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139 Dreams ☁ 17th Dream {Rain – Eyeshield 21}


☁Eyeshield 21☁

It was amazing.

The final battle between the Ojou White Knights and the Deimon Devil Bats in the Semi-Finals of the Kantou Tournament… it was heart wrenching. Everyone from both teams were giving it their all, as if it really was the last game they’d ever play. Even after reaching their limits, they managed to break the wall and push even harder for the sake of winning and making it to the Christmas Bowl.

It was painful to watch, but at the same time, you couldn’t look away no matter how bad you wanted to; it was impossible to do so.

In the end, Deimon won with a score of 27 – 28. By one point, Deimon took the game.

They didn’t win because of Sena.

They didn’t win because of Monta.

It wasn’t just one person that made them win, nor was it fate or luck or the goddess of victory. It was everyone working together, letting their hearts and dreams collide into one. They wouldn’t have won if a single person had been missing.

Ojou was crushed, as anyone would be. Most everyone on the field had erupted into tears, even the level-headed Takami. It was just too much to take.

As you stood off to the side, watching the game finally came to an end, you felt hot tears sliding down your cheeks despite how hard you tried to stop them. You felt so many different emotions that you thought your heart would explode.

You were happy that your team had won and was that much closer to the Christmas Bowl.

You were sad because your cousin’s team had lost, despite putting up such an amazing and heart felt fight.

You were angry and depressed because you knew you’d be leaving them all soon.

You had come to Japan when you were ten years old to live with your cousin, Seijuro Shin, because you weren’t happy with the way your life was going back in America. You had managed to live there peacefully and happily for a while, but you knew it wouldn’t last.

Less than a day ago, you had received a phone call from your father. He was so angry, yelling at you for running away from home. He said he had enough of your little game and demanded that you come back to America where you belonged.

Everything was set up.

You had her bags packed.

You had your plane ticket.

And your flight was scheduled for midnight.

You felt happy that you got to stay long enough to see such an epic battle between Ojou and Deimon, but you were upset that you were losing everything. What did you have in America besides a broken home and a delinquent lifestyle?

Your friends, your family, was in Japan.

Your happiness was in Japan.

You didn’t want to leave, but… you had no choice. You chose to keep this a secret from everybody, even your cousin, because you knew that they needed to focus on their training and focus on their games. You couldn’t let them worry over something no one could control.

You really hated it. You were about to lose everything. Yet, there wasn’t a single thing you could do to change that. You had never felt so powerless.

You sat quietly in the corner, your glassy eyes staring blankly at the table you sat at; you felt so numb, so empty, like there was a black nothingness in the pit of your stomach. You could just faintly make out the yells and cheers of the Devil Bats on the other side of the room, celebrating and laughing, all happy over their victory and too pre-occupied with the party to notice you – something you were more than thankful for.

“Oi, what’s your problem?” Hiruma asked, standing in front of you with his hands on his hips and eyebrow raised. There was no grin on his lips, just a questioning look.

“A-Ah, It’s nothing.” You forced a smile, closing your eyes and rubbing the back of your head. “I guess I’m just feeling tired.” Before Hiruma could respond, you stood up and pushed past him. “I’m sure some fresh air will clear my mind.”

Hiruma stared at your back as you left the building, an odd feeling creeping up the back of his neck.

Shaking your head, you slammed your fists against the wall of the building outside, feeling anger pool in your stomach. It had started to rain, pouring down heavily on your shaking form. Even the cold drops couldn’t cool off your burning body. Night had fallen by now, the street lights illuminating the dark streets and making the rain glisten almost supernaturally.

Normally, you would have enjoyed being out in the rain, but you were too upset to even notice, despite the fact that your dripping locks clung to your face while your clothes clung to your body.

You didn’t noticed. You were too focused on the aching pain in your chest – why did it feel like your heart had been removed?

Pushing yourself away from the wall, you began to drag yourself down the street, your lifeless eyes staring at the ground. Your plane would be leaving soon and you had to get back home before Seijuro and grab your bags.

Deciding that you couldn’t just leave, you wrote a note bearing the words I’m Sorry and left it on Shin’s desk. You knew he’d find it and then find out from his parents that you had left the country. He’d then tell Sakuraba and the others, and it would eventually spread to Deimon.

It was cowardly, leaving a note instead of a face-to-face goodbye, but you knew you’d break down if you attempted such a feat. You figured this was the easiest route to take.


