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Body Language 💪 {Hands – Akutsu}


.13/20. : Hands (Jin Akutsu)

Jin wasn’t the type of person to show any type of affection towards anyone. He always acted cold, cruel and distant, and was always getting into some sort of trouble. Most people were afraid of him and often referred to him as a demon.

You saw through that, though; you could see past his bad ass exterior. You could see that he could be affectionate if he wanted to be. He just usually doesn’t want to.

It didn’t come as a surprise to you when you felt his large hand slip into your own, fingers lacing together as you walked down the street. It didn’t bother you that he refused to look at you because you knew that he was embarrassed, not used to showing affection or care.

You loved him all the same.

You were happy with just holding hands with the gold eyed boy. He wanted to hold your hand, and that’s all you needed to know to understand that he loves you. He didn’t have to say it or go out of his way to prove it.

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Body Language 💪 {Stomach – Bunta}


.08/20. : Stomach (Bunta Marui)

Marui whined your name, his head resting on your shoulder as his arms clutched his stomach. “It hurts~”

“That’s what you get for eating ten cakes, Marui.” You scolded, ignoring the boy’s whines of agony.

“But~” He whined again, bringing his knees up to his chest and wrapping his arms around your own. “It really hurts~”

“Maybe next time you’ll listen when I tell you ten cakes is nine too many, idiot. Especially within twenty-five minutes.”

You found yourself wondering if he was even human. Most people who be much worse off than just a stomach ache.

He pouted, using your leg as a pillow. Even though you wanted to protest, his scrunched up face made you sigh instead.

“You’ll be fine.” You told him softly, one hand fingering through his silky hair while the other rested gently on his stomach.

He placed his hand on top of yours and smiled. “Your hand is warm~ It feels nice~”

You smiled despite yourself.

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Falls Love 🍁 Yagyuu Hiroshi


Anime: Prince of Tennis
Character: Reader x Yagyuu Hiroshi
Genre: Fluff

You sat outside under the shade of a large oak tree. The season had changed to fall, turning the leaves a bright shade of orange and brown. A smile came to your lips as the wind rustled your through your hair, causing the fallen leaves around you to stir.

The sound of someone clearing their throat brought you out of your thoughts. Seeing your long time crush, Hiroshi Yagyuu, standing in front of you in all of his glory caused a spark of pink to rush to your cheeks.

“If you sit out here too long, you’ll catch a cold.” He told you gently.

You swallowed the nervous lump that had formed in your throat and attempted to speak without stuttering, to no avail. “I-It’s not quite cold enough for that, Y-Yagyuu-san.” Your voice remained at a low pitch, barely above a whisper.

He pushed his glasses up with a slim middle finger, sitting down next to you on the leaf covered ground. This caused your blush to darken. “That’s a beautiful necklace.” He commented, holding the heart shaped pendant in between his index and thumb.

“T-Thank you.” You squeaked, trying to ignore your embarrassment.

He called your name softly.

You moved your shining eyes to meet his.

He smiled at how shy you are, leaning in closer to your face. “You’re adorable.” He murmured, his lips finding yours in a chaste kiss.

Your eyes widened in shock before you managed to gather up all the courage you could possibly muster. “Y-Yagyuu-kun I… I love you!” You squeezed your eyes shut tightly, not believing that you had just confessed your feelings to Rikkaidai’s gentleman.

His soft chuckle made you look up at the purple haired boy.

“I love you too.” He smiled, pecking your cheek before taking your hand into his own and intertwining your fingers with his.

You smiled despite your blazing cheeks.

You had just found one more reason to love fall.

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Body Language 💪 {Legs – Choutarou}


.o2/20. : Legs (Choutarou Ootori)


“Hai, senpai?” The second year looked over at you curiously.

“Did you know… you have legs that would make most women jealous?” You questioned, eyeing the younger boys’ legs. They glistened with sweat from his practice.

His face flushed at the compliment. “S-Senpai!”

“What?” Your gaze moved up to meet his, a grin on your lips. “Don’t be embarrassed, Chou-chan! Embrace the goddess in you!”

“Senpai!” He cried, covering his burning face with his hands.

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139 Dreams ☁ 13th Dream {Vacation – Ryoma}


☁Ryoma Echizen☁

You sighed in content, sinking lower into the cold water. It was after midnight and the stars were shining brightly overhead in the silky black sky, illuminating the pool. No one else around, all being asleep in their hotel rooms. Naturally, you felt like this was an opportunity you just couldn’t pass up and had to take advantage of.

There was nothing better than taking a relaxing dip in the pool after midnight when no one was around. Who wants to hear screaming kids and arguing adults when they’re trying to relax?

“Senpai.” A voice drawled before the owner sunk into the pool next to you.

“Ahh, Echizen!” You smiled, throwing your arm around his neck and pulling him closer. “Thanks for bringing me along!”

Yes, you had been invited to go to America with Ryoma for summer vacation. You were to stay for an entire month, using that time to relax before his tournament at the end of the month. You made sure to take full advantage of that time to relax and have some fun. Of course, it was a bit of a shock when Ryoma had approached you after school, asking if you wanted to fly across the world with him for a month. You were pretty amused at the reaction of Ryoma’s fanclub, too.

They had been pretty upset that Ryoma had asked you instead of one of them.

