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Body Language 💪 {Stomach – Bunta}


.08/20. : Stomach (Bunta Marui)

Marui whined your name, his head resting on your shoulder as his arms clutched his stomach. “It hurts~”

“That’s what you get for eating ten cakes, Marui.” You scolded, ignoring the boy’s whines of agony.

“But~” He whined again, bringing his knees up to his chest and wrapping his arms around your own. “It really hurts~”

“Maybe next time you’ll listen when I tell you ten cakes is nine too many, idiot. Especially within twenty-five minutes.”

You found yourself wondering if he was even human. Most people who be much worse off than just a stomach ache.

He pouted, using your leg as a pillow. Even though you wanted to protest, his scrunched up face made you sigh instead.

“You’ll be fine.” You told him softly, one hand fingering through his silky hair while the other rested gently on his stomach.

He placed his hand on top of yours and smiled. “Your hand is warm~ It feels nice~”

You smiled despite yourself.


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