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139 Dreams ☁ 17th Dream {Rain – Eyeshield 21}


☁Eyeshield 21☁

It was amazing.

The final battle between the Ojou White Knights and the Deimon Devil Bats in the Semi-Finals of the Kantou Tournament… it was heart wrenching. Everyone from both teams were giving it their all, as if it really was the last game they’d ever play. Even after reaching their limits, they managed to break the wall and push even harder for the sake of winning and making it to the Christmas Bowl.

It was painful to watch, but at the same time, you couldn’t look away no matter how bad you wanted to; it was impossible to do so.

In the end, Deimon won with a score of 27 – 28. By one point, Deimon took the game.

They didn’t win because of Sena.

They didn’t win because of Monta.

It wasn’t just one person that made them win, nor was it fate or luck or the goddess of victory. It was everyone working together, letting their hearts and dreams collide into one. They wouldn’t have won if a single person had been missing.

Ojou was crushed, as anyone would be. Most everyone on the field had erupted into tears, even the level-headed Takami. It was just too much to take.

As you stood off to the side, watching the game finally came to an end, you felt hot tears sliding down your cheeks despite how hard you tried to stop them. You felt so many different emotions that you thought your heart would explode.

You were happy that your team had won and was that much closer to the Christmas Bowl.

You were sad because your cousin’s team had lost, despite putting up such an amazing and heart felt fight.

You were angry and depressed because you knew you’d be leaving them all soon.

You had come to Japan when you were ten years old to live with your cousin, Seijuro Shin, because you weren’t happy with the way your life was going back in America. You had managed to live there peacefully and happily for a while, but you knew it wouldn’t last.

Less than a day ago, you had received a phone call from your father. He was so angry, yelling at you for running away from home. He said he had enough of your little game and demanded that you come back to America where you belonged.

Everything was set up.

You had her bags packed.

You had your plane ticket.

And your flight was scheduled for midnight.

You felt happy that you got to stay long enough to see such an epic battle between Ojou and Deimon, but you were upset that you were losing everything. What did you have in America besides a broken home and a delinquent lifestyle?

Your friends, your family, was in Japan.

Your happiness was in Japan.

You didn’t want to leave, but… you had no choice. You chose to keep this a secret from everybody, even your cousin, because you knew that they needed to focus on their training and focus on their games. You couldn’t let them worry over something no one could control.

You really hated it. You were about to lose everything. Yet, there wasn’t a single thing you could do to change that. You had never felt so powerless.

You sat quietly in the corner, your glassy eyes staring blankly at the table you sat at; you felt so numb, so empty, like there was a black nothingness in the pit of your stomach. You could just faintly make out the yells and cheers of the Devil Bats on the other side of the room, celebrating and laughing, all happy over their victory and too pre-occupied with the party to notice you – something you were more than thankful for.

“Oi, what’s your problem?” Hiruma asked, standing in front of you with his hands on his hips and eyebrow raised. There was no grin on his lips, just a questioning look.

“A-Ah, It’s nothing.” You forced a smile, closing your eyes and rubbing the back of your head. “I guess I’m just feeling tired.” Before Hiruma could respond, you stood up and pushed past him. “I’m sure some fresh air will clear my mind.”

Hiruma stared at your back as you left the building, an odd feeling creeping up the back of his neck.

Shaking your head, you slammed your fists against the wall of the building outside, feeling anger pool in your stomach. It had started to rain, pouring down heavily on your shaking form. Even the cold drops couldn’t cool off your burning body. Night had fallen by now, the street lights illuminating the dark streets and making the rain glisten almost supernaturally.

Normally, you would have enjoyed being out in the rain, but you were too upset to even notice, despite the fact that your dripping locks clung to your face while your clothes clung to your body.

You didn’t noticed. You were too focused on the aching pain in your chest – why did it feel like your heart had been removed?

Pushing yourself away from the wall, you began to drag yourself down the street, your lifeless eyes staring at the ground. Your plane would be leaving soon and you had to get back home before Seijuro and grab your bags.

Deciding that you couldn’t just leave, you wrote a note bearing the words I’m Sorry and left it on Shin’s desk. You knew he’d find it and then find out from his parents that you had left the country. He’d then tell Sakuraba and the others, and it would eventually spread to Deimon.

It was cowardly, leaving a note instead of a face-to-face goodbye, but you knew you’d break down if you attempted such a feat. You figured this was the easiest route to take.


You sat completely still during the whole flight, your eyes staring blankly out the window. You felt nothing but a dull aching pain in your chest, everything else had become numb. Your mind was hazy; you couldn’t even think straight.

Even as you entered the car your father had sent to pick you up… Even as you entered your old home, trudging up the stairs and falling face first onto your cold bed… you didn’t feel anything.

It was almost like a dream passing by in slow motion.

But you knew this was no dream.

It was real and there was nothing you could do about it.

You knew, even if you couldn’t admit it, that you would never see Shin or your friends ever again.

A strangled sob left your lips as the tears poured from your lifeless eyes like a waterfall, falling down your reddened cheeks before staining the pillow.

Will this pain ever cease?, you found yourself wondering.

You stared out the open window, watching the water drops fall from the dark sky.

Watching the rain fall, hearing the sound of it crashing against the roof… you smiled despite yourself, but it didn’t last long. A new wave of pain washed over you as the realization set in.

You had just lost the most important things in your life – Shin and your friends.

The rain was your only comfort, and that just wasn’t enough.


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