Ryoma’s cheeks tinted pink and he stuck out his bottom lip slightly, trying to fix the hat that you had almost knocked off his head. “It wasn’t that big of a deal, senpai.” He muttered something else under his breath, looking away from you.

“Eh?” You blinked down at him.

“Nothing.” He responded quickly. Too quickly.

Your eyes narrowed and you pulled him closer, grabbing his chin and forcing him to look at you. His face flushed, eyes widening at how close his face was to yours. He could feel his heart beating rapidly in his ears and his eyes unconsciously glanced at your lips before moving back to meet your own narrowed eyes.

“Are you hiding something from me, Echizen Ryoma?”

He flinched slightly at the use of his full name. A pout overtook his lips as he looked away from you. “My old man… was supposed to come with me…”

“Eh? Nanjirou-baka? Why didn’t he, then?”

“I asked him to stay behind.” He stared at the clear blue water, refusing to meet your gaze.

“Why’d you do that, Echizen?” Your grip on him loosened, but he didn’t make a move to pull away. Though, he did look pretty embarrassed.

“Because I… I wanted to be alone with you.” He muttered, pulling his hat down to cover his face. He could feel how hot his face had become and he mentally cursed. He must have looked soo uncool at that moment.

Your laugh cut him from his thoughts and he glared at you in return. “If that was the case, why didn’t you just tell me?”

“It’s embarrassing, senpai~!” He moaned, turning away from you.

You chuckled again, using the arm around his neck to turn his face towards your own. “You really are adorable, Echizen. And Innocent, too.”


“You know, Echizen… when someone sees such an innocent person, they just have this urge to corrupt them.” You whispered, pushing his hat off his head. You leaned forward and claimed the young boys lips as your own. Ryoma visibly tensed, his cat-like eyes wide in shock.

You pushed him until his back met the cold wall of the pool, sending a shiver down his spine. Your hand moved to rest against his neck, pressing your body closer to his own so that he was sandwiched between you and the wall. He groaned in response, finally waking up and returning the kiss.

Your tongue ran across his bottom lip, forcing its way into the youth’s mouth. He let out a gasp of surprise, gripping onto the side of the pool as your tongues danced.

You pulled back a few minutes later, licking your lips in satisfaction at the flustered look on his face. “We should go on vacation together more often, Ryoma-kun♥~!” You smirked, pulling him into a hug.

He hesitantly returned it, his own arms snaking around your bare waist and his head resting on your chest. That usual cocky smirk of his made its way to his lips as he nodded, pressing his lips to your collar bone. “Yes, we really should, senpai♥~”

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Age Is But A Number {Sakaki Taro}


Anime: Prince of Tennis
Pairing: High School Reader x Sakaki
Genre: Humor, Romance, Light Smut

“Hurry up!” Choutarou called, grabbing your wrist and pulling you down the street towards Hyotei Gakuen, the school in which he attended.

“Che. I’d rather take my time and enjoy the few blissful moments of silence I have left before that damned monkey ruins it.”

“You shouldn’t be so mean to Atobe-san!” He scolded lightly.

You scoffed at the honorific. “If he wasn’t such an arrogant annoying monkey, maybe I’d consider it.”

He let out a sigh, knowing he wouldn’t win that particular argument. Finally, you reached Hyotei, the school you hated with a passion; Rikkaidai was a much better school in your opinion. The only reason you agreed to come watch his morning practice was because he is your baby cousin.

Shishido was standing by one of the empty courts, clearly annoyed by the loud screaching of Atobe’s fangirls that had crowded around the self proclaimed ‘King’. Yuushi and the others were ignoring it (which they deserve major credit for). Jirou was sleeping and Sakaki was…well, he was just Sakaki. Shishido looked relieved when the pair of you entered the courts.

“Arn. You’re late, Choutarou.” Atobe stood, pushing past his fan girls and running his hand through his purple locks. This sent his fangirls into a frenzy, like sharks at feeding time.

You rolled your eyes in disgust.

“Sorry, I had to go and get my cousin.” He motioned towards you.

“Ah~ hime-chan~ You’ve come to be awed by Ore-sama’s prowess, ne?”

You scoffed. “If I’m going to be awed by anything, it’ll be your stupidity.”

The fangirls gasped in horror and glared at you in hopes of setting your form on fire.

Atobe’s eye twitched as he attempted to remain calm.

Shishido was smirking and Choutarou was looking between you and Atobe with worry filled eyes; he was always such a worry wart.

“If you came to disturb practice, leave.” Sakaki spoke from his position on the bleacher closest to Atobe’s chair. His leg was folded over the other, arms crossed and eyes closed. “Otherwise, sit down and shut up.”

You scowled at the older man, about to respond with something smart when Choutarou sent you that look. His eyes became bigger and glazed over like he was going to cry. His bottom lip stuck out slightly, showing his dissatisfaction. He really wanted you there to watch his practice.

With a defeated sigh, you walked over and plopped down on the bench next to the uptight older male. Choutarou smiled in gratitude.

Practice went on as usual. Atobe was doing nothing short of sitting in his expensive chair and drinking some odd colored rich bitch drink while critisizing his team members; all of which were working their asses off.

You leaned forward so you could see Atobe on the other side of Sakaki. “Oi, monkey king.”

His eye twitched, but he answered none the less. “Yes, hime-chan?”

