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Body Language 💪 {Tongue – TYL! Ryohei}


.12/20. : Tongue (TYL! Ryohei Sasagawa)

You grinned when you felt arms wrap around your waist and a chin rest on your shoulder. Ryohei kissed your neck gently, running his thick tongue along your skin.

“Ryohei.” You groaned, turning around and bringing his lips down onto yours. Your tongues intertwined and fought for dominance; Ryohei winning, of course.

He grinned when he pulled away. “I love you to the EXTREME!”

You chuckled, sticking your tongue out at him. “I love you too, Ryohei.”

In response, he ran his tongue across yours, pushing it back into your mouth as your lips locked once more.

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Body Language 💪 {Hair – Adult! Skull}


.11/20. : Hair (Adult! Skull)

Skull scowled at Reborn and Colonello as they sat across from him, both making snide comments about his hair, none of which were too pleasant to hear. He folded his arms over his chest, pouting childishly and sinking down in the booth.

You glanced at him and frowned. “Skull?”

He looked up at you, his pout still in place. Seeing this made you smile as you turned in the booth so that you were facing him. This caught the attention of both Arcobaleno who sat across from you; they stared, wondering what you were going to do.

You reached forward, your hand slipping through his silky purple locks. “No matter what these two idiots say, I will always love your hair♡~!”

His cheeks flushed and he smiled, kissing your cheek. “Thank you.”

Both Reborn and Colonello were left speechless as they watched you and Skull leave the restaurant hand in hand.

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139 Dreams ☁ 16th Dream {Useless – Koutarou & Tsuna 1/2}


☁Koutarou Sasaki & Tsunayoshi Sawada¹☁

“Are we there yet?” You groaned, dragging your feet across the pavement of the sidewalk.

Tsuna sighed, glancing at you. “No, not yet.”

“How long have we been walkin’ anyway?” You questioned, hiking up your book bag before it could fully slide off your shoulder.

“About fifteen minutes or so.” He mused, doing the same to his own bag. “We should be there soon.”

Sure enough, only seven minutes later, you reached Bando High School where your math tutor was waiting for you both. It was late in the afternoon, and most of the students had already left – minus the few who stayed behind for club activities. The sun was low on the horizon, setting off the sky with hues of oranges and reds, and even a few traces of purple.

“Where are we supposed to meet this guy?” Tsuna asked, looking back and forth across the school grounds.

You ignored his question, heading towards the football field. The younger male followed suit, his brown eyes blinking curiously at the group of high schoolers that were practicing on the field.

“The… football field?”

“The guy tutoring us is a member of the Bando Spider’s American football team.” You glanced at him before looking back at the field.

“S-Seriously?” Tsuna couldn’t believe that a football player would be the one tutoring them. It was hard to believe that a jock would be smart enough; but that stereotype was blown out of the water long ago when Deimon made it’s debut.

A pink haired male with a guitar was the first to notice you. He called out to another boy wearing the #99 Jersey who walked over a few minutes later, taking off his helmet to reveal a mess of spiky purple hair. He pulled something silver out of thin air. Being in the mafia (and being slightly paranoid), Tsuna let out a high pitched hiieee and took a few steps back, staring at the object in the male’s hand, which largely resembled a pocket knife. The purple haired male flicked his wrist, a click following.

Instead of a blade popping up, however, a comb appeared in it’s place. Raising it to his dark hair, he combed through it while striking an odd type of pose. “You’re very smart-looking! Student of Deimon High and student of Namimori Chuu.”

Tsuna nodded, staring at the comb in shock. “H-Hai.”

“Ah! I remember you!” The male grinned, moving closer to you. “You were there when I visited Deimon awhile back.”

You blinked, the memory floating to the surface of your mind. “Oh, yeah. The Grease Spider.”

“G-Grease Spider!?” He fumed, a vein of anger appearing on the back of his head.

You ignored both him and the pink haired male, who let out a chuckle of amusement at your words. “Can we get this over with?”