You sat completely still during the whole flight, your eyes staring blankly out the window. You felt nothing but a dull aching pain in your chest, everything else had become numb. Your mind was hazy; you couldn’t even think straight.

Even as you entered the car your father had sent to pick you up… Even as you entered your old home, trudging up the stairs and falling face first onto your cold bed… you didn’t feel anything.

It was almost like a dream passing by in slow motion.

But you knew this was no dream.

It was real and there was nothing you could do about it.

You knew, even if you couldn’t admit it, that you would never see Shin or your friends ever again.

A strangled sob left your lips as the tears poured from your lifeless eyes like a waterfall, falling down your reddened cheeks before staining the pillow.

Will this pain ever cease?, you found yourself wondering.

You stared out the open window, watching the water drops fall from the dark sky.

Watching the rain fall, hearing the sound of it crashing against the roof… you smiled despite yourself, but it didn’t last long. A new wave of pain washed over you as the realization set in.

You had just lost the most important things in your life – Shin and your friends.

The rain was your only comfort, and that just wasn’t enough.

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139 Dreams ☁ 16th Dream {Useless – Koutarou & Tsuna 1/2}


☁Koutarou Sasaki & Tsunayoshi Sawada¹☁

“Are we there yet?” You groaned, dragging your feet across the pavement of the sidewalk.

Tsuna sighed, glancing at you. “No, not yet.”

“How long have we been walkin’ anyway?” You questioned, hiking up your book bag before it could fully slide off your shoulder.

“About fifteen minutes or so.” He mused, doing the same to his own bag. “We should be there soon.”

Sure enough, only seven minutes later, you reached Bando High School where your math tutor was waiting for you both. It was late in the afternoon, and most of the students had already left – minus the few who stayed behind for club activities. The sun was low on the horizon, setting off the sky with hues of oranges and reds, and even a few traces of purple.

“Where are we supposed to meet this guy?” Tsuna asked, looking back and forth across the school grounds.

You ignored his question, heading towards the football field. The younger male followed suit, his brown eyes blinking curiously at the group of high schoolers that were practicing on the field.

“The… football field?”

“The guy tutoring us is a member of the Bando Spider’s American football team.” You glanced at him before looking back at the field.

“S-Seriously?” Tsuna couldn’t believe that a football player would be the one tutoring them. It was hard to believe that a jock would be smart enough; but that stereotype was blown out of the water long ago when Deimon made it’s debut.

A pink haired male with a guitar was the first to notice you. He called out to another boy wearing the #99 Jersey who walked over a few minutes later, taking off his helmet to reveal a mess of spiky purple hair. He pulled something silver out of thin air. Being in the mafia (and being slightly paranoid), Tsuna let out a high pitched hiieee and took a few steps back, staring at the object in the male’s hand, which largely resembled a pocket knife. The purple haired male flicked his wrist, a click following.

Instead of a blade popping up, however, a comb appeared in it’s place. Raising it to his dark hair, he combed through it while striking an odd type of pose. “You’re very smart-looking! Student of Deimon High and student of Namimori Chuu.”

Tsuna nodded, staring at the comb in shock. “H-Hai.”

“Ah! I remember you!” The male grinned, moving closer to you. “You were there when I visited Deimon awhile back.”

You blinked, the memory floating to the surface of your mind. “Oh, yeah. The Grease Spider.”

“G-Grease Spider!?” He fumed, a vein of anger appearing on the back of his head.

You ignored both him and the pink haired male, who let out a chuckle of amusement at your words. “Can we get this over with?”

The boy composed himself, combing through his hair once again. “I should start by introducing myself. I am the #1 kicker in all of Japan, Sasaki Koutarou of the Bando Spiders!”


Hearing no response, Koutarou opened his eyes. An outline appeared where the two previously stood, blinking three times before disappearing. “Oi! Don’t ignore me!” He yelled, following after you. He stopped when you turned around to face him, eyes narrowed in a glare and a scowl set on your face.

“Look, Grease Spider. I don’t care who you are or what you do. I just want to get this over with as soon as possible, savvy?”

Koutarou stared at your back as you walked into the school building. He wasn’t sure how to feel or react, but he definately did not like your attitude. How did he ever get caught in such an un-smart situation?

“S-Sorry about that.”

Koutarou moved his dark eyes to the younger male who shifted nervously under his gaze, staring down at his shoes as if they were the most interesting things in the world. Was this boy intimidated by the kicker?