“Number one, call me ‘hime’ one more time and I’m going to shove that damned racket so far up your ass, you’ll be walking straight for the rest of your life.” Another, more violent twitch. Sakaki had his eyes on you, as well, clearly not happy about your comment. “Number two, you have no right to criticize them when you’re doing nothing but sitting on your fat ass.”

“Ore-sama is observing.” He retorted, dark eyes narrowed as he chose to ignore the insult to his ass. “It’s the job of a captain.”

You scoffed. “Sure it is. You’re the only captain that observes. All the other captains actually work their asses off with their team. But, I guess someone like you couldn’t understand that.”

He went to retort but stopped when Sakaki stood, grabbing the back of your shirt and dragging you along with him. “Stop standing around!” He ordered.

Immediately everyone went back to practice, except for Choutarou who was sending you worried looks over his shoulder (and Jirou who was still asleep).

Sakaki pulled you with him as he walked to the school, going straight to his office. “Sit.” He commanded.

“I’m not a dog, you know.” You rolled your eyes, taking a seat on the comfy leather couch he had, while he sat in his desk chair. “How long are you going to make me stay here?” You mused, propping your feet on the coffee table.

“Until practice is over.” He answered, his voice full of authority.

“Well, at least your office is comfy.” You murmured, glancing around the spacious office. It was more like a small apartment, really. Lifestyles of the rich and famous entered your mind and you chuckled.

“I’m going to go ahead and warn you.” He turned to you, his eyes cold and hands folded in front of him. “If you keep this up, I will ban you from attending practice and matches.”

You groaned, throwing your head back to stare at the ceiling. “Do you even know how much will power it takes not to say anything to him?” His eyes narrowed at you and you groaned again. “Ugh. Fine, fine. For Chou-chan’s sake.”

Twenty minutes in and you were bored out of your mind. “Hey Sakaki? I’m bored.”

“Not my problem.” He was looking over some papers on his desk.

With a scoff, you stood up and walked over to him, leaning on his shoulder so you could read the paper he held in his hand. You could feel him tense and you blinked. “Somethin’ wrong?”

“No.” Was his simple reply, voice devoid of any and all emotion.

“Okay then.” You paused. “Mind if I ask you a question?” He grunted and you took that as a yes. “How old are you? Me and the others were talking about it, because not one of us knows.”

“How old do you think I am?”

“Errr…” You pulled away, moving around to sit on the side his desk. “Late twenties, early thirties?”

He shook his head, a small smirk playing on his lips. “Fourty-three.”

“Dude, you do not look forty-three.” You blinked, leaning closer to get a better look at him.

Something flashed through his brown eyes and he reached forward, grasping your wrists and pulling you down onto his lap so that you were straddling him. Your eyes widened when his lips pushed roughly against your own, hands clasped tightly around both of your wrists.

You didn’t know how to react.

He smirked, pressing his lips against yours once more as he whispered your name in a husky tone. The way he said it… it was strangely arousing.

Without thinking, you crashed your lips to his, freeing your hands from his grasp and running them through his brown hair. His hands moved down to your waist, pulling your body closer to his own.

This should have been wrong.

The age difference was huge.

But, somehow, it seemed… right.

You groaned in pleasure when his head slipped under your shirt, rubbing your stomach gently, the cold metal from his ring sending shivers down your spine.

You had known Taro Sakaki since you first visited Hyotei three years ago. You were never friends, but mere acquaintances. You never would have expected it to turn out like this, but you’re glad it did. So what if the age gap was huge. Since when was love measured by numbers?

Age is nothing more than a set of numbers. They mean nothing when it comes to Love. And even if everyone else thought it was wrong, you were more than happy to tell them to piss off. In your eyes, and in his, it was right.

It was true love.

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A-Z Challenge : Duck {Shinya Yanagizawa}


Author’s Note: The lack of Shinya gifs really upsets me okay. Like, this is legit the only one I could find @_@

Duck – Shinya Yanagizawa

“Shinya.” You poked said boy’s cheek.

“What, dane?” He slapped your hand away when you attempted to poke him a second time.

“I have a question.” You took his silence as a sign to continue. “Why do you sound like a duck?”

Yuuta’s hand shot to his mouth as he tried to cover his laughter, making him miss the ball that Mizuki had served his way.

Shinya’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“Seriously, when I look at you, I think of ducks! But, that’s not neccessarily a bad thing.” You told him, cocking your head to the side.

He scowled. “I do not look like or sound like a duck, dane!”

“Actually. She’s right.” Atsushi agreed as he walked by.

He scowled deeper and the St. Rudolph team let out a loud roar of laughter.

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A-Z Challenge : Chocolate Cake {Masaharu Niou}


Chocolate Cake – Masaharu Niou

“Uh… Niou?”


“What are you doing?”

“What’s it look like? I’m baking a chocolate cake! Puri~” He looked over his shoulder, flashing you a grin.

“Since when did you know how to bake?” You cocked an eyebrow, moving to lean on the counter next to him.

He frowned. “I don’t.”

You stared at the strange concoction he had created and sweatdropped. “Niou?”


“Remind me never to eat your cake.”

He blinked. “Why? Puri~”

“I’m pretty positive chocolate cake isn’t purple…”

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High School Nightmares {Masaharu Niou}


→ Pairing: None
→ Prompt: School
→ Anime: Prince of Tennis
→ Character: Teenage! Masaharu Niou
→ For: ch.oco.late’s Back To School Contest

High school.