The boy composed himself, combing through his hair once again. “I should start by introducing myself. I am the #1 kicker in all of Japan, Sasaki Koutarou of the Bando Spiders!”


Hearing no response, Koutarou opened his eyes. An outline appeared where the two previously stood, blinking three times before disappearing. “Oi! Don’t ignore me!” He yelled, following after you. He stopped when you turned around to face him, eyes narrowed in a glare and a scowl set on your face.

“Look, Grease Spider. I don’t care who you are or what you do. I just want to get this over with as soon as possible, savvy?”

Koutarou stared at your back as you walked into the school building. He wasn’t sure how to feel or react, but he definately did not like your attitude. How did he ever get caught in such an un-smart situation?

“S-Sorry about that.”

Koutarou moved his dark eyes to the younger male who shifted nervously under his gaze, staring down at his shoes as if they were the most interesting things in the world. Was this boy intimidated by the kicker?

“She’s really bad at math… everyone always says it’s a miracle that she’s made it into her second year of high school with her math grades as low as they are. It feels kind of… pointless to her, so she isn’t too happy about it.” He looked up, mistaking the older male’s curious expression for one of disappointment. “D-Don’t get me wrong! It’s not that she hasn’t tried! She’s tried really hard for years, but she just couldn’t get it down, so she eventually gave up.”

“Then why am I here?” Koutarou mused, looking down at the brown haired male.

“You’re her last hope. The teachers say she won’t graduate if she doesn’t bring up her grades. She doesn’t seem to care, but my mother does.”

Koutarou stared after Tsuna as he ran to catch up with you, the words he had spoken still lingering in the air. “Yosh! I’ll prove how smart I am by teaching this un-teachable girl to do math!”


You and Tsuna entered Koutarou’s homeroom class, as he had asked, and pushed two of the desks together before sitting down. Koutarou took a chair and placed it in front of the two desks, sitting in it backwards with his arms propped up on the back of it.

“Since you’re in high school,” he pointed at you, “and you’re in middle school,” he motioned towards Tsuna, “both of your work will be different.”

You scoffed, looking to the side and muttering Genius under your breath.

He glared at you but said nothing on the comment. “We’ll start with the hardest first.”

You let out a groan as he stared at you expectantly. With a sigh, you pulled your math book out of your bag, dropping it onto the desk with a scowl.

Koutarou brought the book closer, opening it to the right page and looking over the homework that was due tomorrow. “I want to see how far you are. Can you solve this problem?” Grabbing your notebook, he opened to a blank page and wrote down the problem on the sheet before sliding the book back to you.

You looked at it blankly before your eyes narrowed in a glare.

5(-3x – 2) – x – 3) = -4(4x + 5) + 13

“Can you solve it?” he asked after a few minutes of watching you attempt to catch the paper on fire with your glare. He ran his comb through his hair, his eyes watching you carefully.

Your eye twitched as you attempted to contain your anger. “This… is completely… useless. Who the hell needs to know stupid shit like that in every day life?!”

“You have to learn it to pass.” He responded, grabbing the paper back from you and beginning to explain how to solve it.

With every word that left his mouth, you felt your restraint slipping little by little. Your annoyance levels were raising at a rapid pace and you could feel your fists clenching.

“You’re a smart-looking person! You should be able to figure this out, it’s an easy math problem!” He complained, trying to regain your attention.

“Easy? Easy!? This is not easy math! It’s bang-your-head-against-the-wall-until-it-bleeds math!” You growled, slamming your palms onto the desk.

He scowled. “That’s so un-smart.”

Tsuna called your name softly, gripping onto your shoulder and trying to calm you down – it did nothing, as your anger had already reached its peak.

“Math. Is. Useless!” You growled, picking up the thick book before throwing it at the unsuspecting purple haired male. It hit him dead in the face, sending him flying off the chair and onto the tiled floor. He sat on the ground, knees bent and eyes closed. One hand was held to his face while the other was flat on the floor to hold him up. Small, owww sounds slipped from his lips accompanied by a few groans.