“She’s really bad at math… everyone always says it’s a miracle that she’s made it into her second year of high school with her math grades as low as they are. It feels kind of… pointless to her, so she isn’t too happy about it.” He looked up, mistaking the older male’s curious expression for one of disappointment. “D-Don’t get me wrong! It’s not that she hasn’t tried! She’s tried really hard for years, but she just couldn’t get it down, so she eventually gave up.”

“Then why am I here?” Koutarou mused, looking down at the brown haired male.

“You’re her last hope. The teachers say she won’t graduate if she doesn’t bring up her grades. She doesn’t seem to care, but my mother does.”

Koutarou stared after Tsuna as he ran to catch up with you, the words he had spoken still lingering in the air. “Yosh! I’ll prove how smart I am by teaching this un-teachable girl to do math!”


You and Tsuna entered Koutarou’s homeroom class, as he had asked, and pushed two of the desks together before sitting down. Koutarou took a chair and placed it in front of the two desks, sitting in it backwards with his arms propped up on the back of it.

“Since you’re in high school,” he pointed at you, “and you’re in middle school,” he motioned towards Tsuna, “both of your work will be different.”

You scoffed, looking to the side and muttering Genius under your breath.

He glared at you but said nothing on the comment. “We’ll start with the hardest first.”

You let out a groan as he stared at you expectantly. With a sigh, you pulled your math book out of your bag, dropping it onto the desk with a scowl.

Koutarou brought the book closer, opening it to the right page and looking over the homework that was due tomorrow. “I want to see how far you are. Can you solve this problem?” Grabbing your notebook, he opened to a blank page and wrote down the problem on the sheet before sliding the book back to you.

You looked at it blankly before your eyes narrowed in a glare.

5(-3x – 2) – x – 3) = -4(4x + 5) + 13

“Can you solve it?” he asked after a few minutes of watching you attempt to catch the paper on fire with your glare. He ran his comb through his hair, his eyes watching you carefully.

Your eye twitched as you attempted to contain your anger. “This… is completely… useless. Who the hell needs to know stupid shit like that in every day life?!”

“You have to learn it to pass.” He responded, grabbing the paper back from you and beginning to explain how to solve it.

With every word that left his mouth, you felt your restraint slipping little by little. Your annoyance levels were raising at a rapid pace and you could feel your fists clenching.

“You’re a smart-looking person! You should be able to figure this out, it’s an easy math problem!” He complained, trying to regain your attention.

“Easy? Easy!? This is not easy math! It’s bang-your-head-against-the-wall-until-it-bleeds math!” You growled, slamming your palms onto the desk.

He scowled. “That’s so un-smart.”

Tsuna called your name softly, gripping onto your shoulder and trying to calm you down – it did nothing, as your anger had already reached its peak.

“Math. Is. Useless!” You growled, picking up the thick book before throwing it at the unsuspecting purple haired male. It hit him dead in the face, sending him flying off the chair and onto the tiled floor. He sat on the ground, knees bent and eyes closed. One hand was held to his face while the other was flat on the floor to hold him up. Small, owww sounds slipped from his lips accompanied by a few groans.

Tsuna scolded you, rushing over to Koutarou. “Are you okay, Sasaki-san?”

You blinked in surprise before your lips curled up into a grin. “I’ll be damned… I just found an actual use for math books!”

Tsuna and Koutarou stared at you blankly.

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139 Dreams ☁ 15th Dream {Unexpected – Sakuraba}


☁Haruto Sakuraba☁

Haruto Sakuraba.

A pretty boy pop idol working for an advertising company and playing American football for the Ojou White Knights.

Constantly being hunted down by reporters and rabid fangirls.

Bearing the weight of being Ojou’s Ace, when he clearly was not (despite having tried to keep up with that reputation).

A teenage boy with no clue what direction he wanted to take. In his opinion, the football team would be better off without him. Seijuro Shin was the real ace of the team, after all, and Sakuraba just couldn’t compare, no matter how hard he trained.

At his current level and emotional un-stability, you would have to agree. If he felt like he wasn’t good enough to be on the team, then he really wasn’t.

Sakuraba’s main problem was the fact that he stood at a forked road with two different paths leading to two different futures.

Road #1 was his career as a poster boy, clad with fame, fortune and screaming fans.

Road #2 was his interest as an American football player, which wouldn’t gurantee fame, fortune and screaming fans, but did gurantee happiness at getting to play a sport that he genuinely enjoyed.

