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A-Z Challenge : Advice {Straight Cougar}


Advice – Straight Cougar

“Hey Mimori?”


“I need your advice.”


“How in the hell do you understand that man?” You asked, staring at the orange haired male who continued to speak at a rapid pace, his words blurring together until they were misunderstood, and downright impossible to understand.

“Ahhh….well…” She glanced at the alter user with a sigh.

“You don’t…do you?” You sweatdropped.

“No…not really.” She sighed.

Cougar came up, putting his arms around your shoulders and pulling both of you to his side, “Youknowweshoulddefinatelygooutandhavesomefun! Wecangotothelostgroundandwatchsomemorebattles! Whatdoyasay?”

“Huh?” You both chorused, only to be met by more words spoke in a too fast pace.

Why were you friends with him again?