The worst time in everyone’s life, even for the popular kids. Even though they have popularity and god-like looks, there is always some sort of problem at home, and there is always someone who will oppose and stand up to them. Usually, that’s a person who has been bullied constantly and finally decided that they have had enough.

About 60% of the student body is picked on. 20% consists of the losers and loners, who are usually ignored altogether. And the last 10% consists of the few people who actually manage to reach the popularity status.

It doesn’t matter who you are or how much money you have. It doesn’t matter if you’re a cheerleader or a nerd. Though the experiences and lifestyles may be completely different, every single one of them has something in common; high school is their own personalized hell, even if they refuse to admit it and play it off as the “best time” of their life.

Sure, they probably had fun with their friends, but what does that have to do with high school? Nothing.

High school is a simple and nicer way of saying ‘hell’, as well as “three years of my life that I will never get back.”

✎ ✏ ✐

Chiaki yawned as she walked down the hall, her book bag slung over her left shoulder. School was the last place she wanted to be. She’d be happier being stuck with Atobe for a couple weeks. It was laughable how desperate she was to escape.

While her mind was pre-occupied, a pair of arms wrapped around her neck from behind, stopping her in her tracks. She didn’t have to turn around to know who it was. She could tell by the smell of his cologne.

“You shouldn’t walk around lost in thought. It’s dangerous. Puri~”

She glanced at him, shrugging him off and continuing towards homeroom. Niou followed, falling into pace at her side.

“It’s dangerous when you’re not daydreaming, too. It’s all up to chance.”

“I said ‘lost in thought’, not ‘daydreaming’.” He pointed out, holding his index finger up like a teacher would.

“Same difference.”

“Completely different.”


Niou chuckled as they entered the classroom which was alive with pointless and mindless chatter. Chiaki claimed her seat by the window in the back of the class and Niou claimed his in front of her own.

“So~” Niou turned around, arms folded over the back of the chair. “You going on the field trip next week?”

“Meh.” She shrugged, taking out her notebook and beginning her daily ‘doodle-instead-of-learn’ session.

“‘Meh’ is not an answer.” He snatched her pen, twirling it between his fingers. “I will hold your pen hostage until I get an answer. Puri~”

Chiaki rolled her eyes, pulling out another pen from her pants pocket. Niou snatched it before the tip could even make contact with the page.

“Why do you make it a habit to annoy me?”

“Because I’m your best friend and it’s fun~”

Chiaki let out a sigh before letting her lips curl up into a small smile. “Good answer. Mostly.”


“Alright, everyone sit the hell down!” The teacher muttered boredly as he entered the room. He seemed to want to be there even less than the students. The class quited down and took their seats immediately, knowing full well that pissing him off was not a good idea.

Niou turned back around, reaching back with his hand over his head to return the two pens he had pen-napped. Chiaki took them from his hand without a word and he leaned forward on the wooden surface of his desk.

The teacher, named Nobunaga, muttered incoherently under his breath and shifted through the vast amount of paperwork on his desk. Normally, his mood wasn’t the best; he was permanently in a foul mood (if you had to teach a class full of high schoolers for god knows how long, wouldn’t you be in a bad mood, too?) It was also rare to find people he actually liked and got along with. Fortunately for them, Chiaki and Niou were both included in that small group, though they still worked his nerves from time to time.

“You.” Nobunaga-sensei pointed to a random boy in the first row who squeaked in fear, intimidated by the tall man that stood in front of his desk. “What did we do yesterday?” It wasn’t that he had a bad memory, he just couldn’t be bothered to remember when he had a class full of students to remind him.

“T-The f-ieldtrip… we were t-talking about the f-fieldtrip…!” The boy stuttered, his eyes cast to his sweaty hands that lay in his lap.

“Ah. Right.” Nobunaga ignored the boy’s fear and returned to his desk, searching through the mess of papers once more. “Alright. Listen up, morons! I’m gonna give you all the info sheet for the fieldtrip!”

“You!” He pointed to a girl in the second row, situated directly in front of his desk. “Pass these out.”

“H-Hai…” She stood slowly, reaching out a shaking hand to retrieve the papers. Once they were in her hand, she realed back as if a shark was about to bite her.

“Does she think he’s gonna attack her?” Chiaki whispered to Niou, rolling her eyes. Sure, Nobunaga-sensei was intimidating, sometimes violent and quick to anger, but he didn’t attack students (unless they really deserved it).

Niou snickered, leaning back slightly in his chair. Of course the little sadist was enjoying the other students’ discomfort and fear. Wouldn’t be him if he didn’t. That boy could give Shusuke Fuji a run for his money!

The girl quickly swerved through the rows of desks, handing out a sheet of the paper with trembling hands to every student she passed before scurrying back to her desk with her head down.

Chiaki resisted the urge to laugh (damn Niou was wearing off on her!) as she picked up the info sheet from her desktop, scanning over it with mild interest.

“Now,” Nobunaga-sensei moved to lean against the front of his messy desk, arms crossed over his chest while his narrowed black eyes scanned the classroom, making most every student they landed on tense up and freeze; they really did not want to be called on. “The field trip will be taking place next Thursday at 12:00 PM. Classes until that time will continue as normal. If you want to go, you must get those forms signed and handed back to me before Tuesday.”

