised me, honestly. “I have to work many times harder than everyone else or else I can’t do it!”
Toshi nodded his head in agreement before sending me a thumbs up.

A couple days passed without a word from All Might. Of course I kept up with him easily despite that thanks to his media attention. He doesn’t seek out the media, but they flock to him like moths to a flame, it’s so annoying.
I glanced at my phone and groaned. My interview with U.A’s principal is in less than an hour and I’m torn on what to do. On one hand, I know how weak Toshinori is becoming and I do owe him. On the other hand… I really want to ruin the interview so I don’t have to worry about teaching a bunch of hero wannabes – I know it will annoy me and be more trouble than it’s worth.
Thanks to the visitors card that Toshi had given me, I was easily able to slip past the security gate at the front of the school. Just outside the front door, Toshi stood, dressed in a suit that was a few sizes too big for his normal form.
“It’s my interview, why the hell’re you wearing a suit for?”
“Encouragement, of course!”
“That’s not very encouraging.” I muttered to myself before raising my voice. “Let’s get this over with yeah?”
He nodded and lead me inside the building towards the office. He raised his fist to knock on the door only to pause and turn his sunken eyes towards me. “Ready?”
“Good, let’s go!” He knocked loudly, opening the door as soon as he got a response. “Good afternoon, Nezu-kouchou!”
“Good afternoon, Toshinori-kun!” The principal is a… erm, rat? No wait, a cat? Dog? What the fuck even is this guy. “And you must be Winchester Jade.”
“Err, yeah.” I reached down, lightly grasping his extended paw.
“It’s nice to finally meet you, I’ve heard many things from Toshinori-kun.”
I narrowed my eyes at the blonde. “Is that right.”
Toshi cleared his throat, rubbing the back of his head. “Let’s sit down.”
Of course he’s avoiding the subject.
We both took a seat in front of his desk while he prepared tea for us. I shifted uncomfortably in the small chair, wishing I was anywhere but here. This all seems so stupid to me. I glanced at Toshi, who was coughing lightly into his hand. If he wanted me here to help him, I could easily do so working security rather than teaching. Knowing me, the students I teach will probably grow up to be villains, not heroes.
Nezu handed us both a cup of tea before sitting behind his desk. Toshi sipped the tea with no problems, but I could only stare down at the steaming liquid. Maybe it’s an American thing, but I prefer my tea with ice, not steam.
“Now, then.” Nezu set his cup down and placing his paws together. “Toshinori-kun has informed me that you wish to become a teacher here at U.A. High. Is this correct?”
No, I’m being forced by this blonde idiot. “Yeah, that’s right.”
“I appreciate your interest. However, since you are not a registered hero, I can not entrust you with a class full of hero-hopefuls. I’m sure you understand.”
I bit back a sigh of relief. “Yes, of course I understand. I tried to tell him that, but – well, you know better than anyone that he just doesn’t listen.”
“But Nezu-kouchou – !”
The principal held up a paw to stop the blonde from continuing – surprisingly, he shut his mouth instantly. I couldn’t help but wonder if that’s a secret ability he has. “With this information in mind, I have decided to hire you as an assistant teacher.”
And just like that, my mood went down and Toshi’s went up. I cleared my throat and shifted in my seat. “Are you… sure about this? As you said, I’m not even a hero.”
Nezu hummed, closing his eyes for a moment. “I’ve thought this over carefully. Although you are not a registered hero, you have a lot of experience fighting villains and saving people. It is my belief that that students can benefit from your experience. On the other hand, I also believe that you can learn and grow from the teacher you assist, as well as the students themselves.”
I fell back against the chair, feeling a drop of sweat roll down my cheek. He did have a point, I guess… How could I argue with that? Still, with my bad temper and lack of people skills, I have zero confidence in myself teaching a class full of brats. Do they even know what being a hero means? Idiots.
“With that said, welcome to the U.A. High staff team!”
“And thus, my fate shifted before I could switch the rails.

I plopped onto my couch with a sigh, one hand holding a can of soda and the other clutching a manila-colored folder. The folder had been given to me by Nezu before we left his office – inside is information on all of the students in my class, as well as information on the teacher I’m going to be working with. Honestly, I don’t even want to open the damn thing, but going in unprepared could be pretty risky.
“Let’s get this over with.” I muttered, flipping over the folder. Each student got one sheet containing their picture, basic information about them, as well as details about their quirks. I didn’t read every word, mainly just skimming over all of the information provided. I noted a couple interesting-looking students, as well as a couple that I knew would be a pain in the ass. Midoriya Izuku was also on the list – the information about his quirk was vague and it was obvious that they didn’t know a thing about it. I remember how excited Toshi had been when he found out that Izuku had been accepted.
He honestly acted like a little kid on Christmas.
I was nearing the end of the stack when my eyes scanned over a familiar face. My body instantly froze up, a chill rushing up my spine like a waterfall on reverse. My hand tightened around the folder, shaking slightly from the amount of pressure being used. The sound of my heart thumped loudly within my ears – it was all I could hear.
Could it really be him? Up until this point, I had actually forgotten all about him. What are the chances that he’d show up at U.A.? Well, I suppose it’s not too unlikely. He has an amazing quirk – it makes sense that if he chose to become a hero, he would apply and, ultimately, be accepted at U.A. That I understood.
But what is the chance that he’d end up in the class that I’m going to be working with? I’ve never really been a big believer in fate or destiny, and yet… why is that the only thing that comes to mind when I think about this situation?
I groaned loudly, sliding down on the couch. If he remembers me, my life could take a wrong turn real quick. It’s been about nine years since I last saw him; he was only seven at the time… If I had to guess, I’d say the chance of me being in his memory is pretty low. So why the hell do I feel so uneasy?
A wave of regret washed over me suddenly. “This is going to suck so~ bad.”