Tsuna scolded you, rushing over to Koutarou. “Are you okay, Sasaki-san?”

You blinked in surprise before your lips curled up into a grin. “I’ll be damned… I just found an actual use for math books!”

Tsuna and Koutarou stared at you blankly.

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Body Language 💪 {Forehead – Fuuta}


.o4/20. : Forehead (Fuuta)


Your eyes opened, focusing on the small boy in front of your bed with tears in his eyes. “What’s wrong, Fuuta?”

“Nee-chan… I had a bad dream.”

“Oh, Fuuta.” You scooted over, allowing the small boy to climb into the bed beside you.

“I’m scared.” He whimpered.

“It’s alright.” You told him softly, running your hand through his brown hair and pressing your lips to his forehead. That was enough to calm down the small boy. He snuggled into you, closing his eyes. The warmth and comfort of having someone he loves close to him calmed him down, and he slowly drifted off to sleep.

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139 Dreams ☁ 14th Dream {Official – Hibari}


☁Kyoya Hibari☁

There were rumors floating around Namimori Chuu – all of which surrounded two students; you and Hibari Kyoya. The rumors stated that the two of you were secretly going out and even had some fun time in the reception room after school. Of course, with every person the rumor reached, a new crazy twist was added to it; the details grew even crazier with every person.

It was a juicy rumor after all.

Hibari Kyoya, the demon of Namimori. Completely dedicated to Namimori Chuu. Showing no emotion towards anyone. A heartless and cruel boy who would bite anyone to death if they disturbed the peace or damaged his precious school in any way.

Then there was you. The trouble maker of the high school division who believed that rules were made for one purpose: to be broken. You paid no mind to any rule set down and you did whatever you wanted. You always had an attitude and didn’t hesitate to get violent, even against a teacher. You had a smart mouth and language so colorful, a sailor would be surprised.

The two of you were the strongest and most feared students amongst each division.

When Hibari heard a group of girls giggling about this rumor, he approached them and demanded an answer as to who started it. They said that they heard it from so-and-so, who in turn said the same thing. It was an endless cycle that refused to reveal the real culprit behind the thing that was causing such a ruckus at the school.

The rumor bothered him, but not for the reason that it was disturbing the peace. Of course he knew who you were; he had dealt with you many times in hopes of punishing you. And yes, he did find it amusing that you would defy him without a second thought and actually be able to hold your own when he attacked. He was… impressed by you.

After running in circles all day trying to find out who was behind the rumors, he finally decided to ask you and see if you knew anything about the creator.

“Herbivore.” He called, standing behind you.

“Eh?” You turned around, blinking lazily at the younger male. “Whatever it is, Hiba-chan, I’m not interested.”

“I need to ask you something, herbivore.”

You raised an eyebrow at his seriousness, turning around to face him. “If that’s it, then. What is it?”

“Who started the rumor that you and I are… a thing?”

“Rumor? Us?” You scratched your cheek, closing your eyes as you thought over the question. “Dunno, kid. I haven’t heard any rumors like that.”

“What?” His steel eyes narrowed at you. Were you playing with him?

You opened your eyes, expression bored. “Either that rumor hasn’t reached the high school division, or I just haven’t cared enough to pay attention to the useless gossip of dumb asses with too much time on their hands and no life. I’d like to believe it’s a bit of both.”


“More importantly,” You smirked, hands going into the pockets of your hoodie as you leaned over. “Why’s it bothering you, Hiba-chan~?”

His eye twitched, his lips pulling down into a frown. “The rumors are disturbing the peace.”

“Heh. Sure, sure.” You waved him off. “Well, I don’t care either way. Ja ne!”

“Herbivore.” He grabbed a hold of your arm and pulling you back to face him.

“What now?” You scowled, eyes narrowed at his hand.