Since he strongly believed that the team did not need him and would be better off without him, he chose road #1. That is until he remembered the promise he had made to Torakichi Nanpa – a little boy who was in the same hospital after being in a car accident and a fellow football player. After that, he returned to the field, reborn as a new person. He gave up his job at Jari Productions and put everything he had into playing football. Just because he couldn’t catch up to a natural born player like Shin did not mean he couldn’t play to the best of his ability.

Naturally, it was unexpected for the pretty boy to cut his hair, but that just proved how serious he was and how much drive he really possessed. It was impressive to you and Takami because you both understood the meaning behind it. Otawara found it extremely amusing. While Shin… well, Shin never even noticed… At least, not until Takami pointed it out, then he just stared in disbelief…

It wasn’t unexpected that Sakuraba had lost his entire fan base because he quit his job and cut his hair. His fan girls only liked him because of his looks and the fact that he was famous. They didn’t know anything about ’em after all. They only wanted to get in his pants so they could say they slept with a pretty boy who happened to have fame and money.

You were surprised at the unexpected turn in events at the White Knights vs. Punks game. You had thought that all of his fans had been lost, but you were mistaken. The original three girls that had found him when he first stopped by Deimon to do some scouting were still his fans. Of course, they were in shock at the fact that he quit his job and buzzed his hair, but they were still die-hard fans.

You had to give them credit. Maybe, just maybe, not all fangirls were psychotic morons who only wanted to get laid by someone hot and/or famous. Maybe… fangirls weren’t as bad as you originally thought.

Once the game ended, you approached the three in the stands, a grin on your face.
“I’m actually pretty impressed with you three.”

“Eh?” The three females blinked in confusion, not understanding why you were impressed with them.

“Despite the changes Sakuraba has gone through, you three are still die hard fans.” You gave them a thumbs up, closing your right eye, “Keep it up. He loves the support.”

The three stared at each other before stars appeared in their eyes. They rushed you, grabbing onto you and shouting various things, all of which were centered around Sakuraba.

“He loves us?!”

“He knows we’re the ones cheering him on right?!”

“Does this mean he knows we exist?!”

“Introduce us!” That one was chorused by all three.

You sweatdropped, slowly attempting to move back away from the horrifying girls.

Okay. You were wrong.

Fangirls are horrifying, merciless rabid monsters that need to be locked away in cages!

“Sakuraba!! Help me, damn it!”

Sakuraba blinked in surprise, looking up to the stands where his friend was being hounded by three very obsessed fangirls. He sweatdropped in response, sending you an apologetic smile before dashing away. He finally managed to escape his fan base; you had to be crazy to think he’d go back.

“Damn you Sakuraba! Just wait ’til I get my hands on you, bastard!”

“Don’t you dare hurt, Sakuraba-sama!” The girls glared at you, ready to attack.

You gulped, chuckling nervously before taking off, the rabid dogs following close behind with a murderous intent in their eyes.

“That was unexpected…” Shin muttered, watching as you were chased throughout the arena.

Takami, who figured he was using sarcasm (as most people would in this situation), chuckled in response, pushing his glasses up. “Well, it was pretty obvious that was how it would end.”

“Really?” Shin blinked at the bespectacled male in disbelief, though his face remained stoic.

“Y-You were serious..?” Takami sweatdropped.

Shin simply nodded.

Oh lord, please help this hopeless team…

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139 Dreams ☁ 12th Dream {Forgiven – Shin 3/3}


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☁Seijuro Shin³☁

It had been a week since the PSP incident and Shin felt as if you were avoiding him. You would come into class late and disappear as soon as school let out. He had even gotten Takami and Sakuraba to call your phone for him, but you never answered no matter how many times they tried.

Were you really that angry that you had to avoid him like some sort of life-threatening disease? Had he turned into the plague?

Shin stared ahead blankly as he walked towards the football field, his mind set on one thing. Thunder clapped loudly over head, but he didn’t hear it. He was beginning to hallucinate, because he could swear that he saw you sitting under the same tree you had been a week ago…

His eyes widened as he dropped his bag on the ground, walking over to you. You were leaning back against the large tree, your hat pulled down to cover your face; you were sleeping, one arm behind your head while the other sat in your lap.

Shin kneeled down next to you, his hand sliding ontop of your own.

By now it had begun to rain, but he didn’t notice. His mind was running wild, trying to think of what he should say when you woke up.