Niou and Chiaki exchanged glances before snickering in amusement. Last time they went on a fieldtrip, most everyone in the class turned their forms into other teachers, too afraid to give them directly to Nobunaga. Only three students had actually approached him.

“The fieldtrip will last until Monday, at which point you will leave the hotel at 10:00 AM.”

A small boy who sat in the same row as Chiaki shakily rose his hand. After Nobunaga nodded in approval, the boy voiced his question. “Um… Where will we be going, sensei?”

Nobunaga’s small eyes shifted to the boy before sweeping the class once more, stopping on a blonde girl that sits in the very middle of the classroom. “Allison!”

“Hai!” Allison stood from her chair with a proud grin and walked up to stand next to the teacher. Allison was one of the smartest girls Rikkaidai high school had to offer, rivaled only by Renji. She was also one of the few students who was not afraid of Nobunaga, though she, like Chiaki and Niou, was still intimidated from time to time.

“The fieldtrip, chaperoned by three teachers and two parents, will be taking us on a wonderful trip through time through the way of the Art and History Museum!”

The class erupted in whispers of excitement, but quickly became quiet when Allison glared at them.

She cleared her throat and continued. “That’s only the first two days. The next two days will be spent at the Aquarium. Everyone will be staying in a hotel located between these two attractions. Rooms, as well as room mates, have already been assigned. This will not change, no matter what you do or say! Monday will be spent returning back here. Any questions?”

Several hands shot into the air, the students feeling more comfortable talking to her rather than Nobunaga (who really could care less).

Allison shook her head and wagged her index finger at them before making a ‘tsk’ing sound. “Too bad.”

You’d think they would of learned by now…

Chiaki grinned, biting her lip to stiffle her laughter. Allison was a trip, whether she meant to be or not; a trait difficult to find in someone so smart.

“Sit back down, Allison.” Nobunaga said boredly, waving her off as she questioned him about any secrets he may be hiding concerning the fieldtrip.

“Yes sir!” She saluted him and returned to her seat.

Nobunaga’s black eyes swept the room. “Class ends in less than ten minutes. Do whatever until then.” He then sat behind his desk, arms crossed and eyes closed. When he said ‘whatever’, he meant it. He truly did not care what anyone did, as long as they left him alone. Someone could break a window and set fire to the books in the back of the room and he still wouldn’t care.

Niou turned back around in his seat, sitting like he had upon first entering the room. “Soo~ Have you been persuaded to go on the fieldtrip?”

“No. Sounds kinda boring.” She murmured, leaning back with her arm over the back of her chair and purple orbs staring blankly at the ceiling.

“Che. Go anyway.” He poked her stomach with his pencil. “I need someone to annoy while I’m there. Puri~”

“Renji, Marui, Jackal and Yagyuu are going, ne? Annoy them.”

“It’s not the same. They’re no fun to annoy.” He pouted. “I only get enjoyment out of messing with you.”

Chiaki rolled her eyes and looked out the window at the pale sky. It was about mid Autumn and the days had grown quite chilly. The sky remained covered with light grey clouds, completely blocking off the sun and pale blue sky. The lush leaves of the trees had already changed into brilliant shades of orange and brown. Every time the wind would blow, more leaves would fall from the trees and dance gracefully towards the ground, where they would join their other fallen comrads who had almost completely covered the pavement and grass. Most everyone you saw was wrapped tightly in a winter coat or thick winter clothes, but Chiaki’s group was different.

She herself adored the cold weather, often going out with short sleeves or no sleeves at all and jeans. Most people thought she was crazy, but that didn’t matter. The Rikkai Regulars often went out in shorts and short sleeves shirts (other than Yukimura, who often preferred pants).

Chiaki was also thankful that Rikkai high didn’t require its students to wear a uniform like the middle school division did. High school was more free than middle school, and you got away with a lot more, too.

✎ Monday, 8:00 AM ✎

Chiaki scowled as she walked through the hall, her purple orbs narrowed in a glare aimed at anyone who dared to cross her path. Monday truly was the worst day ever. She should of just skipped.

When Chiaki reached her locker, she threw it open. Before she could pull her books out, though, the door was slammed shut by a manicured hand. Following that was a fake sincere voice belonging to Rikkaidai’s whore troupe.

“Well, Well. If it isn’t Rikkai’s biggest loser.” The leader smirked proudly as if she had just done something impressive. Her two clones sniggered, putting a manicured hand to their glossy lips.

Chiaki’s eyes flashed dangerously before closing in an attempt to block out her rising rage. “Susie. I’m warning you. I am not in the mood.”

“Oh, boo hoo.” She fake cried, putting her hands to her eyes and wiping away invisible tears. “Is Chiaky-winy gonna cry?”

“No. Chiaky-winy’s gonna beat your fake ass nose in!” She growled, spinning around and slamming her fist into Susie’s nose. She shrieked and fell back onto her butt, clutching her nose tightly. That didn’t stop the blood from gushing between her fingers, though. She shrieked again, pointing her free hand at Chiaki who stood in front of her, breathing heavy with her bloody fist clenched.

With that signal, the blonde clones leapt forward and attempted to take her down with a double team, but the sticks were no fighters and Chiaki dodged their attacks with ease. She slammed her elbow into the second clone, which was coming at her from behind, and slammed the first clone into the lockers with her foot. Before the two could get back up, an arm wrapped tightly around Chiaki’s waist, pulling her back and away from the three blonde girls.