What he did next was just down right surprising.

Hibari grabbed a hold of your hoodie, giving one strong pull until you fell to one knee. He leaned in, his lips brushing against your ear. “Why not put the rumors to rest, herbivore?”


He smirked, his lips brushing your own. “Let’s make it official. It’ll stop the rumors.”

“Oh?” You returned his smirk, grabbing his shirt in your fist. “Anything to keep the peace, ne, Kyo-chan~?”

“I’ll bite you to death if you don’t agree.”

You chuckled, pushing the male back onto the ground. Ignoring his glare, you straddled his waist, your lips pressing against his. “Well, we wouldn’t want that now, would we~?”

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Attention Please {Belphegor}


Anime: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Pairing: Reader x Belphegor
Genre: Fluff, Romance, Light Smut/Suggestive Content

: Rain

“Oi! She-male! Where’s Bel?”

Squalo turned around, hands balled into fists and teeth clenched. “Don’t. Call. Me. That.”

“Oh? And what’re you gonna do about it?” You questioned, a mocking smirk on your lips as you winked in a flirty manner towards the older male. He simply twitched, pointed down the hall and walked away, muttering about how he wanted to kill you.

You laughed it off as you turned towards the direction he had pointed. You found Belphegor standing in the doorway to the balcony, watching the small drops of water fall from the sky and hit the concrete balcony. You moved to stand next to him, letting your hand slip into his own.

“Ushishishi~” His grip tightened to an almost painful degree, but you didn’t mind; you had gotten used to it. “The princess doesn’t mind getting wet, does she?”

Before you could respond, Bel had thrown you out into the rain, following after and pinning you to the railing.

You scowled at the blonde pressed against you before letting a smirk replace it. “Oh, Bel~? Why do you love the rain?”

“Ushishishi~” Was his response as his hand moved to cup your breast through the soaking wet shirt you wore. “Take a guess, princess♥~” His husky whisper against you ear sent shivers down your spine.

: Prisoner

You groaned as you stared up at the dark white ceiling. Your nose was running and your whole body ached. “Damn that Bel! If it wasn’t for him – ah, ah, achoo! – I wouldn’t have gotten sick!”

Thanks to Belphegor’s stunt a few days ago, throwing you out into the rain in winter, you have contracted a wonderful cold. Thanks to this, Bel is holding you prisoner in his bedroom, refusing to let you out. He’s even gone so far as to lock the door and windows and handcuff you so you can’t get out of bed.

This didn’t make you feel much better.

“Ushishishi~ The princess seems angry~” Bel’s voice was laced with pure amusement as he entered the room, that cocky cheshire grin on his face.

You scoffed, sitting up and narrowing your eyes at the blonde. “Because of you, I’m miserable!”

“Ushishishi~ You shouldn’t blame the prince for your own faults.” He chuckled, moving to lay on top of you. “Your prince is here to save you~”

Despite the comment you wanted to throw at him, you simply smiled and let your free hand play with his blonde locks. You may have been Belphegor’s prisoner, but that was a life you were willing to live as long as he was by your side.

: Interruption

“Bel, stop!” You whined, attempting to push the blonde male away from you.

He grunted in response, grabbing one of your wrists and slamming it against the wall. He used his free hand to grab a knife and slice your cheek. “Ushishishi~ The princess shouldn’t tell the prince what to do~”

“The prince shouldn’t be acting so horny when he’s in Squalo’s room!” You hissed, ignoring the wet tongue that lapped up the blood.

“The peasant shouldn’t have had pornographic magazines in plain view, then the prince wouldn’t have been turned on.”

Typical Bel, You thought, always blaming others.

“Ushishishi~” Belphegor pressed his body further into your own, leaving not a single inch of space between you. Just as your lips were about to connect, the bedroom door slammed open, interrupting your ‘moment’ to reveal a very pissed off shark.

