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Body Language 💪 {Heart – Havoc}


.o9/20. : Heart (Jean Havoc)

One thing you knew about Havoc was that his heart was in the right place. He may be a bit perverted (and stupid) at times, but over all he’s a good guy with a heart of gold. He is always looking for love, but every time he finds a girl, Roy swoops in and takes her away.

The girls he found were looking for a one night stand, not a long term relationship. They didn’t care about his heart.

“Havoc?” You placed your hand on his shoulder. He looked up at you with a depressed expression, a lit cigarette hanging from his mouth. “He did it again, didn’t he?”

He simply nodded, letting out a sigh and plopping his head into the palm of his hand.

You sat down next to him. “Let’s go out tonight.”

He blinked before his blue eyes lit up, a smile lighting up his face. “Sure!”

Havoc deserved someone who liked him for his heart, not his looks. Someone that wouldn’t leave him because they met another guy who’s hotter than he is.

You were that someone, and you took great care of the heart now in your possession.


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