“Knock it off!” Nobunaga’s gruff voice reached the ear of the four girls and the students who had stopped off to watch the exchange. “Get your asses to class, now!”

Immediately, the students scrambled, leaving the bloody and broken blonde trio with the still pissed off Chiaki and the annoyed Nobunaga, who still had a firm grasp on her.

“Susie. Parker. Anemone. Detention, room 3-B. No fieldtrip. Chiaki. Detention, homeroom. No fieldtrip.”

The girls shrieked and crowded around him, trying to talk, bribe and blackmail their way out of detention. They even tried threats. They really wanted to go on the field trip. After all, all the hot boys would be going. They just couldn’t miss that!

Chiaki, on the other hand, shrugged herself out of the male’s vice-like grip and rolled her eyes before heading to class. She hadn’t wanted to go on the fieldtrip in the first place, so it didn’t really bother her. The only reason she had even been considering it was because Niou wanted her to go. Detention was her savior at the moment. She didn’t have to go, and Niou couldn’t be mad at her.

When she reached her seat, she got an annoyed and accusing look from her best friend. One that said, ‘you-did-that-on-purpose-so-you-would-get-detention-and-miss-the-fieldtrip’.

Chiaki rolled her eyes again and ignored him, turning to stare out the window. Though it was a good plan, that’s not the reason she had snapped. She was in a bad mood because she had been working all weekend without much sleep, and then had to wake up at 7:00 am so she could get to this hellhole on time.

Nobunaga entered the room a few minutes after the bell rang, an extra malicious glare pointed towards the class. Breaking up a pointless fight between four girls was not his idea of a Monday morning. Chiaki was too lost in thought to notice this, however.

Only when a note landed on her desk did she snap out of it. Picking it up and unfolding it, she couldn’t help but smile at the messy scrawl of her best friend.

✏ You do know this means war, ne? Puri~

Damn that Niou. He was always able to make her smile, no matter what was wrong with her. He truly was an amazing friend.

✎ Tuesday, 1:00 PM ✎

School was almost over, having a little over an hour left of the day. Chiaki hadn’t seen Niou much that day, just glimpses as he hurried down the hall. He seemed preoccupied. With what, she had no clue.

She wondered if it had anything to do with the ‘war’ note he had given her yesterday, but she shrugged it off. Whatever he was up to, she’d find out soon enough. That’s what her instinct told her and it usually wasn’t wrong.

Sure enough, around 1:15, the whole school began to shake, the windows rattling and objects falling off of table tops and desks. The strange events had been caused by an explosion in the science lab. That’s what the class was told when a random student dropped by to inform Nobunaga (who really could care less).

Chiaki paid it no mind. It was probably some moron trying to impress a girl (or vice versa), and they ended up mixing chemicles they shouldn’t have. It wasn’t the first time something like that had happened. She had to admit, though, she was mildly surprised when the door burst open, revealing a fuming Miss Alca (the science teacher) and a soot covered Niou who was grinning proudly.

“I believe this belongs to you.” Her voice was high pitched and laced with annoyance and anger. “How he managed to sneak into my classroom without my knowledge is beyond me! But he is your responsibility, Mr. Hawk!” She released the back of his shirt and roughly pushed him forward before huffing, sticking her nose into the air and leaving the room, the door slamming closed behind her.

“Sorry I’m late, Nobunaga-sensei~” His tone was anything but sorry. He sounded quite proud, actually. Satisfied, arrogant, and highly amused.

“Detention. No field trip. Sit.” Nobunaga’s tone was strict, but it was pretty obvious that he didn’t care. Chiaki would lay odds that the only reason he gave Niou detention was so that he didn’t have to deal with Miss Alca (who was a real bitch).

Niou sent Chiaki a triumphant smirk before taking his seat.

So that’s what he meant by war. Sly bastard.

A note landed on her desk and she un-crumbled it, glancing at the innocent looking male. That boy could definitely make it as an actor.

✏ The War is Over. All that’s left has blown away, and I surrender, Puri~

Chiaki rolled her eyes.

✏ You stole those lyrics, baka. Don’t be dramatic.

He frowned, sticking his tongue out at her.

✏ So what? It’s the truth! D:

✏ I don’t even know what war you were fighting, and you surrendered? Doesn’t sound like you.

✏ The war I was fighting was trying to get them to let you go on the field trip. I even offered for you to serve three weeks of detention, and they still wouldn’t do it. I surrendered, because they wouldn’t change their mind~

✏ Ignoring that comment. And the explosion?

✏ Renji showed me which chemicals to mix to create a safe explosion. It was wonderful, Puri~

He wanted detention, she facepalmed.

He simply snickered, sending her a smirk.

✎ Thursday, 9:30 AM ✎

Even though class was continuing like it normally did, the excitement was clear. It hung in the air like a large cloud over the classroom. Students were shifting in their seats constantly, unable to sit still as the time ticked by. With every passing hour, the 11th graders grew even more restless, like a dog wanting out of it’s kennel to go and chase the squirrel that’s been teasing him for the past thirty minutes. It was obvious that the teachers were feeling the opposite. They were not looking forward to babysitting some 300 kids for five days. For every minute that passed, the designated teachers’ faces turned more and more grim.