You woke to a warm feeling enveloping your hand. Your eyes peeled open, free hand reaching up to remove the hat. You blinked at Shin who was too wrapped up in his thoughts to notice that you had woken up. He was kneeling down next to you, his navy orbs trained on the hand that was held between both of his own. His hair was hanging down in his face, little droplets of water falling from the tips.

“Shin?… Shin?”

He snapped out of it, eyes widening before returning to normal and moving to meet yours. You stared at each other for a few minutes before he realized that he was still holding your hand. His eyes moved back to it and you chuckled, lacing your fingers with his.

“What’s up, Shin?”

“Are you still mad?”

“Eh? Mad? ‘Bout what?” You raised a confused brow.

“About your game.”

“Oh. No, why would I be? I know it was just an accident.”

“You’ve been ignoring me.” His eyes met yours again and you felt a shiver go down your spine. His eyes were so serious, so filled with worry and regret.

“No. I’ve just been busy.”


“Helping Hiruma.” You responded, confused by his strange behavior. “I’ve been doing grunt work for ’em.”

“Oh.” He visibly relaxed, but he still seemed upset… worried.

“You really thought I was mad?”

“Of course. I know the game meant a lot to you. I’m sorry.” He hung his head in shame.

You chuckled, patting the top of his head with your free hand. “I was annoyed when you first did it, but I was over it the next day. You should know by now, Shin, no matter what you do, I can’t get angry at you. Annoyed, of course. But that never lasts long, either.”

He blinked. Shin had been worrying for no reason, “You forgive me?”

You shook your head, poking his forehead. “You haven’t done anything that requires forgiving.”


“You can’t help your inability to handle technology.” You teased. “It’s not your fault. I forgive you, so no worries.” You knew that he’d still worry unless you told him that he was forgiven, even though he had done nothing wrong.

He smiled softly as you leaned in, lips brushing his. Shin returned the kiss, pushing against you and running his hand through your wet hair.

You had forgiven him for breaking your favorite game, and even though you didn’t have the money to get a new one, you were content.

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139 Dreams ☁ 11th Dream {Regret – Shin 2/3}


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☺Seijuro Shin²☺

Shin found himself unable to concentrate as he sat in class the next day. He was exhausted because he hadn’t been able to sleep; the guilt and regret he felt was eating him alive. He had known that the game was important to you, so why hadn’t he been careful? He felt terrible, knowing that all the time and hard work couldn’t be given back, and that the game system was expensive.

You didn’t have the spare money to buy a new one, either.

“Shin?… Shin… Shin!” Takami snapped his fingers in front of Shin’s face, finally breaking the teen of his guilt ridden thoughts. “Are you alright? You’ve never zoned out like this before.”

Shin shook his head, standing up from his seat and looking at his two team mates, asking where you were.

“She left already.” Sakuraba responded. “She seemed like she was in a hurry.”

“Oh.” He responded, sitting back down. Were you avoiding him? Most likely. You were still pissed off, after all.

“What happened? Did you need her for something?” Takami asked, watching his friend with concern.

“Oi, Shin! I heard you broke her PSP! People say she’s pissed!” Otawara came bursting into the room, his index finger stuck up his nose as he laughed obnoxiously.

Shin looked down in shame.

“So that’s it.” Sakuraba muttered, finally understanding his friends strange behavior. “I’m sure she doesn’t blame you, it was an accident.”

“She was really angry.” Shin mused, staring at his desk. “She hit me.”

Takami and Sakuraba backed up in surprise, shock written on their faces.
“H-Hit you?”

“She must have been really angry.”

Shin could feel the regret building in the pit of his stomach. Why hadn’t he just set the game in his lap and left it alone? Because you had asked him to finish the race… you did know that he was technology challenged…

No, he shook his head, It wasn’t her fault.

It was his.

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139 Dreams ☁ 10th Dream {Hazardous – Shin 1/3}


☁Seijuro Shin¹☁

Anyone who knew Seijuro Shin knew that it was a very hazardous idea to let him touch anything that involved technology (such as computers, cell phones, etc.). No matter what it was, he always managed to ruin any technological device his fingers came across.

There was the time when he managed to ruin every computer in the whole school by clicking on something he shouldn’t have, spreading a very strong and unstoppable virus that hit every computer in the school. Somehow, he managed to do that which no other student had ever done in the history of Ojou.