“What. The fuck. Do you. Think. You’re. Doing?” Squalo gritted his teeth in an attempt to calm his boiling rage.

You bit your lip to stop from laughing at the angry male.

Bel chuckled, “What’s it look like, peasant? The prince is having fun with the princess♥~”

VOI! I’m gonna kill you brats!

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139 Dreams ☁ 8th Dream {Relaxation – Vongola}


☁10th Gen. Vongola☁

“Ahhh. This is the life.” You let a content sigh pass your lips as you sprawled out on the fluffy white sofa, arms stretched out over your head. You closed your eyes, enjoying the cold air that was coming from the air conditioner.

The house was completely silent, the only sound being your breathing and the sound of the AC running. The TV was off and the lights were out, letting the natural glow from outside shine in through the slit in the curtain. It wasn’t bright, but it was sending enough light into the room where you could see perfectly.

This was the first time you had gotten a moment of peace since you first met Tsuna and his family. It had been a wild, unending ride that you were more than thankful to get a break from.

Your body was relaxed, the tension gone, and you finally began to drift off into a quiet peaceful sleep.


“Ahahaha~ Lambo-san has arrived!”

“Get away from Juudaime, stupid cow!”


“Haha~ Now, Now~”

“No-Good-Tsuna! Control your family when you’re in someone else’s house!”

“Ack! R-Reborn-san!”

“Don’t be mean to Lambo-chan, stupid Gokudera!”

“Haru is right.”

“Ahaha~! Bakadera~!”

“Lambo too loud! Need respect home.”

Damn it.

So much for peaceful quiet relaxation…

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Appeal {Adult! Reborn}


Anime: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Pairing: Reader x Adult! Reborn
Genre: Fluff, Romance

“You know, Reborn…” You started, looking at a picture of Reborn in his baby form. “…You were so cute as an Arcobaleno.”

“Hmm?” He looked up from his espresso to you. You were lying comfortably on the couch, looking through the tenth generation photo album.

“You’ve changed… a lot.” You murmured, unaware of the approaching hitman.

“Oh?” He raised an eyebrow as he straddled your waist, hands on either side of your face. “How so?”

“Well, when you were a baby, you were really cute, ya know?” You never broke eye contact with the older male. “Now, you have some major sex appeal.”

His lips curled up into a smirk. “Let me show you just how much sex appeal I really have, amore.”

Before you could respond, his lips pressed rough against yours.

That was one night you didn’t get any sleep.

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A-Z Challenge : Bark {Ken Joshima}


Bark – Ken Joshima

Bark, Bark, Bark.


“What?!” He growled.

“Will you please go tell your brothers to be quiet!”

“Damn woman!” He growled again, throwing the remote control at your head.

You dodged easily and ran from the room, clutching your stomach and laughing your head off. You were too wrapped up in laughing to noticed that the dog-like male had chased after you. One minute you were running down the hall laughing, the next you were flat on the ground with the blonde sitting on your back.

You glanced over your shoulder at his mischievous grin and swallowed hard. Maybe teasing him hadn’t been the best decision…

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139 Dreams ☁ 6th Dream {Realization – Xanxus}


☁(Papa) Xanxus☁

You let out a yawn as you leaned back on the couch, re-adjusting the small boy that was sleeping on top of you. Your legs were propped up on the coffee table, ankles crossed, and your elbow was resting on the armrest as you stared blankly through half-lidded eyes at the TV. Silent Library was on, but you paid it no mind, being too tired to notice or care. You just stared blankly at the screen, your mind half in a state of unconsciousness. It wasn’t long before you fell asleep.

It was about three hours later when your front door creaked open, a dark shadowy figure entering the home before silently closing the door behind him. Despite the boots on his feet, he managed to stalk into the living room without making a sound, other than the grunt of disapproval at the fact that you left your front door unlocked. The male stood over you, his crimson orbs taking in the sight.

