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Body Language 💪 {Hair – Adult! Skull}


.11/20. : Hair (Adult! Skull)

Skull scowled at Reborn and Colonello as they sat across from him, both making snide comments about his hair, none of which were too pleasant to hear. He folded his arms over his chest, pouting childishly and sinking down in the booth.

You glanced at him and frowned. “Skull?”

He looked up at you, his pout still in place. Seeing this made you smile as you turned in the booth so that you were facing him. This caught the attention of both Arcobaleno who sat across from you; they stared, wondering what you were going to do.

You reached forward, your hand slipping through his silky purple locks. “No matter what these two idiots say, I will always love your hair♡~!”

His cheeks flushed and he smiled, kissing your cheek. “Thank you.”

Both Reborn and Colonello were left speechless as they watched you and Skull leave the restaurant hand in hand.


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