Then there was the time when he was training on Mt. Fuji and broke the GPS the coach had given him so he wouldn’t get lost (again). All he had to do was push a single button for it to work, but somehow managed to pull the whole thing apart; the wires and gadgets inside were hanging out from both ends. He was a hopeless cause. Yet, somehow, quite a few people seemed to forget this fact and continued to let the teenager touch various types of items, all of which met their doom soon after. Even though you were Shin’s best friend, you were one of the people who often forgot that he was technology challenged.

You sat away from the football field, far enough where you could only faintly hear the sounds of their practice. You were sitting under a rather large tree and playing Need for Speed Most Wanted on the PSP. It was your favorite video game and you were close to beating it.

Being lost in the race, you failed to notice the male sitting next to you on the ground, leaning back against the same tree. His navy blue eyes looked over your shoulder at the game in your hands.

“Shit,” You muttered, pausing the game to pull out the vibrating phone from your pocket. “Why the hell is Hiruma calling me?” You handed the game to Shin. “Can you finish that race for me?”

“Hai.” He took the black system from your hands, blinking down at it as if it was some alien object he had never witnessed before.

You pressed the talk button on your phone before pressing it to your ear. “What do you want, bastard?”

“Well, if it isn’t the bitch.” He laughed, his voice laced with amusement. “You busy tomorrow? I got a job for you and lizard boy.”

“Hmm. Not really.” You grunted, wondering what hell her and Rui would be put through.

“Great! Stop by Deimon after school tomorrow. I’ll be waitin’ for ya, and don’t be late, bitch! Ya-ha!” The line went dead and you sighed, flipping it closed and sliding it back into your pocket.

You turned to the side to ask for the game back but froze at what you saw. He had managed to pull the PSP apart in three different places, various wires and gears sticking out every which way. Shin stared down at it blankly, his voice remaining stoic.

“I think it’s broken.”

Your eye twitched, a tic mark appearing below it. Another appeared on your shaking fist. “You moron!” You growled, hitting him in the back of the head.

He blinked in surprise, watching as you stalked away, fists clenched as you muttered colorful words in an angry matter to the darkening sky. Shin looked down at the device in his hands, his lips pulling down into a deep frown. He felt really bad about making you angry, but it’s not like he did it on purpose. It really was hazardous to let Seijuro Shin touch technology, even for a few seconds.

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139 Dreams ☁ 7th Dream {Aftermath – Jumonji}


☁Kazuki Jumonji☁

You stared at Monta and Sena skeptically as they tried to persuade you to go running with them. You weren’t exactly the most athletic person in the world and tried to avoid running (or any physical activity in general) as much as possible. Being friends with people on the American football team made that slightly difficult…

“Come on, it’ll be fun to the max!” Monta grinned, grabbing onto one of your arms.

Sena nodded, grabbing your other arm. “Just this once?”

You let out a sigh of defeat, knowing that you couldn’t say no to Sena when he used that puppy dog face. “Fine. But don’t expect much! I’m not a runner!”

The two boys nodded enthusiastically, chorusing “Of course!” before dragging you to the football field where Hiruma and the others were waiting.

“You’re late! Ya-ha!” Hiruma laughed in a psychotic manner, holding two automatic guns and firing them into the air.

“G-Gomen!” Sena cried, shaking slightly at the intimidating blonde “We were convincing her to come running with us!”

“Eh?” Hiruma moved his teal orbs to meet yours before his mouth pulled up in a grin, showing off his extremely sharp teeth. Clearly he was plotting something, and it sent a shiver up your spine. “Yosh! Let’s get going!”

As the group started to head off, you missed the blonde haired male that stared at you, his cheeks harboring a small tinge of pink.


You wheezed, your chest aching painfully as you attempted to continue walking. Your feet were aching and your legs felt like jello; it was agonizing.
Everything had been going well. You were able to keep a nice pace alongside Eyeshield and Monta…. until Hiruma intervened, causing the two rivals to have a race to see who could get back to school first, leaving you in the dust without a second thought.

You ran and ran and ran and ran, pushing yourself harder than you ever had before in an attempt to keep up with them, but they slowly faded in the horizon until they vanished from your sight all together. And to make matters worse, they had left you behind in an area that you had never been in before.

So, here you were, barely able to stand and feeling like you were about to pass out, lost in an area you had never even seen before. You thought that, maybe, if you pushed hard enough you could manage to find a familiar area and be able to make it back without a problem. But fate was not on your side. No matter how far you walked, you couldn’t find a single familiar street. It was all foreign to you.