You were sat on the leather sofa with your feet propped up on the wooden table, your shoes still on. Your head was resting against your fist, arm propped up on the armrest. Your free arm was wrapped securely around the waist of the small black haired boy who had his own arms wrapped around your neck in return.

Letting out a grunt of annoyance at the position the two decided to fall asleep in, he slowly removed the small male from your grip, holding him in his arms and taking him into his bedroom. Once the small boy was tucked in, the man returned to the living room, picking you up bridal style and carrying you to your own room. He set you down on the bed, roughly removing your shoes and throwing them across the room before stripping down and climbing in next to you, his arm secure around your waist. Within minutes, the male was fast asleep.


You woke with a small groan, your back hurting from the position you had previously been in. That pain went ignored when you felt an arm around your waist, belonging to a stark naked male. Turning over in said male’s possessive grip, your eyes widened in surprise, not expecting Xanxus to be the one lying there. A small smile came to your lips as you stared down at the sleeping male, a warm feeling erupting in your chest.

As quietly as you could manage, you released yourself from his grasp and crawled out of bed. Peeking into the room across from your own, you saw your son sitting up in bed and letting out a soft yawn which he tried to cover with his small hand. His crimson orbs shined when he saw you in the door way, stretching his arms out as an indication that he wanted your attention. With a light chuckle, you walked into the room, sitting yourself on the side of his bed and ruffling his dark hair.

“Good morning.”

“Morning!” He smiled, crawling over to hug you. “Momma?”

“Yes?” You were unaware of the presence hiding behind the door, watching through the crack and listening in on the conversation between you.

“Can we go see Fuuta-nii and Tsuna-nii today?”

“Of course.” You smiled, poking his cheek. “Nana has been trying to get me to come over again, anyway~”

“Auntie Nana is a very kind person. So is uncle Reborn.”

“They really are.” You agreed. “Are you hungry, sweetheart?”

“Yes!” Yuujirou hoped off the bed, running over to his drawers to get out a change of clothes.

You sent him one last smile before leaving the room. You were surprised to see Xanxus standing there, already fully dressed in his normal attire. “I’m surprised you’re here.” You mused as you walked past him.

He scoffed in response, sitting down at the kitchen table and crossing his legs, his crimson orbs set in a glare at your back. “The fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing~” You hummed, mixing the pancake batter. “You want any?”

“Che. No.” He scoffed again, grabbing a nearby newspaper and absentmindedly flipping through it.

Yuujirou appeared moments later, freezing in the doorway as he caught sight of his father. A smile replaced his shocked expression before he ran over, jumping onto the older male’s lap. “Papa!”

Despite himself, Xanxus couldn’t help how his eyes softened slightly, his hand resting on top of the small boys’ black locks. Xanxus came to realize soon after Yuujirou was born that no matter how hard he tried (and he tried hard), he could not bring himself to be cruel or cold in anyway to the small boy.

“How long are you going to be staying, papa?” He questioned, his dark orbs staring up at his father in wonder.

“Couple weeks.” Xanxus grunted, purposely avoiding the boys child-like stare.

Your eyebrow rose at this and you glanced over your shoulder at the older male before looking back to the frying pan where the pancakes were cooking. You didn’t question him, too satisfied that he was actually sticking around for a while this time. It made you feel content for several reasons (one of which your pride stopped you from admitting… to him, at least).

Xanxus, sensing your change in mood, glared at your back with a scoff as he moved his son off his lap and into the chair next to him. He couldn’t help but to notice the happy expression his son wore when you set a plate of pancakes down in front of him. He also noticed the small smile that you wore as you sat across from him, drinking a soda and watching him eat with a contented expression.

Fuck it, he thought, glancing between the two. He was the boss of the fucking Varia. If he wanted to take more than two weeks off of work than damn it, he was going to!
With this, Xanxus came to the realization that he really did have feelings for you. And not only that, he realized just how precious his only son really was to him. Even knowing what kind of man Xanxus was, Yuujirou still accepted and loved his Papa.