When 11:50pm rolled around, they looked as if they were being chased by a whole army of Grim Reapers. The students were the complete opposite, practically jumping for joy. When the principle came over the loud speaker to instruct all 11th graders to line up outside by the busses, every student jumped out of their chair and rushed out of the classroom like it was a race for ten grand. All except for Chiaki and Niou, who had recieved detention a few days prior.

Nobunaga leaned back in his chair, feet propped up on the desk. His eyes were closed and his hands were folded in his lap. He was extremely content that he hadn’t been picked to chaperone the trip. The room was now empty, other than Chiaki, Niou, and a boy named Aki (who had gotten into trouble for skipping more than two weeks of school). The room itself was quiet, but the excited murmurs of the students piling into the busses below could be heard through the open window.

A knock broke the silence and Nobunaga growled, eyes narrowed at the wood. “What?!”

The door was pushed open and a rather large man dressed in a black suit walked in. His eyes were covered by black sunglasses, but something told Chiaki that his eyes were hard and set, like stone. One of his hands was holding tightly onto the back of a brown haired boys’ neck, who had a scowl on his face. His other hand was fisted around the back of the other boys’ shirt, who looked like he was half asleep.

Chiaki and Niou exchanged looks.

What were two boys from Hyotei high doing here? And who was the strange man that brought the two into the room?

Said man roughly shoved the pair further into the room before grunting and disappearing. The brunette, known as Ryo Shishido, caught himself before he could hit the ground. His friend wasn’t as lucky. Jirou Akutagawa fell to his knees, eyes half closed.

“Why are they here?” Chiaki questioned, leaning back in her chair.

“Take a seat.” Nobunaga commanded, closing his eyes once more.

Shishido glared at him before sitting in the third row, sliding down onto the wooden chair; he looked pretty pissed off. Jirou yawned, shuffling lazily off the cold floor and into the seat beside Niou. He folded his arms on the desk before laying his head on top of them, his eyes closed.

“Hyotei high is going on the field trip with Rikkai High.” Nobunaga answered finally.

“Eh?” Chiaki blinked.

“That wasn’t on the info sheet, Puri~” Niou stated, chewing a piece of gum he had stolen from Marui previously that day.

“Didn’t I mention that?” Nobunaga asked, staring lazily at the pair.

“No.” They chorused.

“Hyotei is going on the fieldtrip with Rikkaidai.” He told them, his tone uncaring.

“Gee, thanks a lot.” Chiaki rolled her purple eyes.

He smirked, closing his eyes. “You’re welcome.”

“So~ We get to spend four and a half days with them.” Niou muttered under his breath un-enthusiastically.

True enough, the students of Hyotei weren’t exactly easy to get along with. Most of them were snooty, arrogant, and down right irritating. They thought they were better than everyone else, like kings and queens. Their school was filled with the finest of everything that money could buy; it was sickening.

Jirou shivered, his exposed skin covered with goosebumps. He was wearing his tennis uniform, which consisted of shorts and a short sleeved shirt. Though his clothes were slightly large on him, the sleeves of his shirt stopped just inches above his elbow and his shorts stopped at the knee. All three of the buttons on his shirt were undone, leaving plenty of skin exposed to the cold air leaking in through the window. Shishido was dressed in the same attire, but he didn’t seem at all affected; he was too busy glaring at the wall.

Chiaki adored the cold and didn’t mind the way it nipped at her exposed flesh that wasn’t covered by her T-Shirt. Her jeans were thin and had a few holes on the front, letting her feel the cold air as if she wasn’t wearing pants at all. Niou, on the other hand, was not fond of the cold, but he didn’t necessarily hate it. He was wearing dark blue jeans and a long sleeved blue shirt, which was about as thin as Chiaki’s jeans, but it was made of cotton, offering him enough warmth to stay satisfied.

Feeling sorry for the shivering male, Chiaki grabbed her hoodie out of her bag and stood up, dropping it over the male’s shoulders. He lifted his head in surprise, his tired eyes staring up at her with child-like curiousity.

Chiaki returned to her seat, shrugging when Niou raised an eyebrow.

Jirou stared at the hoodie for a few seconds before sitting up and slipping his arms into the sleeves, pulling it tight around his small frame. He snuggled into it, laying his head back down and falling asleep with a smile on his face.

The Minutes ticked by.

12:30 pm. Tick.

1:15 pm. Tock.

1:30 pm. Bang.

Niou’s head hit the desk and he groaned. “I can’t believe we have to go through this for four and a half days! It’s so boring!”

Chiaki was leant back in her chair, her feet propped up on the back of Niou’s chair and her eyes staring blankly up at the ceiling. “Four days of sitting here doing absolutely nothing from 8:30 to 3:00. This isn’t detention, it’s torture!”

“Che. Don’t complain, brats.” Nobunaga opened his eyes and shifted in his chair. “I work from seven to four and have to deal with a bunch of spoiled, hormonal, angst ridden teenagers all day long, five days a week.”

Niou and Chiaki exchanged glances and nodded.

“Yep, you’ve got it worse, Puri~”
“I feel sorry for you, Nobunaga-sensei.”

“You don’t sound sorry.” He muttered. “Damn brats.”

The pair grinned “Damn teachers!”

Nobunaga scoffed, but couldn’t hold back the smirk that took over his lips.