You were lost and going in circles.

Finally, after two hours of trying to return home, you stopped, falling to your knees in a wide alley before hitting the cold cement. Despite how cold it was, it wasn’t enough to cool down your burning body. Every part of you felt like it was on fire. You were covered in sweat and couldn’t move a single inch. You breathed in and out heavily, your eyes shut tightly.

It was beginning to get dark, the sun having just set. The sky slowly became darker, the street lights coming on in a poor attempt to imitate the sun. You knew you were screwed. You were too tired to move and you had left your cell phone at home that morning. You were probably dehydrated, too, given how hot it had been. You didn’t know the area, so you weren’t sure if anyone would mess with you or not. Even if they did, there was no way you’d be able to fight them off, not in the state you were currently in.

It may have just been the pounding of your head and the fact that your heart had split and gone into your ears and legs, but you could swear you heard the sound of rushed footsteps.

Was this your end?

You felt pathetic.

You couldn’t even touch the football team and, instead, was lying in the middle of god knows where unable to move. Sure, you were un-athletic, but this was just downright pathetic!

Only half of your tired mind was conscious. Due to that, you managed to pick up the sound of your name being called. It was faint, and sounded very far away. You couldn’t answer even if you wanted to. Your throat was too dry and you had no energy left.

Through blurry half opened eyes, you managed to see a pair of shoes appear in front of you before you felt yourself being picked up. You grunted in pain at the movement before finally letting the darkness claim your mind.

Why did you ever listen to Monta and Sena?


A groan passed your chapped lips as your eyes slowly peeled open to stare at a bright white ceiling. Were you dead?

Remembering what had happened, you shot up from the bed you were lying on, instantly regretting it when pain shot through your legs and back. You clutched your T-shirt, shaking slightly at the pain.

“Oi, you shouldn’t be moving.” A pair of hands grabbed your shoulders, gently pushing you back into a lying position before resting their hand on your forehead.

Your whole body was in pain, but most of it was focused in your feet and legs. After lying still for a few moments, you slowly opened your eyes. You had to blink a few times before your eyes could focus properly. You were surprised to find out just who was standing at your side, waiting for you to wake up.

“J-Jumonji..?” You questioned, your voice cracking; you were so thirsty.

He nodded lightly, removing his hand from your forehead. Was it your wild imagination… or did he actually look worried?

“W-What happened?” You groaned, attempting to sit up again.

He handed you a glass of water, his hand against your back to help you stay sitting. “Drink this. It’ll help.”

You nodded, taking the glass from his hand and swallowing about half of the cold liquid in one go. It coated your dry throat, making it feel tight before the feeling disappeared. You were more thankful for water at that moment than you had ever been in your whole life. “Thank you.”

“You’re really not a runner… are you?” He muttered, rubbing your back lightly.

“Che. I tried to tell them that.” You scoffed, looking away from the male at your side. You hated to admit it, but it was pretty embarrasing.

“You were pretty bad.” He was staring intently at you. “I found you passed out in the middle of an alley. You were breathing pretty heavy, and your face was red.”

You scratched your cheek with your index finger, looking anywhere but at Jumonji. You had to admit, you were surprised that he was the one to save you. Normally, he was the kind of guy to not care about anything or anyone, especially not someone as pathetic as you.

You let a sigh pass your lips at the thought.

“I uhh… I’m glad… that you’re okay.” He muttered, rubbing the back of his head and looking away from you. He couldn’t hide his pink cheeks from you, though.

You blinked in surprise, resting your palm against his warm cheek. “Thank you, Kazuki.”

He flushed deeper at your touch and words, his hand encasing yours. “I-It was nothing!”

You grinned, pecking his lips before pulling away, your own cheeks turning slightly red. But it was unnoticeable, due to the fact that your face was still flushed from the run. Jumonji shook his head and decided that wasn’t a big enough reward to satisfy him. Instead, he grabbed your chin, forcing you to look at him.

Without hesitation, he crashed his lips against yours, cupping your face between his hands.

The aftermath of the situation was pretty simple; You could barely move for the next three days, having to rely on Kazuki every once in awhile when your legs began to buckle. It was hard, having to go through school while still being in so much pain, but you managed with Kazuki at your side. It was a painful experience, but you were happy that it happened, because the aftermath of that experience lead to you and Jumonji becoming a couple.

The experience may not have been much fun, but the result was amazing.