Yes, high school was a horrible nightmare that was nearly impossible to escape from. But the rarities are what makes it bearable. The insane but loveable friends. The crazy ass, uncaring teacher who was as cool as a teenager. And the unexpected guests that appeared every now and again.

It all made it worthwhile, and Chiaki wouldn’t give it up for the world.

This was her own personal high school nightmare, and it couldn’t get any better.


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139 Dreams ☁ 5th Dream {Arrow – Sanada}


☁Genichirou Sanada☁

It was odd.

You normally weren’t one to stay at a friends house for a week at a time. However, you found herself there with people you couldn’t even remember. It seemed like a lot of time passed, but you estimated it was no more than a week.

For some odd reason, you had taken one of the cats from your house and brought him with you to the friends house. You made the decision that it’d be best to bring said fat cat back, instead of leaving him in unknown territory.

And so, you hopped into your older brother’s large white truck, setting Oreo in the passenger seat before heading home. Once there, you scooped the heavy cat into your arms and proceeded to take him into the house.

An older man and a woman were sitting on the porch in front of the house in rocking chairs, their expressions grim as they watched you walk by. Your mother had come to greet you at the front door, asking if you were staying. After putting the cat down, you (for some unknown reason) said that you were going back.

Your mother then asked if you had also brought back Mittens, the cat that belonged to yourself. Of course, you shook your head, claiming that you had never taken the much smaller cat from the house. Your mother’s expression turned grim like the two older people sitting out front. It was only natural that you questioned it.

“Honey… we can’t find Mittens… she’s gone.”

You felt your eyes widen. It felt like an arrow had pierced your heart as you pushed past your mother, rushing up to your bedroom and flinging the door open. On the way, you hadn’t missed the 15 or so cats that were scattered across the living room, each looking exactly alike with only small differences.

Your bedroom was the same. Inside lay about six different cats, all looking similar to your own. With every cat you saw, it seemed like that arrow just pushed in deeper, until it finally came out the other side.

You noticed one heading towards the window and you felt the wind get knocked out of you. Without a seconds hesitation, you ran forward and grabbed the cat, holding it tight to your chest. You could feel the tears pricking your eyes before spilling over.

Normally, you were a very tough person who rarely ever cried. You were tough and strong, and hated showing such weakness to others. However, on the inside, you were actually pretty sensitive, especially when it came to animals.

The tears flowed down your cheeks, wetting the soft fur of the feline in your arms as you walked back down to your solemn mother, who brightened only slightly at the sight.

“Is that her, dear?”

“I… I don’t know!” It looked exactly like Mittens, and it felt like it was the right cat. But there was something holding you back and you didn’t like it. “Why are there so many?”

Your mother scratched her cheek, looking away. “Well, I felt bad, and thought that we could find one to replace her with.”

Another, much larger arrow pierced your heart at the words. “Mittens was irreplaceable…”

Your mother’s arms fell limply to her side in guilt as you walked away, tear stained cheeks and red puffy eyes, holding tightly onto the hope that maybe, just maybe, it really was your cat.


You shot up in bed, covered in a cold sweat. Your breathing was heavy and your heart was beating fast in your chest, eyes wide. You could feel the pricking of tears at the corners of your eyes and you shut them tightly, as if that alone was enough to stop the salty liquid from leaking out and covering your flushed cheeks. Your chest was aching painfully, despite the hand that clutched tightly onto your shirt to try and deliver relief.

That dream… it couldn’t of been real… right?

Your scanned the room before resting back on the hand clenched around your sheets. Your precious cat was no where to be seen. Already in a tired and painful state, your mind didn’t register the possibility that said cat may just be in a different room of the house.

A strangled sob left your throat, your back shaking thanks to the tears that refused to stop. The arrows through your heart seemed to grow in size, causing a pain to surge through your chest. Too wrapped up in your own depressive state, you failed to hear a knocking on the door.

The person on the other side, figuring you were still just sleeping, pushed open the bedroom door and walked inside. He froze upon seeing you slouched over in bed, tears running down your face through shutly tight eyes. He didn’t know what to do. He knew that you were a tough girl and, even though he was one of your best friends, he had never seen you cry before. Especially to this degree. What was he supposed to do?

You felt the bed sink in and an arm wrap around your shoulder, pulling your shaking form into a well defined chest. Your glassy orbs looked up into Sanada’s dark ones that had softened considerably.

“What’s wrong?”

Though his voice and expression were stoic, as usual, you knew that he was worried; he hid it well, though.

Taking a deep breath, you explained the dream to him, not leaving out a single detail. Sanada was shocked to find out that the reason behind your pain was a bad dream about your cat, but he felt the need to comfort you.

His hand rubbed your back lightly, his free hand running through your hair. “You do know… Mittens is in the kitchen stuffing her face, right?”

You froze, feeling extremely embarrassed and stupid; your face turned red. The tears stopped, thankfully, but you still clung to the younger male, too embarrassed to look at him. A deep chuckle passed his lips as he pushed you back.

“Get ready. I won’t tolerate you being late for school.”

You scowled at him as he left the room, but couldn’t deny the fact that you felt a lot lighter, like a heavy weight had been lifted from your chest. When Sanada left the room, he had pulled both arrows out of your heart and taken them with him.

You were thankful to have someone who had the power to do that.